Penn Station Nutrition

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Penn station is a chain of restaurants that specialize in ‘east coasts subs’. It has a wide range of foods in their menu. The menu comprises a list of mouth watering grilled submarine sandwiches, hand squeezed lemonade and freshly cut fries. The potatoes used are handpicked, fresh cut and fried in cholesterol free oil. The sandwiches are prepared freshly in view of customers with the use of delicious hearth baked bread, finest meat, vegetable and cheese. The lemonade is made using hand squeezed lemons from scratch on daily basis. If you want to find the Penn Station Nutrition information, scroll down a bit to find the list

Penn station offers the best Philly cheese steak that will leave any customer yearning for more. Made with a fresh Baget bread and delicious steak that is chopped nicely, combined with cheese and onions. Penn station has amazing grilled subs starting with a Philadelphia cheese steak that is made with a pure U.S.D.A choice steak, fresh mushrooms, sautéed onions, banana peppers, pizza sauce, spicy brown mustard and mayo. This leaves a customer full and appreciative for its delicious taste.

There are other delicious meals such as club which is another grilled sub. With smoked ham, thick cut smoked bacon, turkey breast that is oven roasted Roma tomatoes, Swiss, lettuce, mayo, and honey mustard. The club may either be grilled or cold.

There’s also Reuben which is made from Swiss, sauerkraut and a slow roasted corned beef. You can also find chicken Teriyaki in the menu which is prepared by fresh mushroom, chicken breast, Swiss, sautéed onions, and teriyaki sauce giving you a wonderful taste.

In the dish that are prepared using chicken as the main ingredient, there’s a Parmesan made by a chicken breast, provolone, pizza sauce, oregano and fresh mushroom with sautéed onions. Chicken cordon bleu is another meal in the same category that is made with chicken breast, lettuce, Swiss, smoked ham, honey mustard, mayo with Roma tomatoes.

Penn station Italian category in the menu has a meals that include; pizza made with pepperoni with smoked ham, provolone, pizza sauce, parmesan, oregano, fresh mushrooms with sautéed onions. You can add Italian sausage to give the best taste. Another mouth watering meal in this category is Italian sub that is either grilled or cold made with smoked ham, pepperoni, hard salami, lettuce, provolone, red onions, Roma tomatoes, banana peppers, pepper, salt, mayo, oregano, and olive oil then sprinkled with red wine vinegar.

Penn station has also light meals for people who wants to eat less. The lighter meals include; grilled artichoke made with artichoke hearts, oregano, provolone, mayo, Parmesan with fresh mushrooms. The other option is a chicken salad made with pickles with a provolone, Roma tomatoes and lettuce giving you 458 calories. Tuna salad is made with lettuce, pickles, provolone and Roma tomatoes.

Grilled vegetarian is made from grilled veggie sandwich that is made the same way as Dagwood but without the meats. The Dagwood is made with meats such as hard salami, smoked ham, oven roasted turkey, pepperoni, and a slowly roasted corned beef. It is made with cheese like Swiss, American and provolone. A topping of lettuce, Roma tomatoes, peppers, red onions, and pickles are added to it. It is crowned with a spicy brown mustard, olive oil and a red wine vinegar, oregano, honey mustard, mayo, pepper and salt.

Cold Italian is a sub that is made with hard salami, smoked ham, pepperoni, lettuce, provolone, banana peppers, oregano, mayo, salt and pepper, red onions and Roma tomatoes. Other kind of cold sub is cold chicken salad that is made with juicy chicken that were grilled with lettuce, provolone, pickles and Roma tomatoes.

Cold BLT is loaded with smoked bacon that is thickly cut, lettuce, Roma tomatoes, and onions and is topped with Hellman’s mayonnaise. Cold tuna salad has provolone, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and a tuna salad. Cold Dagwood has condiments that are spicy brown mustard, mayo, honey mustard, oregano, salt and pepper and red wine vinegar. Its toppings include Roma tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, onions and peppers. The cheese are Swiss, American and provolone. Meat includes hard salami, pepperoni, smoked ham, turkey and slow roasted corned beef.

Penn station salads on the menu include; cheese steak salad. It is made from Roma tomatoes, provolone, banana peppers, sautéed onions and lettuce.

The wraps include; cheesesteak wrap made with choice steak, banana peppers, fresh mushrooms, provolone, pizza sauce and mayo. Chicken salad wrap is made with lettuce, chicken salad, pickles, tomatoes and provolone. Other wraps include; pizza wrap, Italian wrap, sausage wrap, grilled artichoke wrap, tuna salad wrap, chicken cordon bleu wrap, chicken teriyaki wrap, grilled vegetarian wrap, Reuben wrap and club wrap.

Penn station beverages are fresh squeezed lemonade, fountain drinks and fresh brewed iced tea. The extras include fresh cut fries, cheese bread, chocolate chunk cookie and chips.

A special kid meal is available for kids under ten years and it consists of fresh fries that are half size cut, small size sandwich, kiddie cup beverage and a lollipop.

Penn station cold subs include; cold club, cold Italian, cold Dagwood, cold chicken salad, BLT and cold tuna salad. All these wonderful meals are made freshly with expertise for the best taste and give the customer a fulfilling experience.

Penn station nutrition focuses on the meals that you can get less calories. Some of the foods here can helps you to burn the calories. For instance to reduce weight, one can do whole grains instead of processed grain. Keep in mind that you also need proper exercise to help in weight reduction. To burn more calories, you need to do walking, cycling or running. Penn station nutrition has data for anybody to make informed choices, you can refer to the official. Penn station nutrition has also a calculator that guides you in getting the amount of calories, total fat either saturated or trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, total carbohydrate, dietary fiber, sugars, and proteins that are available in every serving or every meal.

Every meal in Penn station has its size from light, small, medium and large. Customers gets the top service and delicious meals that leaves them wanting more. At Penn station, the customer is their number one priority. They always do their best to make a perfect and delicious meals for you. Get fresh food made with expertise for the perfect taste.

Penn Station Nutrition Facts

Here’s the list of of Penn Station Nutrition information:

Food Name
Cals (kcal)
Cals from Fat
Sat Fat (g)
Total Fat (g)
Sod (mg)
Cholesterol (mg)




Swiss 6″1087057.82026
Provolone 6″1027258.225320
American 6″100825951026
Swiss 8″1621057.511.73039
Provolone 8″1531087.512.338030
American 8″1501237.513.576539
Swiss 10″2161401015.64052
Provolone 10″2041441016.450640
American 10″2001641018102052
Swiss 12″27017513205065
Provolone 12″255180132163350
American 12″2502051322.5127565


Pizza Sauce 6″140001170
Honey Mustard 6″6755.946.2864.7
Mayonnaise 6″1961963.32119611
1000 Island 6″2222003.72331123
Spicy Brown Mustard 6″210002150
Oregano 6″1.0800.0100
Olive Oil & Vinegar 6″89891.51000
Sauerkraut 6″110007310
Parmesan 6″1110.61.2402.9
Teriyaki 6″5.60003660
Pizza Sauce 12″280002330
Honey Mustard 6″1331101.9121739.4
Mayonnaise 6″3913916.64239122
1000 Island 12″4444007.54562145
Spicy Brown Mustard 12″420004300
Oregano 12″2.1700.0200
Olive Oil & Vinegar 12″17917932100
Sauerkraut 12″2200014610
Parmesan 12″22211.22.3795.7
Teriyaki 12″110007320


Mushrooms (Grilled) 6″6.8100.910
Banana Peppers(Grilled) 6″
Yellow Onions (Grilled) 6″
Green Peppers (Grilled) 6″
Lettuce 6″3.270.0320
Tomato 6″510.062.70
Pickles 6″2000510
Red Onions 6″
Mushrooms (Grilled) 12″121.6200.1820
Banana Peppers(Grilled) 12″12.820.050.0900
Yellow Onions (Grilled) 12″542.
Green Peppers (Grilled) 12″
Lettuce 12″6.540.0640
Tomato 12″
Pickles 12″24001020
Red Onions 12″


Steak 1oz3511.25.051.2512515
Chicken 1oz303.8.13.041916.5
Turkey 1oz25500.527015
Ham 1oz33100.051.1626311.7
Bacon 1 slice 53oz70502622015
Salami 1oz1201004.51150035
Pepperoni 1oz14012061349035
Sausage 1oz87662.57.3426018.9
Corned Beef 1oz7321.81.092.260332.7
Chicken Salad 1oz76400.834.714010
Tuna Salad 1oz5733.30.53.71308.33
Artichokes 1oz7000.04970


Fries (small)3782344.3264960
Fries (medium)6544047.4458590
Fries (large)126077914.38716550
Lemonade (regular)1410.090.020.1090
Lemonade (large)
Sweet Tea (regular)149000140
Sweet Tea (large)224000210
Sweet Tea (gallon)11960001140

For more information about the Penn Station Nutrition information, visit the official website.