Little Caesars Nutrition

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Pizza is a food that almost all people of all ages enjoy the most. However, not all are created equally. We all know that pizza is both healthy and unhealthy at the same time. Pizza can be decent food or a diet disaster depending on the crust, toppings, and the amount of cheese used.

Healthy pizzas are a craze to people who are conscious of the food that they eat. They add nutritious ingredients to be able to relish this well-loved food without guilt.

Pizzas that are being sold in fast food restaurants and pizza parlors are widely known as the unhealthiest pizza of all because it has the tendency to have high amounts of calories, fats, carbohydrates, and sodium. Furthermore, the pizzas in the fast-food establishments have MSG or monosodium glutamate, high-fructose corn syrup, and artificial colorings.

About Little Caesars Pizza

What started out as a blind date in 1954 between Mike Ilitch and Marian Bayoff become a lifelong partnership that eventually leads them to invest all their money to a pizzeria in 1959 at Garden City, Michigan. Thus, Little Caesars came to life. Soon thereafter, franchise stores opened across several states and in 1959 they opened their 50th pizzeria and at the same time opened their store in Canada. As of 2017, Little Caesar has a total of 5,463 stores in the United States and across the international waters.

In this article, we will be tackling the healthiest, the unhealthiest, their signature favorites, the Hot-N-Ready Caesar Wings and Dips, and Salad.

Hot-N-Ready Classic Cheese Pie

Although, there is no such thing as healthy pizza unless you order additional vegetables on top but the Hot-N-Ready Classic Cheese Pie is considered as the healthiest among all the pizzas in Little Caesar. One slice of Hot-N-Ready Cheese Pizza has 250 Calories of which 80 Calories comes from Fat 80. It has a Total Fat of 9g, Saturated Fat of 4g, Trans Fat of 0g, Cholesterol of 20mg, Sodium of 440mg, Total Carbohydrates of 32g, Dietary Fiber of 1g, Sugars of 3g, and Protein of 12g.

If you wonder how long it would take to burn the 250 calories taken by eating the Hot-N-Ready Classic Cheese Pie, it would take 67 minutes of brisk walking, 23 minutes of running or 43 minutes of cycling.

Pepperoni Deep!Deep! Dish Pizza

One slice of the Pepperoni Deep!Deep! Dish Pizza has a whopping 390 calories and 170 calories from fat. It has 7 g of Saturated Fat, 0 g of Trans Fat, 25 mg of Cholesterol, 670 mg of Sodium, 41 g of Total Carbohydrates, 2 g of Dietary Fiber, 4 g of Sugars, and 17 g of Protein.

A person weighing an average of 140 lbs, it would take 104 minutes of brisk walking, 36 minutes of walking or 67 minutes of cycling to shed of that 390 calories per pizza slice.

Hot-N-Ready Crazy Bread

Hot-N-Ready Crazy breadsticks are made from pizza dough topped with garlic, butter, and parmesan cheese and best paired with the marinara sauce. A stick of Hot-N-Ready Crazy Bread has total calories of 100 and from which, 25 calories from fat. More so, one breadstick has 3 grams of Total Fat, 0.5 grams of Saturated Fat, 0 grams of Trans Fat, 0 milligrams of Cholesterol, 150 milligrams of Sodium, 15 grams of Total Carbohydrates, 1 gram of Dietary Fiber, 1 gram of sugar, and 2 grams of protein.

In order to lose the unwanted calories after devouring the Hot-N-Ready Crazy Bread, 100 calories can be burned by 27 minutes of brisk walking, 9 minutes of running or 17 minutes of cycling.

Hot-N-Ready Caesar Wings and Dips

Little Caesar is not about pizza anymore but now they are offering wings in eight variations. The Hot-N-Ready Wings of Little Caesar is prepared beforehand and the hotness is maintained inside the covered plastic bowls right alongside their pizzas.

One wing of Hot-N-Ready Garlic Parmesan Caesar Wings has 90 calories and 60 calories from fat. It has a Total Fat of 7 grams, Saturated Fat of 1.5 grams, Zero Trans Fat, 25 mg of Cholesterol, 270 mg of Sodium, 1 gram of Total Carbohydrates, zero dietary fiber, zero sugar, and 6 grams of protein.

It takes 24 minutes of brisk walking, 8 minutes of running or 15 minutes of cycling to burn the 90 Kcal of Hot-N-Ready Caesar Wings.

Furthermore, the Hot-N-Ready Caesar Wings are best paired with the dips. There are 4 choices of dips at Little Caesar, the Buffalo Ranch, the Buttery Garlic, Cheezy Jalapeño, and the Ranch. But these dips can also be paired with Italian Cheese Bread, Crazy Bread®, or pizza.

Among the 4 dips, the Ranch Dip has the highest calorie. One container of the Ranch Dip has 170 calories and of which, 93.1% comes from fat. It also has 18 grams of Total Fat, 3 grams of Saturated Fat, 0 grams of Trans Fat, 10 mg of Cholesterol, 260 mg of Sodium, 2 grams of Total Carbohydrates, 0 grams of Dietary Fiber, 1 gram of sugar, and 1 gram of protein.

To burn off the 170 Kcal from the Ranch dip, you need to brisk walk for 46 minutes or run for 16 minutes or bike for 29 minutes.


Many people would argue that there is nothing healthy about Little Caesar’s but in some store locations, they are offering salads for a healthier option. There are 4 options of salads serve in this pizza restaurant and these are the Antipasto, Caesar, Garden and Greek Salad. With the 4, the Greek salad has the least calorie content. One serving of the salad has a total calorie of 150 and the calories from fat are 70. The total fat in grams is 8 while the saturated fat is 5.0 grams. The cholesterol is 20 mg, sodium is 670 mg, total carbohydrate is 12 grams, dietary fiber is 4 grams, sugar is 7 g, and protein is 8 grams.

Little Caesars Nutrition Facts

Below is the list of Little Caesars Nutrition information:


Food Name
Total Cal
Cal from Fat
Total Fat (g)
Sat Fat (g)
Trans Fat (g)
Cholesterol (mg)
Sodium (mg)

Hot-N-Ready Extramostbestest Pizzas


Extramostbestest Specialty Pizzas

3 Meat Treat30201430162673.03557110
Hula Hawaiian (Ham)221064072342.02105060
Hula Hawaiian (Canadian Bacon)225066075352.02255430

Hot-N-Ready Classic Round Pizzas

Ultimate Supreme26801100124523.02906190

Deep!Deep! Dish Specialty Pizzas

Ultimate Supreme31501210137603.02956720
3 Meat Treat33701460165703.03406990
Hula Hawaiian (Ham)279079090432.52355720
Hula Hawaiian (Canadian Bacon)284082093442.52556160

Signature Favorites

Hot-N-Ready Crazy Combo840190224.5051820
Hot-N-Ready Crazy Bread800190224.5051290
Crazy Sauce3000000530
Italian Cheese Bread134048054231.5902200
Pepperoni Cheese Bread152063071292.01302840
Zesty Cheese Bread149064072241.5952540
Cinnamon Crazy Bites182080091221.5201470

Hot-N-Ready Caesar Wings

Oven Roasted51031035902851740
Garlic Parmesan660440491202902510

Caesar Dips

Cheesy Jalapeño220200223.5020510
Buffalo Ranch230210243.5012540
Butter Garlic Flavor37037042300.50410



Extramosbestest Thin Crust


Stuffed Crust

Add Stuffed Crust to any Extramostbestest56041046231.51301610
Add Stuffed Crust to any Deep!Deep! Dish53035040241.51451710

Extramostbestest Round (1-2 Toppings)

Canadian Bacon1606062.00651630
Green Pepper35000005
Mushroom, canned4000000570
Mushroom, fresh30000005
Black Olive3302402711001250
Jalapeño Pepper1007070002400
Mild Banana Peppers5000001510
Extra Cheese27017019121.065690

Deep!Deep! Dish (1-3 Toppings)

Canadian Bacon1505062.00601510
Green Pepper15000000
Mushroom, canned4000000580
Mushroom, fresh30000005
Black Olive19014016600730
Jalapeño Pepper60404.50001380
Mild Banana Peppers5000001220
Extra Cheese27017019121.065690

Make it a Meal

Crazy Combo & a 2-liter PepsiCalorie 1680
Caesar Wings & a 2-liter PepsiCalorie 1350-1500
Italian Cheese Bread & a 2-liter PepsiCalorie 2190
Cinnamon Crazy Bites & a 2-liter PepsiCalorie 2660

$5 Lunch Combo

4 Slice Pepperoni Deep!Deep! Dish & 20 oz. PepsiCalorie 1390-1680

For complete nutrition facts about their dishes, visit their official website.