Yellow Tail Calories and Nutrition Facts

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The Famous Yellow Tail Restaurant, Australia

Yellow tail is the famous Australian food and is one of the most delicious fishes. It has different names like Yellowtail Kingfish, Yellow Tail Kingfish, Yellowtail Emperor, Yellow Tail Emperor, and Yellow Tail Kingfish.

It is the most popular fish in Australia and is a very important source of protein. If you want to have an amazing dinner with your family then try Yellow Tail Restaurant.

Yellow Tail Restaurant is a very famous restaurant in Australia which is a place where the locals and tourists can enjoy their food. The owner of this restaurant, Tim Harris, has more than 40 years of experience in the food business. He is a renowned chef and has worked in many restaurants.

What is Yellow Tail Restaurant?

Yellow Tail Restaurant is an amazing place to enjoy the taste of the fish. It is a seafood restaurant which offers its customers various kinds of dishes. The chef of the restaurant uses only the freshest ingredients to prepare the dishes.

Yellow Tail Restaurant has a very unique and different ambiance and the guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the restaurant. The restaurant provides an amazing service and will make your day worth remembering.

Why should you visit Yellow Tail Restaurant?

If you are a food lover then Yellow Tail Restaurant is the place you should visit. The chef of this restaurant is known to prepare the most amazing and delicious dishes.

They use only the freshest and good quality ingredients to prepare the dishes. The owner of the restaurant is very friendly and he will welcome you and make your experience more memorable.

How to reach Yellow Tail Restaurant?

Yellow Tail Restaurant is located in Sydney, Australia. It is not an easy task to reach this restaurant, but it is not impossible. There are different ways to reach this restaurant and you can choose any of the following options.

By Car: You can hire a car or a taxi to reach this restaurant.

By Train: You can take a train to reach this restaurant.

By Bus: You can take a bus or a train to reach this restaurant.

By Air: You can take a flight or a bus to reach this restaurant.

Yellow Tail Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Shiraz Wine1200.3g
Cabernet Merlot Blend1200.3g
Cabernet Sauvignon1200.3g
Shiraz Cabernet Blend1200.3g
Sauvignon Blanc1190.6g


I hope you liked the article. If you want to learn more about the Yellow Tail Restaurant then you can visit the official website of the restaurant. The website will provide you the complete information about the restaurant.