Joe’s Crab Shack Nutrition

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Joe’s Crab Shack offers guests a combination of seafood and American cuisine, all made from the finest ingredients. Aside from offering a variety of meals, a look at Joe’s Crab Shack nutrition will indicate there are options available for the health conscious.

  • Bean Town Baked Steampot: 1470 calories, 78 g of fat, 705 mg cholesterol
  • Big Hook Up Platter with Sides: 2750 calories, 168 g of fat, 330 mg cholesterol
  • Caribbean Feast Platter: 1280 calories, 58 g of fat, 385 mg cholesterol
  • Crab Cake Dinner with Sides: 1470 calories, 105 g of fat, 260 mg cholesterol
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Food Name
Cals (kcal)
Tot Fat (g)
Sat Fat (g)
Trans Fat (g)
Sod (mg)
Carb (g)
Fiber (g)
Prot (g)


Bucket of Shrimp 121902.50024009130.63
Bucket of Shrimp 182703.500332010147
Crab Stuffed Mushrooms80040171.5205076541
Mozzarella Sticks71036140.5156068630
Clam Strips79063110101037117
Crazy Good Crab Dip128083311.5158094543
Joe’s Stuffers123091421348073331
Crab Nachos2030145491.527201341158
Garlicky Mussels8804297198081446
Double Dip128081311.5181099741
New England Clam Chowder – Bowl32017100119026213
New England Clam Chowder – Cup250138093022210
Great Balls of Fire104071211262077727
Crispy Calamari12408718167073441
Classic Sampler1650116342183099652
Fried Oysters1060641201710104918
Big Easy Bites1130641324150107631


Crab Cake Chipotle Caesar Salad97073200267053927
Chicken Fried Salad950521601780751252
Caesar Salad4503790111018513
Caesar Salad – Chicken67046110158018547
Caesar Salad – Shrimp53038100210019528
Caesar Side Salad220184.50540826
House Side Salad1207302501026


Maui Mahi6802873.5340049856
Redfish Orleans85043210.5252049261
Southern Style Catfish15709718041001451236
Get Stuffed Snapper1030651910251047461
Grilled Sunset Salmon89045104365066853
Fish & Chips1900125230.542601591441
Red Fish Pontchartrain1090752116207044559
Blackened Red Fish7103687137043652

Shore to Please

Steak & Malibu Shrimp6602260191048568
Shrimp Pasta Alfredo1650853613980158870
Crab Cake Dinner14701092114342082942
Crawfish Half & Half96053170203081436
Skillet Paella192085240.5533018911102
Out of Water
Joe’s Steak Deal7103280126053853
Homestyle Chicken Tenders166010318041901271164
Cheesy Chicken149093441.52340108756

Big Platters

The Big Hook Up3280205501.576102652599
Third Coast Platter1620112531399064286
Big Shrimp Platter185010427058101701962
East Coast Platter247018241155901461165
Shrimp Trio1130571903030911265
Seaside Platter2140131250.553401881557
Fisherman’s Platter230015732153601671456
Caribbean Feast1290612303220971490

Buckets of Crab

*Snow Crab470400103068742.33
*Queen Crab44030082068735
*Dungeness Crab47031059069741
*King Crab430300142068733
*Crab Daddy Feast500410137069747
*Lobster Daddy Feast580410142069766
Dipping Butter400441014360000
Fire Grilled601.50077801023
Garlic Herb50001500.010.02
Joe’s Famous BBQ500.5007940912
Spicy Boil500.02095010.010.01
*Excluding side of butter


The Orleans13106516143930728105
Ragin’ Cajun11606316146970881061
Samuel Adams Steampot1180741914240072754
The KJ Steampot1330851925263077754
Arctic Bay Steampot1260751914446070773
The Great Barrier16601122725387079773
Bean Town Bake14707820144170737113
Joe’s Classic Steampot1200751914307070759
*Joe’s Classic Steampot For 21200751914307070759
Sunset Fire Grilled Steampot12607519141018080964
*Sunset Fire Grilled Steampot For 212607519141018080964
*Nutritionals for 1 serving

On the Bun

Chicken Club Sandwich – Blackened990712214132036251
Chicken Club Sandwich – Grilled79049177173036251
Chipotle Bacon Cheeseburger97064238243047348
Crab Cake Sandwich810611210149040322
Joe’s Surf ‘n Turf Burger130093292255065450
Blackened Mahi Sandwich78053128109038254

Shrimp & Lots of It

Grilled Malibu Shrimp5401940240055539
Fish & Shrimp14108616043801331131
Crispy Jumbo Shrimp14808115050001621230
Crab Stuffed Shrimp7103783.5275048543
Popcorn Shrimp13107815047501251129
Jumbo Coconut Shrimp16809730040701502457
Southern Stuffed Shrimp107059270401081350


Chocolate Shack Attack15306329016602251017
Crabby Apple Crumble140051300600227411
Key Lime Wave123055380460162223
Sea Turtle Sundae124057250960167615


Lunch Chicken Fried Salad950521601780751252
Lunch Coconut Shrimp11506721025701031638
Lunch Fish & Chips1610109200.530401251036

Surf Side & Add ons

Coconut Shrimp4902811073037724
Fried Shrimp4002040130042211
Popcorn Shrimp310183.50117024110
Add Grilled Shrimp280510146037120
Add Snow Crab26023575200011.77
Add Dungeness Crab26023574001013
Add Queen Crab27023575700013
Onion Strings51039805003525
French Fries590306024807588
Broccoli Florets75.435.811.220109.456.163.073.06
Cheesy New Potatoes2501590.56701929
Dirty Rice170.872.560.970603.1229.910.894.77
Ear of Corn601001701422
Hush Puppies (8 each)80035602210109514


Captain’s Catch129085180.52060100833
Cheesy Mac26093203518
Chicken Dippers460315070021127
Fish Fingers84062120104049322
Mini Beach Burgers7104218175054228
Rockin’ Popcorn Shrimp5004180112021112
Shrimply Grilled Shrimp31081.50150040321
Mini Steampot390154.50106035329
Kid’s Snow Crab901003507113
French Fries30015304403844
Corn on the Cob300005711
Apple Sauce9000002410
Celery & Ranch150132.50350622
Strawberry Sundae2901490603913
Chocolate Sundae3401490855004
Paint a Crab3506203007512

Healthy Eating Options

Most of the popular foods in Joe’s Crab Shack have less than 400 calories, such as Bucket of Dungeness Crab, bucket of Snow Crab, Joe’s Classic Steampot and a Bucket of King Crab. The King Crab bucket also just has 3 g of fat and 68 g of carbs.

If you’re interested in getting more information about Joe’s Crab Shack nutrition please go to their official website.