YC’S Mongolian Grill Calories and Nutrition Facts

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What is YC’s Mongolian Grill restaurant?

Mongolian Grill is a fast food restaurant which offers delicious and spicy food items. It was founded by Yum Brands Inc. in 1980s and in 1996 it was acquired by the famous fast food company. The Yum brands include KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and others.

What is the best way to cook the food?

The chefs at YC’s Mongolian Grill prepare the food using the best quality ingredients and they try to make it taste the best. It is a well-known fact that the taste of the food depends upon the ingredients. So, when you visit the restaurant, try to order the food which has the best taste.

What is the menu offered by YC’s Mongolian Grill restaurant?

The menu of the restaurant is full of variety and you will find different types of dishes. There are different categories of dishes in the menu. If you search the menu online you will get to know what the different dishes are.

What is the cost of the food at YC’s Mongolian Grill?

The price of the food at YC’s Mongolian Grill is reasonable. The cost of the food will vary according to the number of people who are eating. You can order the food by sitting in the restaurant or ordering it online.

Is the food safe to eat?

Yes, the food is completely safe to eat. They use only the best quality ingredients to make the food and the recipes are prepared by the best chefs. So, don’t be afraid to eat the food.

Is it worth visiting the YC’s Mongolian Grill restaurant?

It is definitely a must visit place for everyone because of the delicious and spicy food items. The food is prepared by the best chefs and the taste will definitely impress you.

YC’S Mongolian Grill Calories and Nutrition Facts

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Lemongrass Thai Sauce30
Vinegar Sauce4
Orange Sauce801g
Hunan Sauce321g0.5g
Pomegranate Hoisin Sauce503g1.5g
Cod Fish12026g1g
Water Chestnuts20
Rice, Brown1102g1g
Soy Sauce, Gluten Free101g
Chicken Wonton Soup705g2g
Chicken, White Meat19035g4g
Rice Noodles1001g
Cajun Seasoning
Black Bean Sauce201g
Sweet & Sour Sauce50
Garlic Sauce361g1g
White Rice1202g
Blackening Mix
Udon Noodles904g
Noodles, Udon904g
Soy Sauce151g
Hot Mustard401g3.5g
Garlic, Minced15
Marco Polo Sauce501g1.5g
Non-Fat Vanilla Frozen Yogurt801g
Cooking Rice Wine15
Celery, Raw10
Kikkoman Soy Sauce, Gluten Free101g
Spicy Hunan Sauce301g
Sweet And Sour Sauce, For Chips50
Wheat Noodles1104g1g
Green Curry Sauce501g2.5g
Green Onions201g
Fish, Cod12026g1g
Spicy Thai Sauce251g
Bell Pepper151g
Kimlan Ponlai Soy Sauce151g
Raw Cabbage91g
Spicy Beef Soup353g1.5g
Raw Celery10
Yc's Own Sauce301g
Bean Sprouts302g
Chocolate Frozen Yogurt801g
Fried Wontons1905g5g
Wontons, Fried1905g5g
Lemon Pepper
Kikkiman Soy Sauce, Lower Sodium101g
Sesame Oil Sauce24026g
Cooked Cod13529g1g
Spicy Panang Curry Sauce801g5g
Seafood Sauce302g
Peanuts, Raw32015g28g
Brown Rice1102g1g
Ginger Sauce162g
Bangkok Seasoning5
Chili Oil12014g
Chicken Vegetable Soup302g0.5g
Curry Sauce151g
Sweet And Sour Sauce50
Baby Corn10
Green Onions, Raw201g
White Meat Turkey17734g4g
Chicken, Dark Meat22027g12g
Noodles, Wheat1104g0.5g
Chicken, Light Meat19035g4g
Minced Garlic15
Noodles, Rice1001g
Raw Green Onions161g
Rice, White1202g
Sesame Oil12014g
Chef's Favorite Soup352g1.5g
Chicken Thigh Meat21826g12g
Vanilla Frozen Yogurt801g
Chinese Cabbage51g
Wine Sauce70.5g
Red Thai Curry Peanut Sauce802g6g
Non-Fat Chocolate Frozen Yogurt801g


If you are a foodie then you will surely love the food at YC’s Mongolian Grill. The taste of the food will satisfy your hunger and the chefs will make the food tasty for you. So, why are you waiting? Order the food and enjoy your meal.