CiCi’s Pizza Nutrition

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Food Name
cals (kcal)
Sat Fat (g)
Trans Fat (g)
Chole (mg)
Sod (mg)
Carbs (g)
Fiber (g)
Prot (g)

12” Buffet Pizza

Alfredo – Buffet Pizza1201.50<51701914
BBQ Buffet Pizza1601.50103102517
Bacon Cheddar – Buffet Pizza1201.5052702016
Beef Buffet Pizza16020103602117
Buffalo Chicken – Buffet Pizza1401.5153401915
Cheese Buffet Pizza1501.50102402016
Classic Chicken – Buffet Pizza1401.5052501915
Deepdish Pepperoni16020102801916
Garlic Bread Sticks – Medium11010019014<13
Ham & Pineapple – Buffet Pizza1501052402115
Ham – Buffet Pizza1401052402015
Mac & Cheese – Buffet Pizza17010<52102815
Ole’ – Buffet Pizza901052701115
Pepperoni & Beef17020103502117
Pepperoni & Jalapeno – Buffet Pizza16020103002016
Pepperoni & Sausage18020103702117
Pepperoni – Buffet Pizza16020102702016
Pepperoni Flip150201035015<14
Red Sauce Veggie – Buffet Pizza1401052102015
Sausage – Buffet Pizza1501.5052702016
Spinach Alfredo – Buffet Pizza1201.50<51701914
Tomato Alfredo – Buffet Pizza1301.50<52001915
Zesty Ham & Cheddar – Buffet Pizza1301052401915
Zesty Pepperoni – Buffet Pizza1401.50102501915
Zesty Veggie – Buffet Pizza13010<52102014

Italiano Pizzas

Italiano Garlic9010<510010<13
Italiano Pepperoni Sausage1001.5052101114
Italiano Veggie9010<51401113
The Meltdown Italiano1001.50515011<13

15” To-Go Pizzas

Alfredo To-Go Pizza1702.50102702316
Bacon Cheddar1402.50154102518
Buffalo Chicken1902.51155302318
Classic Chicken19021153802418
Deepdish Pepperoni – Buffet Pizza21030153902218
Garlic Bread Sticks – Large11010019014<13
Ham & Pineapple2102.50154202619
Mac & Cheese21020103003416
Pepperoni & Jalapeno21030154902418
Red Sauce Veggie1902.50103202517
Spinach Alfredo17021102602316
Tomato Alfredo1702.50103002416
Zesty Ham & Cheddar1801.51104102318
Zesty Pepperoni19031154002317
Zesty Veggie15010<52602415

Soup Bread Pasta & Salads

Chicken Noodle Soup500055306<12
CiCi’s Garlic Parmesan Knots12010<52101514
Italian Signature Salad350.50<53003<11
Pasta Salad19010<54402911
Pasta with Red Sauce1300003002621


BBQ Wing Sauce600004101211
Hot Wing Sauce250001410510
Mild Wing Sauce1503009102<10
Oven Roasted Wings250501457900025


Apple Dessert2401101604315
Bavarian Dessert1003007019<12
Cinnamon Rolls1301009520<12
Fudge Brownies1401001252311