Yo Sushi Calories and Nutrition Facts

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We have a large number of food restaurants in India but the most popular ones are Japanese restaurants, Indian restaurants and Chinese restaurants. Amongst all of these, the Japanese restaurants are the most popular one and it is not because of their delicious food, but it is because of their unique style and interior design.

There are lots of food restaurants in India which are designed according to the Japanese theme, but Yo Sushi is the most popular one among all. If you are a Japanese food lover, then this restaurant is a perfect place to spend your time.

Yo Sushi is one of the popular and best Japanese restaurants in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Chandigarh. There are many other Japanese food restaurants in the country but Yo Sushi is one of the best Japanese restaurants in the city.

The restaurant has a unique and amazing design, which will give you the Japanese taste. In the middle of the restaurant, there is a fountain which makes you feel the cool breeze and you will get a refreshing feeling. The staff is very polite and well-mannered, they will take care of you.

In the restaurant, you will find a lot of delicious food items. There are different types of sushi and sashimi available and you will find an authentic Japanese meal in the menu.

If you are a vegetarian and a vegan, then Yo Sushi is the best place to eat your favorite food. There is a special menu for the vegans and vegetarians.

If you are a lover of Japanese culture, then you will love the whole experience at Yo Sushi.

Yo Sushi Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
SO Chicken Teriyaki with Brown Rice, Large Plate56017g
Chicken Fried Rice3604.5g
Prawn Katsu Curry, Large Plate76017g
Chicken Katsu Curry, Takeaway56015g
Kickin' Salmon Roll21013g
Custard Dorayaki1402g
Chicken Teriyaki3009g
SO Shiitake Mushroom Ramen Rice2302g
Japanese Fried Chicken38026g
Curry Chicken Ramen, Large75034g
Inari Pocket1001g
Yasai Temaki Hand Roll1507g
Apple Gyoza & Salted Miso Caramel1202g
Avocado Maki2007g
Beef Curry Ramen, Takeaway41012g
SO Pumpkin Katsu Curry with Brown Rice, Large Plate57019g
SO Prawn Katsu Curry with Salad, Large Plate39018g
SO Curry Chicken Ramen Rice, Large119031g
Crispy Salmon Skin Hand Roll1002.5g
Spicy Chicken Katsu Roll Platter4206g
Prawn Gyoza1508g
Edamame Salad1206g
Tofu Katsu Curry, Large79016g
Gold Roll2104.5g
Panko Prawn Nigiri1202.5g
Chicken Yakisoba2305g
Chicken Katsu Burger48029g
Chicken Katsu23012g
SO Prawn Katsu Curry with Brown Rice, Large Plate53018g
Kickin' Salmon Roll Platter62034g
Salmon Fried Rice3606g
Chocolate Mochi2407g
SO Tofu Katsu Curry with Brown Rice, Large57017g
Fish Bento Box, Takeaway48014g
Spicy Pepper Cauliflower1508g
Tuna Maki1801.5g
Strawberry Cheesecake Mochi1905g
Yasai Roll Platter50016g
Chicken Katsu1609g
Spicy Pepper Squid21012g
Chicken Katsu Curry52018g
Goma Salad, Takeaway1107g
Yasai Roll1705g
Avocado Maki1304.5g
SO Beef Teriyaki with Salad, Large Plate53032g
Fresh Fruit, Takeaway60
Salmon Sashimi1107g
Vegetable Gyoza, 5 Piece1906g
Dessert Platter60027g
California ISO1406g
Fish Roll Box, Takeaway43016g
Pumpkin Katsu Curry, Large Plate79018g
Blossom Roll2006g
Spicy Seafood Ramen2706g
SO Chicken Katsu Curry with Salad, Large Plate57030g
Side of Brown Rice2001.5g
Salmon Maki1903g
Vegetable Yakisoba2002.5g
SO Chicken Teriyaki with Noodles, Large Plate75021g
Albacore Tuna Tataki & Ponzu903g
Stir Fried Pak Choi & Garlic907g
SO Beef Teriyaki with Brown Rice Large Plate67032g
Tofu Katsu Curry46012g
Meat Bento Box, Takeaway43011g
Chicken Teriyaki, Large Plate78016g
Miso Baked Aubergine700.5g
Hokkaido Scallop Katsu28010g
California Hand Roll18011g
Aromatic Duck Roll2202.5g
Chicken Avocado Roll21011g
Spicy Seafood Ramen, Large47013g
Inari Taco1707g
Miso Soup501.5g
Dragon Roll21010g
Japanese Cheesecake20016g
Chicken Katsu Curry52016g
Aubergine Salad804g
Noodles Side1903g
Prawn Katsu Curry44012g
Aburi Salmon Nigiri1104g
Chicken & Tangerine Salad1504g
Chicken Teriyaki25012g
Fresh Crab & Mango ISO1504.5g
SO Shiitake Mushroom Ramen Rice, Large8106g
Shiitake Mushroom Ramen2204.5g
Pumpkin Katsu1507g
Coriander Seared Tuna Sashimi904g
SO Chicken Teriyaki with Salad, Large Plate42017g
Side Salad351g
Pumpkin Katsu Curry41032g
Spicy Chicken Katsu Roll1502g
SO Spicy Seafood Ramen Rice, Large91010g
Japple Pie36016g
Chicken Katsu Curry, Large Plate94029g
Salmon & Avocado Temaki Hand Roll1609g
Korean Fried Chicken39015g
Vegetable Gyoza1306g
Chicken Gyoza1408g
Tenderstem & Sesame14011g
Beef Curry Ramen, Rice36010g
Beef Curry Ramen38010g
Beetroot Cured Salmon Sashimi1107g
Glazed Aubergine Nigiri70
Seared Beef Nigiri1102g
SO Chicken Katsu Curry with Brown Rice, Large Plate71030g
Crunchy California Roll Platter68037g
White Rice Side300
Prawn Katsu1707g
Kaiso Gunkan1102.5g
SO Chicken Katsu Curry with Noodles, Large Plate90034g
Cucumber Maki1500.5g
Albacore Tuna Nigiri & Truffle901g
Miso Soup601.5g
Popcorn Shrimp35020g
Chicken Yakisoba2607g
J Dog42019g
SO Tofu Katsu Curry with Salad, Large42017g
Edamame, Takeaway1607g
Vegetable Fried Rice3507g
Blossom Roll2006g
Japanese Sea Bass Ceviche1007g
Curry Chicken Ramen41016g
Kimchee Salmon Bun29015g
Salmon Ponzu Salsa Sashimi1006g
Meat Roll Box, Takeaway2506g
Beef Teriyaki, Large Plate90031g
Chicken Gyoza, 5 Piece2109g
Miso Dumpling Ramen, Rice2804.5g
California Temaki23015g
Maki Box, Takeaway4908g
Tofu Katsu1506g
Chocolate Brownie36023g
SO Pumpkin Katsu Curry with Noodles, Large Plate76024g
Chicken Teriyaki Burger27010g
Chicken Gyoza1206g
Beef Teriyaki31022g
Crispy Salmon Skin ISO1102.5g
Mushroom Teriyaki Burger2108g
Avocado Nigiri1105g
Tuna Mayo Roll1303g
Shiitake Mushroom Ramen, Large3709g
Fresh Fruit Plate60
Dorayaki Pancake1301.5g
SO Beef Teriyaki with Noodles, Large Plate87036g
Nigiri Platter3108g
YO! Roll1605g
Tuna Nigiri901g
Harusame Aubergine1106g
Chocolate Pot25012g
Salmon Nigiri1002.5g
Cucumber Maki90
Prawn Star Roll24011g
Chicken Avocado Roll Platter66036g
Crunchy Prawn Roll1303g
SO Pumpkin Katsu Curry with Salad, Large Plate42019g
SO Curry Chicken Ramen Rice42014g
Crunchy California Roll28017g
Nigiri & Maki Selection2904.5g
Kaiso Seaweed1805g
SO Spicy Seafood Ramen Rice2804g
Duck Gyoza1304.5g
Beef & Garlic Teriyaki2306g
SO Tofu Katsu Curry with Noodles, Large76022g
Dynamite Roll20010g
YO! Fries41022g
Nigiri Selection1602g
Tuna Sashimi903g
Beef Tataki1003.5g
Beef Tataki Salad, Takeaway23011g
Beef Tataki1608g
Salmon Selection Platter57017g
Mixed Maki Plate2005g
SO Prawn Katsu Curry with Noodles, Large Plate73022g
Ginza Roll21011g
Chicken Teriyaki, Takeaway64010g
Prawn Gyoza, 5 Piece22010g


Yo Sushi is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Chandigarh. If you are looking for a Japanese restaurant in Delhi, then this is the place to visit.