YaYa’s Flame Broiled Chicken Calories and Nutrition Facts

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What Is Yayas Restaurant And Why Should You Try It Out

Everyone loves a restaurant and they have been visiting different restaurants and enjoying their food. Some restaurants are famous for their cuisine, while others are famous for their ambiance. The ambiance of the restaurant is the background music, decoration and other things.

There are many types of restaurants and people choose the one that suits them. Some of them are famous for their food and some for their ambiance. If you are visiting a city for the first time or if you want to taste something new then try Yayas restaurant.

Yayas restaurant is a modern Indian restaurant located in Gurgaon. It is a famous restaurant that serves delicious food and has an amazing ambience. If you visit the restaurant you will find a huge crowd, and the ambiance is good.

If you love spicy foods, then Yayas restaurant will be perfect for you. The chefs cook Indian food according to the requests of the customers. They use the best ingredients and fresh spices to make a delicious dish.

The restaurant is known for its amazing atmosphere and their food. It has a unique touch of Indian culture and makes you feel like you are in India. The ambiance of the restaurant is very good, and the interior design is classy.

Yayas restaurant has different sections where you can enjoy your meal. You can have a dinner there or you can choose to eat at the bar. You will find different types of dishes there, and each of them will be served with a smile.

The menu of the restaurant includes all kinds of Indian foods, like vegetarian, non-vegetarian, seafood and meat. You can order a variety of dishes and snacks, and they will be delivered to you on time.

You can order a starter, main course and dessert to complete your meal. The service staff of the restaurant is friendly and will ensure that your meal is served on time.

If you are looking for a new restaurant and want to have a good time, then Yayas is the place for you. Their staff is well-mannered and will provide you with a great service.

They offer a wide variety of cuisines, and you will get a taste of the authentic Indian food. The ambience of the restaurant is very nice and you will enjoy your food.

YaYa’s Flame Broiled Chicken Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Caesar Wrap without Dressing39032g12g
Honey Butter706g
Chicken Breast without Skin15032g4g
Chicken Bacon Sandwich with Dressing64037g35g
Chicken Caesar Salad without Dressing16029g4g
Brown Rice Pilaf1704g1g
Original Wrap without Dressing32027g8g
Shredded Chicken Sandwich without dressing32029g11g
Southwest Sandwich with Dressing65033g38g
Corn and Peppers2005g6g
Thai Bowl46050g22g
Chicken Breast Sandwich without dressing41042g7g
BBQ Wrap39049g13g
Cole Slaw1902g13g
Chicken Noodle Soup, Cup1305g2.5g
Thai Peanut Wrap with Dressing57032g28g
Chicken Bacon Wrap with Dressing64038g36g
BBQ Bowl with Sauce65059g22g
Regular Asian Salad with Dressing29025g2.5g
Rice and Bean Wrap without Dressing44050g19g
Regular Southwest Salad with Dressing47026g34g
Mac & Cheese Bowl54039g22g
Mixed Vegetables302g0.5g
Mashed Potato Bowl66036g33g
Southwest Bowl with Dressing73047g45g
Potato Salad1803g10g
Asian Bowl with Sauce56046g12g
Shredded Chicken408g1.5g
Pita Bread2007g4g
Chicken Noodle Soup, Bowl2006g3g
Yukon Gold Mash Potatoes without Gravy1803g10g
Southwest Wrap with Dressing65031g39g
Chicken Thigh19021g11g
Chicken Leg8014g3.5g
Chicken Breast20034g8g
Rice Bowl with Sauce58056g23g
Barbecue Chicken Sandwich without Dressing32033g4g
Chicken Wing8010g3.5g
Thai Sandwich with Dressing57034g27g
Chicken Caesar Sandwich without dressing38035g1.5g
Baked Beans1706g1g
Asian Sandwich with Dressing47032g4g
Fat Free Ranch Dressing601g
YAYA's Salad Dressing2501g25g
Garden Salad151g
Regular Thai Salad with Dressing40028g23g
Yukon Gold Mash Potatoes with Gravy2204g12g
Caesar Salad Dressing2802g29g
Fat Free Raspberry Dressing40
Mac & Cheese2108g9g
Asian Wrap with Dressing47030g5g
Chicken Salad without Dressing15024g4g


If you want to enjoy your meal in a different way and want to taste the best Indian food then visit Yayas restaurant. The ambiance of the restaurant is very nice, and the service is excellent. The food is delicious and the interior is very classy.