Red Lobster Nutrition

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Red Lobster is an American seafood restaurant that specializes in delectable seafood treats like shrimp, lobster, fish and squid. Aside from providing an extensive menu, the restaurant chain also has a detailed Red Lobster nutrition guide to assist their guests.

  • Fried Oysters: 630 calories
  • Batterfried Crawfish: 920 calories
  • Shrimp Linguini Alfredo: 590 calories
  • Buffalo Chicken Wings: 570 calories
  • Lobster Pizza: 680 calories
  • White Wine and Roasted Garlic Mussels: 910 calories
  • Mozzarella Cheese Sticks: 710 calories
  • Sweet Chili Shrimp: 1140 calories
  • Lobster Artichoke and Seafood Dip: 1040 calories
  • Shrimp Nachos: 1280 calories
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Food Name
Cals (kcal)
Tot Fat (g)
Sat Fat (g)
Carbs (g)


CYO App-Chicken Strips3502021,11021
CYO App-Clam Strips390242.573033
Chilled Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail1200.505809
Crispy Calamari and Vegetables1,39088103,020110
Golden Onion Rings1,3808383,530139
Lobster Pizza68031121,74066
Lobster, Artichoke and Seafood Dip1,05061182,11096
Lobster, Crab and Seafood-Stuffed Mushrooms32018899020
Mozzarella Cheesesticks71042141,78050
Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp Appetizer5303691,11034
Seaside Sampler62036111,77035
Shrimp Nachos1,29078253,05098
Southwest Chicken Pizza86044142,17073
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Bites7405182,11056
Sweet Chili Shrimp1,14080102,03078
Wood-Grilled Shrimp Bruschetta5202241,19053


Creamy Potato Bacon Soup-Bowl45030171,58037
Creamy Potato Bacon Soup-Cup22015979019
Lobster Bisque-Bowl41028161,65023
Lobster Bisque-Cup21014883012
New England Clam Chowder-Bowl48034201,39026
New England Clam Chowder-Cup230171068013
Spicy Chicken Tortilla Soup-Bowl310113.52,42034
Spicy Chicken Tortilla Soup-Cup150621,21017

Signature Salads

Bar Harbor Salad20080.516036
Bar Harbor Salad with Chicken320111.542036
Bar Harbor Salad with Salmon380131.526038
Bar Harbor Salad with Shrimp300111.547036
Classic Caesar Salad5305091,10015
Classic Caesar Salad with Chicken66052101,36015
Classic Caesar Salad with Salmon72054101,20017
Classic Caesar Salad with Shrimp63053101,41016
RL Fiesta Salad3001671,01027
RL Fiesta Salad with Chicken4301971,27027
RL Fiesta Salad with Salmon4902081,11029
RL Fiesta Salad with Shrimp4001971,32027

Dinner Entrees

1 1/4 lb Live Maine Lobster-Steamed2301.508400
1 1/4 lb Live Maine Lobster-Stuffed600162.52,16053
Admiral’s Feast1,1906463,38084
Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp4701672,14050
Blue Cheese Sirloin53031131,55015
Broiled Flounder Dinner29040.57603
Broiled Seafood Trio57030112,14016
CYO Combo – Garlic Shrimp Scampi15071.59603
CYO Combo – Garlic-Grilled Shrimp220411,01031
CYO Combo – Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp71048121,49045
CYO Combo – Peppercorn Grilled Sirloin240947103
CYO Combo – Seafood-Stuffed Flounder17051.56105
CYO Combo – Shrimp Linguini Alfredo5902691,50054
CYO Combo – Steamed Snow Crab Legs90107900
CYO Combo – Walt’s Favorite Shrimp3702021,50025
CYO Combo – Wood-Grilled Fresh Salmon19041952
Cajun Chicken Linguini Alfredo-Full Portion1,39066252,830109
Cajun Chicken Linguini Alfredo-Half Portion72034131,47055
Center-Cut NY Strip Steak73036101,65028
Chesapeake Shrimp Bake3702481,6909
Crab Linguini Alfredo-Full Portion1,58089363,780127
Crab Linguini Alfredo-Half Portion81046191,94064
Fried Flounder Dinner500242.51,19027
Hand-Battered Fish and Chips270916706
Honey BBQ Shrimp and Chicken67028102,09036
Island-Grilled Mahi-Mahi and Shrimp3602.50.51,87038
Maple-Glazed Chicken Dinner3206158017
NY Strip and Rock Lobster Tail90037102,20029
Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Alfredo1,17067282,92076
Parmesan-Crusted Tilapia32015573010
Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp Entrée88060151,86056
Roasted Vegetable Skewers8503082,580127
Rock Lobster Tail170105401
Salmon New Orleans5203391,33010
Seafood-Stuffed Flounder Dinner330112.51,23010
Seaside Shrimp Trio98048123,60074
Shrimp Linguini Alfredo-Full Portion1,13049172,890108
Shrimp Linguini Alfredo-Half Portion5902691,50054
Shrimp Your Way-Coconut Shrimp Bites30018476024
Shrimp Your Way-Fried Shrimp21011186011
Shrimp Your Way-Popcorn Shrimp380181.51,41038
Shrimp Your Way-Shrimp Scampi13081.59900
Snow Crab Legs 1 lb180201,5800
Tilapia with Roasted Vegetables6803051,99063
Tropical BBQ Glazed Chicken39061.51,87058
Ultimate Feast®4001622,69014
Walt’s Favorite Shrimp550302.52,27039
Wood-Grilled Chicken with Portobello Wine Sauce610344.51,63018
Wood-Grilled Lobster, Shrimp and Scallops1902.50.51,5503
Wood-Grilled Peppercorn Sirloin and Shrimp3001041,2004
Wood-Grilled Pork Chops-Double Chop6202471,58042
Wood-Grilled Pork Chops-Single Chop31012479021

4-Course Feast (Unique Items)

4-Course-Caramel Cheesecake420251328041
4-Course-Garlic-Grilled Shrimp1101.509702
4-Course-Spicy Habanero Shrimp Bites and Sweet Citrus-Grilled Shrimp7603552,19086
4-Course-Triple-Chocolate Brownie à la Mode440231316052
4-Course-Wood-Grilled Fresh Tilapia150412200
Hand-Breaded Shrimp (4-Course)4402221,77022
Shrimp and Scallops Linguini with fresh tomatoes97058172,43067

Today’s Fresh Fish (Pending Availability)

Lemon Garlic Beurre Blanc Topping1701654906
Pineapple Salsa Topping40003409

Lunch Entrees

Blackened Farm-Raised Catfish Lunch19091.51500
Broiled Flounder Lunch140203801
CYO Lunch-Broiled Bay Scallops70104902
CYO Lunch-Chicken Breast Strips3502021,11021
CYO Lunch-Clam Strips390242.573033
CYO Lunch-Crunch-Fried Fish4002421,29028
CYO Lunch-Fried Bay Scallops1204.503808
CYO Lunch-Garlic Shrimp Scampi70416400
CYO Lunch-Garlic-Grilled Shrimp Skewer501.501600
CYO Lunch-Hand-Breaded Shrimp13070.55307
Cajun Chicken Linguini Alfredo-Full Portion1,39066252,830109
Cajun Chicken Linguini Alfredo-Half Portion72034131,47055
Crab Linguini Alfredo-Full Portion1,58089363,780127
Crab Linguini Alfredo-Half Portion81046191,94064
Crunch-Fried Fish Sandwich7303791,54067
Crunchy Popcorn Shrimp Lunch380181.51,41038
Fried Farm-Raised Catfish Lunch230101.52703
Fried Flounder Lunch310151.574017
Garlic Shrimp Scampi Lunch13081.59900
Hand-Battered Fish and Chips – Lunch270916706
Hand-Breaded Shrimp Lunch21011186011
Maple-Glazed Chicken Lunch2002.50.532017
Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Alfredo-Lunch1,17067282,92076
Roasted Vegetable Skewers Lunch8503082,580127
Sailor’s Platter29091.51,3005
Seafood-Stuffed Flounder Lunch17051.56105
Shrimp Linguini Alfredo-Full Portion1,13049172,890108
Shrimp Linguini Alfredo-Half Portion5902691,50054
Shrimp and Wood-Grilled Chicken-Hand-Breaded Shrimp2501017907
Shrimp and Wood-Grilled Chicken-Shrimp Scampi19071.59000
Shrimp and Wood-Grilled Chicken-Shrimp Skewer1704.50.54200
Wood-Grilled Burger810542076041
Wood-Grilled Shrimp Skewers10030.53100
Wood-Grilled Southwest Chicken Sandwich85047121,54063
Wood-Grilled Tacos with Grilled Shrimp430163.51,55047
Wood-Grilled Tacos with Grilled Tilapia5102161,18041

Lunch Specials

Shrimp-and-Lobster Quesadilla66030171,75066

Kids’ Menu

Broiled Fish-Kids140203801
Chicken Fingers-Kids3502021,11021
Garlic-Grilled Shrimp Skewer-Kids600.50490<1
Grilled Chicken12030.52600
Macaroni and Cheese-Kids2807259042
Popcorn Shrimp-Kids1909170019
Snow Crab Legs-Kids90107900


Carrot Cake600361257063
Chocolate Wave1,4908125950172
Key Lime Pie580221245088
New York-Style Cheesecake with Strawberries590412539048
Strawberries and Cream in a Jar43015916070
Surf’s Up Sundae170964520
Warm Apple Crostada670321655085
Warm Chocolate Chip Lava Cookie1,0705123470142

Accompaniments & Additions

Add Petite Shrimp to Your Salad15001100
Baked Potato2000.5031043
Blue Cheese Crumbles80642001
Caesar Salad270214.556013
Cheddar Bay Biscuit® (each)15082.535016
Creamy Langostino Lobster Baked Potato350134.569046
Creamy Langostino Lobster Mashed Potatoes37022101,00030
Crispy Red Potatoes20090.51,02026
French Fries360171.532047
Fresh Asparagus6031.52705
Fresh Broccoli40001608
Garden Salad1005216010
Garlic-Grilled Shrimp Skewer Add-On220411,01031
Home-Style Mashed Potatoes21010662027
Maine Lobster Tail Add-On600.504900
Petite Green Beans451.512505
Roasted Vegetable Medley35101706
Snow Crab Legs Add-On90107900
Wild Rice Pilaf1603.5152030

Dressings & Sauces

100% Pure Melted Butter3503823302
Add Butter to Baked Potato90106801
Add Sour Cream to Baked Potato302.51.5101
Blue Cheese Dressing240264.52602
Blueberry Balsamic Vinaigrette8040.517011
Caesar Dressing2803055601
Cocktail Sauce40004809
French Dressing1601423909
Honey Mustard Dressing190172.52508
Jalapeño Ranch Dressing and Dipping Sauce200213.54302
Marinara Sauce251.502403
Pico de Gallo10001602
Pina Colada Sauce80432012
Pineapple Salsa Topping40003409
Ranch Dressing160162.53803
Red Wine Vinaigrette50302706
Tartar Sauce1901931706
Thousand Island Dressing2002031806

Additional Limited-Time Selections

Crab and Roasted-Garlic Seafood Bake68045113,50011
Seaport Lobster and Shrimp560183.53,86040

Regional Appetizers & Soups

Batterfried Crawfish1,2808181,65099
Buffalo Chicken Wings5503582,6304
Fried Oysters630333.570067
Manhattan Clam Chowder-Bowl160211,42025
Oysters on the Half Shell, Full Dozen1002.512507
Seafood Gumbo-Bowl4701752,37051
Steamed Clams7903261,72055

Regional Dinner Entrees

Batterfried Walleye Dinner790494.51,47035
Broiled Walleye Dinner2603.515400
CYO Combo – Batterfried Crawfish750474.51,48049
CYO Combo – Fried Oysters590323.51,10058
Fried Walleye Dinner5902931,52012

Regional Lunch Entrees

Beer-Battered Canadian Walleye Lunch35021260012
Blackened Canadian Walleye Lunch1503.50.52005
Broiled Canadian Walleye Lunch1301.502700
CYO Lunch-Batterfried Crawfish420262.583028
Fried Canadian Walleye Lunch290151.57606

Healthy Eating Options

If you’re looking for something less than 550 calories, try the Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp, or the 420 calorie Crispy Fried Beans which you can combine with other appetizers. Also, the majority of their soups and salads like the New England Clam Chowder and the Lobster Bisque have less than 450 calories.

If you want to know more about Red Lobster nutrition you may want to visit their official website.