Mellow Mushroom Nutrition

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Mellow Mushroom is a pizzeria that doesn’t just offer pizzas but hoagies, salads and other delicious treats. While no one questions the taste, you’re probably wondering about their calorie content. Well, this Mellow Mushroom nutrition guide can answer some of your questions.

  • Large Slice Bayou Bleu: 390 calories, 15 g total fat, 890 mg of sodium, 44 g carbohydrates
  • Medium Slice: 520 calories, 26 g total fat, 1150 mg of sodium, 46 g carbohydrates
  • Funky Q Chicken, Medium Slice: 500 calories, 20 g total fat, 1050 mg sodium, 50 g carbohydrates
  •  Cheese Calzone: 1340 calories, 49 g total fat, 2370 mg sodium
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Food Name
Cals (kcal)
Tot Fat (g)
Sat Fat (g)
Trans Fat (g)
Sod (mg)
Carb (g)
Fiber (g)
Prot (g)


Cheese Bread87042251.51,790901037
Fab Four1,26076341.52,7301121435
Garlic Bread610231311,17087817
Hummus Appetizer850381101,7001081425
Hummus Dip3602130810351012
Magic Mushroom Soup4003117090013318
Meatball Trio64039171.51,68027646
Muffuletta Cheese Bread1,200743422,83091948
Pepperoni Bread1,00052291.52,150931243
Pretzel, butter and parm (3)89013601,7001561136
Pretzel, butter and salt (3)860114.507,2701551134
Pretzel, cinnamon and honey (3)1,0405101,4202181132
Spinach Artichoke Dip, App820523011,81058632
Stuffed Portobello4002712084025915
The Capri3602512030015218
Tomato Bisque310211101,2902239
Tortilla Soup32023801,58016512
Tortilla Soup + chix41025901,82016532
Turbo Dog Beer Cheese Soup4003117090013318
Wings, BBQ – 10 wings1,030721702,68039259
Wings, BBQ – 5 wings51036901,34020<129
Wings, Hot – 10 wings980731803,14023660
Wings, Hot – 5 wings49036901,57012330
Wings, Jerk – 10 wings1,000701702,91025158
Wings, Jerk – 5 wings50035901,46013<129
Wings, Mild – 10 wings1,090872003,10020860
Wings, Mild – 5 wings540431001,55010430
Wings, Sweet Thai Chili – 10 wings1,080711703,21054359
Wings, Sweet Thai Chili – 5 wings54035901,60027129

Pizza Slices

Bayou Bleu, Large Slice390155089044219
Bayou Bleu, Medium Slice390155097043220
Bayou Bleu, Small Slice340134.5081039218
Buffalo Chicken, Large Slice560291101,14047427
Buffalo Chicken, Medium Slice520261001,15046327
Buffalo Chicken, Small Slice430208093041322
Cheese, Large Slice370147061045418
Cheese, Medium Slice350126063043317
Cheese, Small Slice310105056040314
Funky Q. Chicken, Large Slice52023110.51,04052328
Funky Q. Chicken, Medium Slice500201001,05050328
Funky Q. Chicken, Small Slice420178087045324
Gourmet White, Large Slice440209073047420
Gourmet White, Medium Slice410188072045418
Gourmet White, Small Slice350146060041315
Holy Shiitake Pie, Large Slice6203716173051722
Holy Shiitake Pie, Medium Slice6003615176049721
Holy Shiitake Pie, Small Slice49028120.565043617
House Special, Large Slice52025110.51,01048427
House Special, Medium Slice50023110.51,02047426
House Special, Small Slice430198088043422
Kosmic Karma, Large Slice470219076049521
Kosmic Karma, Medium Slice440208078046419
Kosmic Karma, Small Slice370156065042416
Magical Mystery Tour, Large Slice520289073045321
Magical Mystery Tour, Medium Slice370173.5061043313
Magical Mystery Tour, Small Slice400207064039316
Maui Wowie, Large Slice57031901,02047327
Maui Wowie, Medium Slice53027801,04046326
Maui Wowie, Small Slice440216086041321
Mega-Veggie, Large Slice440178096051622
Mega-Veggie, Medium Slice42015801,03050621
Mega-Veggie, Small Slice360126086045517
Mellowterranean, Large Slice460218080045323
Mellowterranean, Medium Slice450218085044323
Mellowterranean, Small Slice380166070040319
Mighty Meaty, Large Slice55027120.51,12046430
Mighty Meaty, Medium Slice53026110.51,15044329
Mighty Meaty, Small Slice440209095041324
Philosophers Pie, Large Slice50024110.588045325
Philosophers Pie, Medium Slice48023100.589043325
Philosophers Pie, Small Slice4101880.575039321
Red Skin Potato Pie, Large Slice59032130.592051425
Red Skin Potato Pie, Medium Slice55029120.590049423
Red Skin Potato Pie, Small Slice450229074044319
Thai Dye Pie, Large Slice460188073050322
Thai Dye Pie, Medium Slice440177074049323
Thai Dye Pie, Small Slice370135062043319


Cheese Calzone1,34049251.52,3701591363
Chicken and Cheese Calzone1,47051261.52,6101681586
House Calzone1,38049251.52,4501671668
Steak and Cheese Calzone1,570603122,6601681590


Caesar Salad – Regular290225072016510
Caesar Salad – Small140112.50360825
Chef’s Salad – Regular45031120.51,32019628
Chef’s Salad – Small230156066010314
Enlightened Spinach – Regular4703010083036717
Enlightened Spinach Salad – Small23015504201839
Greek Salad – Regular32022902,09019614
Greek Salad – Small160114.501,0401037
Tossed Salad – Regular450.50025933
Tossed Salad – Small2500015522


All nutrition values are calculated with a French hoagie (except Spiked Sausage Hoagies). See our interactive calculator for bread alternatives.

Chicken & Cheese Hoagie – Half55026701,02048435
Chicken & Cheese Hoagie – Whole1,110511312,04095970
Ham and Cheese Hoagie – Half51026701,23048423
Ham and Cheese Hoagie – Whole1,020521412,45095747
Italian Hoagie – Half72045130.51,88047431
Italian Hoagie – Whole1,43089271.53,75093862
Jerk Chicken Hoagie – Half48017401,07050432
Jerk Chicken Hoagie – Whole9102880.52,110100864
Meatball Hoagie – Half640311411,41053635
Meatball Hoagie – Whole1,270632922,8201061370
Mushroom Club Hoagie – Half720391102,02050444
Mushroom Club Hoagie – Whole1,450782314,040101888
Portobello and Cheese Hoagie – Half57029100.51,110561019
Portobello and Cheese Hoagie – Whole1,13058191.52,2101111938
Spiked Sausage Hoagie – Half1,080621912,18087644
Spiked Sausage Hoagie – Whole1,7401183823,32095974
Steak and Cheese Hoagie – Half650351111,07046438
Steak and Cheese Hoagie – Whole1,29070232.52,13093876
Tempeh Hoagie – Half52023601,11058922
Tempeh Hoagie – Whole1,000411212,1801171745
Tofu Hoagie – Half530287095049523
Tofu Hoagie – Whole1,060551411,90098946
Turkey and Cheese Hoagie – Half50025601,20047425
Turkey and Cheese Hoagie – Whole1,000491312,40094749


Kids Celery & Carrots with Ranch30028404601022
Kids French Bread Pizza340116087043418
Kids Funguys/Twists35095066053414
Kids Grilled Cheese21013705801409
Kids Mac & Cheese280149040026112
Kids Meatball App52035150.51,19017332
Kids Organic Apple1200000315<1
Kids Peanut Butter & Jelly430182.5040056412


Brownie Deluxe1,11063280440127313
Chocolate Chunk Cookie Pucks590271103508526
Key Lime Pie450204023061<112
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Pucks47015506307947
Peanut Butter Cookie Pucks580329058066310


Anchovies – Large Slice151.500000<1
Anchovies – Medium Slice151.500000<1
Anchovies – Small Slice151.500000<1
Andouille Sausage150124.503901010
Andouille Sausage – Large Slice1510040001
Andouille Sausage – Medium Slice151.50045001
Andouille Sausage – Small Slice1510040001
Applewood Smoked Bacon30025807401019
Applewood Smoked Bacon – Large Slice302.51070002
Applewood Smoked Bacon – Medium Slice2520.5060002
Applewood Smoked Bacon – Small Slice201.50.5045001
BBQ Chicken1101.5003303019
BBQ Chicken – Large Slice2500085<105
BBQ Chicken – Medium Slice350.500110107
BBQ Chicken – Small Slice2500085<105
BBQ Tofu703.50.50453<17
BBQ Tofu – Large Slice100.5005001
BBQ Tofu – Medium Slice100.50010001
BBQ Tofu – Small Slice10000500<1
Buffalo Chicken901.500420<1019
Buffalo Chicken – Large Slice25000105005
Buffalo Chicken – Medium Slice300.500140007
Buffalo Chicken – Small Slice25000105005
Chicken Menu1001.50.502400020
Chicken Menu – Large Slice2500060005
Chicken Menu – Medium Slice300.50080007
Chicken Menu – Small Slice2500060005
Crumbled Italian Sausage23017506603018
Crumbled Italian Sausage – Large Slice2520.5070002
Crumbled Italian Sausage – Medium Slice2520.5075002
Crumbled Italian Sausage – Small Slice201.50055001
Curry Chicken9010050<1019
Curry Chicken – Large Slice2500015005
Curry Chicken – Medium Slice3000015006
Curry Chicken – Small Slice2500015005
Ground Beef19013603300020
Ground Beef – Large Slice201.50.5035002
Ground Beef – Medium Slice201.50.5035002
Ground Beef – Small Slice1510025002
Ham – Large Slice1000070001
Ham – Medium Slice1000075002
Ham – Small Slice1000055001
Herb Vinaigrette Chicken130510360<1020
Herb Vinaigrette Chicken – Large Slice301.50090005
Herb Vinaigrette Chicken – Medium Slice451.500120007
Herb Vinaigrette Chicken – Small Slice301.50090005
Jerk Chicken1001004103019
Jerk Chicken – Large Slice25000100<105
Jerk Chicken – Medium Slice35000135<106
Jerk Chicken – Small Slice25000100<105
Jerk Shrimp901002701018
Marinated Tempeh1204.50.501901148
Marinated Tempeh – Large Slice4520070423
Marinated Tempeh – Medium Slice401.50065413
Marinated Tempeh – Small Slice3010050312
Meatballs – Large Slice704.51.50180205
Meatballs – Medium Slice80520210305
Meatballs – Small Slice80520210305
Pepperoni – Large Slice3531.50115001
Pepperoni – Medium Slice3531.50115001
Pepperoni – Small Slice3531.50115001
Pesto Chicken1103.50.502800020
Pesto Chicken – Large Slice3010070005
Pesto Chicken – Medium Slice4010095007
Pesto Chicken – Small Slice3010070005
Salami – Large Slice7062.50300004
Salami – Medium Slice8062.50320004
Salami – Small Slice60520240003
Sausage Links33025808203023
Shrimp – Large Slice2000025004
Shrimp – Medium Slice2000030005
Shrimp – Small Slice2000025004
Steak – Large Slice704.520105009
Steak – Medium Slice7041.5095008
Steak – Small Slice5031.5070006
Teriyaki Chicken1101.5004102021
Teriyaki Chicken – Large Slice25000105<105
Teriyaki Chicken – Medium Slice35000135<107
Teriyaki Chicken – Small Slice25000105<105
Tofu – Large Slice100.50025001
Tofu – Medium Slice100.50025001
Tofu – Small Slice100002000<1
Turkey – Large Slice1000065002
Turkey – Medium Slice1000070002
Turkey – Small Slice500050001


Blue Cheese200161107702112
Blue Cheese – Large Slice302.51.50120002
Blue Cheese – Medium Slice352.520130002
Blue Cheese – Small Slice2521.5095002
Cheddar – Large Slice3531.5055002
Cheddar – Medium Slice4032060002
Cheddar – Small Slice302.51.5045002
Feta – Large Slice2521.50105002
Feta – Medium Slice2521.50115002
Feta – Small Slice201.51085001
Fresh Mozzarella1501260120008
Fresh Mozzarella – Large Slice201.51015001
Fresh Mozzarella – Medium Slice201.51015001
Fresh Mozzarella – Small Slice201.51015001
Gorgonzola Cheese21017110.57702111
Montemore Cheese23019110.5330<1<114
Montemore Cheese – Large Slice453.52060003
Montemore Cheese – Medium Slice4032055002
Montemore Cheese – Small Slice302.51.5040002
Mozzarella – Large Slice302.51.5040002
Mozzarella – Medium Slice302.51.5040002
Mozzarella – Small Slice302.51.5040002
Parmesan, Grated604.530190<106
Parmesan, Grated – Large Slice201.51060002
Parmesan, Grated – Medium Slice201.51065002
Parmesan, Grated – Small Slice1510.5050001
Parmesan, Shaved503.520190<105
Parmesan, Shaved – Large Slice1510.5050001
Parmesan, Shaved – Medium Slice1510.5050001
Parmesan, Shaved – Small Slice1510.5050001
Provolone – Large Slice302.51.5065002
Provolone – Medium Slice352.51.5065002
Provolone – Small Slice2521050002
Ricotta – Large Slice1510.50500<1
Ricotta – Medium Slice1511010001
Ricotta – Small Slice1010.50500<1
Swiss Cheese22017110.5135<1015
Vegan Cheese18013505201432
Vegan Cheese – Large Slice251.50.5065200
Vegan Cheese – Medium Slice251.50.5065200
Vegan Cheese – Small Slice251.50.5065200

Fruit & Veggies

Alfalfa Sprouts50000<1<11
Artichoke Hearts100001351<1<1
Artichoke Hearts – Large Slice000040000
Artichoke Hearts – Medium Slice000045000
Artichoke Hearts – Small Slice000035000
Avocado – Large Slice2020001<10
Avocado – Medium Slice202000<1<10
Avocado – Small Slice151.5000<1<10
Banana Peppers0000460<100
Banana Peppers – Large Slice0000140000
Banana Peppers – Medium Slice0000150000
Banana Peppers – Small Slice0000115000
Black Olives302.5002502<10
Black Olives – Large Slice1010080<100
Black Olives – Medium Slice1010085<100
Black Olives – Small Slice100.50060000
Broccoli – Large Slice00000<100
Broccoli – Medium Slice00000<100
Broccoli – Small Slice00000000
Caramelized Onions350001573<1
Caramelized Onions – Large Slice1000002<10
Caramelized Onions – Medium Slice1000002<10
Caramelized Onions – Small Slice50000100
Caramelized Pecans170161.500622
Chives – Large Slice00000000
Chives – Medium Slice00000000
Chives – Small Slice00000000
Cucumbers – Large Slice00000000
Cucumbers – Medium Slice00000000
Cucumbers – Small Slice00000000
Dried Cherries1000001022<1<1
Fresh Basil00000000
Fresh Basil – Large Slice00000000
Fresh Basil – Medium Slice00000000
Fresh Basil – Small Slice00000000
Garlic – Large Slice00000<100
Garlic – Medium Slice00000000
Garlic – Small Slice00000000
Green Olives3530.502502<10
Green Olives – Large Slice50.50045000
Green Olives – Medium Slice50.50040000
Green Olives – Small Slice000030000
Green Peppers50000100
Green Peppers – Large Slice00000<100
Green Peppers – Medium Slice00000<100
Green Peppers – Small Slice00000<100
Grilled Portobello403.520151<11
Grilled Portobello – Large Slice1010.500000
Grilled Portobello – Medium Slice1010.500000
Grilled Portobello – Small Slice1010.500000
Iceberg Lettuce00000<100
Jalapeno Peppers5000230<1<10
Jalapeno Peppers – Large Slice000070000
Jalapeno Peppers – Medium Slice000075000
Jalapeno Peppers – Small Slice000055000
Kalamata Olives90900520200
Kalamata Olives – Large Slice1010065000
Kalamata Olives – Medium Slice1010065000
Kalamata Olives – Small Slice1010065000
Mushroom Trio19015100.5105865
Mushroom Trio – Large Slice140127080644
Mushroom Trio – Medium Slice130106070543
Mushroom Trio – Small Slice9085050432
Mushrooms – Large Slice00000000
Mushrooms – Medium Slice00000000
Mushrooms – Small Slice00000000
Onions – Large Slice50000100
Onions – Medium Slice50000100
Onions – Small Slice00000<100
Pepperoncini – Large Slice0000150000
Pepperoncini – Medium Slice0000130000
Pepperoncini – Small Slice0000100000
Pineapple – Large Slice100000200
Pineapple – Medium Slice100000200
Pineapple – Small Slice50000200
Roasted Red Peppers500070100
Roasted Red Peppers – Large Slice000020000
Roasted Red Peppers – Medium Slice000025000
Roasted Red Peppers – Small Slice000015000
Roasted Red Potato5000051111
Roasted Red Potato – Large Slice20000050<1
Roasted Red Potato – Medium Slice20000050<1
Roasted Red Potato – Small Slice200000400
Roma Tomatoes1000002<1<1
Roma Tomatoes – Large Slice00000<100
Roma Tomatoes – Medium Slice00000<100
Roma Tomatoes – Small Slice00000<100
Sun Dried Tomatos800001701364
Sun Dried Tomatos – Large Slice2500055421
Sun Dried Tomatos – Medium Slice2500055421
Sun Dried Tomatos – Small Slice200004531<1


Baked Pizza Crust, Large2202003504229
Baked Pizza Crust, Medium2101.5003904129
Baked Pizza Crust, Small2001.5003603728
Bavarian Saurkraut702.5004201120
Black Truffle Oil253000000
Black Truffle Oil – Large Slice50.5000000
Black Truffle Oil – Medium Slice101000000
Black Truffle Oil – Small Slice50.5000000
Bread French – Half1901004903927
Bread French – Whole3902.51097077414
Bread Multi Grain – Half2608105104037
Bread Multi Grain – Whole520162.501,02080514
Bread Pretzel – Half21030.505203927
Bread Pretzel – Whole4206101,05078414
Bread Wheat Pullman902001501613
Bruschetta Tomato Topping140121.50360822
Gluten Free Crust801.5001501511
Italian Seasoning10000011<1
Olive Oil13014200000
Olive Oil – Large Slice404.50.500000
Olive Oil – Medium Slice404.50.500000
Olive Oil – Small Slice303.5000000
Spinach Artichoke Dip390341709908317
Toast Points52024150.584063412

Salad Bases

Salad Mix3000020622
Spring Mix3000045543


Barbeque – Large Slice30000200700
Barbeque – Medium Slice30000180600
Barbeque – Small Slice20000130500
Blue Cheese Swirl1301330260202
Blue Cheese Swirl – Large Slice1001020190102
Blue Cheese Swirl – Medium Slice90920170101
Blue Cheese Swirl – Small Slice7071.50130<101
Butter & Garlic9010600<100
Butter & Garlic – Large Slice00000000
Butter & Garlic – Medium Slice00000000
Butter & Garlic – Small Slice00000000
Garlic Aioli2002230190<100
Garlic Aioli – Large Slice5061045000
Garlic Aioli – Medium Slice7071060000
Garlic Aioli – Small Slice5061045000
Hot Sauce Swirl2510042042<1
Hot Sauce Swirl – Large Slice100001602<10
Hot Sauce Swirl – Medium Slice100001401<10
Hot Sauce Swirl – Small Slice5000105100
Jerk Sauce35000340500
Jerk Sauce – Large Slice15000130200
Jerk Sauce – Medium Slice10000115200
Jerk Sauce – Small Slice1000085100
Olive Salad150132.50500413
Olive Salad – Large Slice7071.502502<11
Olive Salad – Medium Slice7071.502502<11
Olive Salad – Small Slice7071.502502<11
Pesto – Large Slice120120045101
Pesto – Medium Slice100110040<10<1
Pesto – Small Slice8080030<10<1
Pesto Mayo190212.50150<10<1
Pesto Swirl150160.5060101
Pesto Swirl – Large Slice5050020000
Pesto Swirl – Medium Slice5050020000
Pesto Swirl – Small Slice4040015000
Red Sauce2500010542<1
Red Sauce – Large Slice150006021<1
Red Sauce – Medium Slice10000502<10
Red Sauce – Small Slice150006021<1
Sour Cream6053.5015<10<1
Sour Cream – Large Slice202105000
Sour Cream – Medium Slice201.5100000
Sour Cream – Small Slice151.5100000
Spicy Blue Cheese – Large Slice8081.50380201
Spicy Blue Cheese – Medium Slice80820400201
Spicy Blue Cheese – Small Slice6061.50300101
Spicy Ranch – Large Slice353.50.5015010<1
Spicy Ranch – Medium Slice353.500135<100
Spicy Ranch – Small Slice252.500100<100
Sweet Chili Glaze6000044015<10
Sweet Chili Glaze – Large Slice25000160500
Sweet Chili Glaze – Medium Slice20000150500
Sweet Chili Glaze – Small Slice15000110400
Tzatziki Sauce120114.50240203
Tzatziki Sauce – Large Slice3031060<10<1
Tzatziki Sauce – Medium Slice4041.5080<10<1
Tzatziki Sauce – Small Slice3031060<10<1

Salad Dressings

1000 Island Salad Dressing1201120230400
Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad Dressing90810270500
Blue Cheese Salad Dressing1301330260202
Caesar Salad Dressing1601730270<101
Esperanza Salad Dressing150162.50260<100
Herb Vinaigrette Salad Dressing170182.50150200
Honey Mustard Salad Dressing1301220210500
Lite Ranch Salad Dressing8081.5025020<1
Ranch Salad Dressing130142020020<1
Spicy Blue Cheese Salad Dressing130122.50600302
Spicy Ranch Salad Dressing100101.504003<11

Healthy Eating Options

Mellow Mushroom has a vast array of fruits and vegetables, and they are your best options if you want to eat healthy. If you want some of their Munchies, try their Bruschetta, 450 calories, Pita, 240 calories or the Tomato Bisque, which has 310 calories.

For more detailed information about Mellow Mushroom nutrition please visit their official website.