Tillamook Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Tillamook Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Tillamookies – Chocolate Hazelnut2103g10g
Whole Milk Greek Yogurt – Clover Honey17012g5g
Vanilla Bean Yogurt1509g2g
Special Batch Gelato – Oregon Hazelnut Chocolate2905g18g
Chocolaty Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream2403g12g
Tillabar – Salted Caramel Swirl2503g17g
Whole Milk Greek Yogurt – Meyer Lemon Pear15012g5g
Cheese Slice – Muenster1007g8g
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream2404g14g
Tillamookies – Salted Caramel2303g10g
Shredded Cheese – Cheddar Jack1106g9g
Tillamookies – Vanilla Bean2103g10g
Cheese Slice – Pepper Jack1308g11g
California Peach Yogurt1509g2g
Cheese Slice – Baby Swiss806g7g
Key Lime Yogurt1509g2g
Oregon Marionberry Yogurt1509g2g
Lowfat Greek Yogurt – Washington Raspberry14014g2g
Mudslide Ice Cream2504g15g
Shredded Cheese – Sharp White Cheddar1206g10g
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream2104g13g
Mountain Huckleberry Yogurt1509g2g
Cheese Slice – Medium Cheddar1408g12g
Tillabar – Lemonilla2302g14g
Vanilla Chocolate Chip Ice Cream2404g14g
Whole Milk Greek Yogurt – Strawberry Black Currant15012g5g
Oregon Dark Cherry Yogurt1509g2g
Extra Sharp White Cheddar Cheese1206g10g
Plain & Simple Yogurt15015g3.5g
Extra Sharp White Cheddar1107g9g
Salted Butterscotch Ice Cream1603g9g
Oregon Dark Cherry Ice Cream1603g9g
Sharp Cheddar Cheese1206g10g
Medium White Cheddar Cheese1206g10g
Oregon Blueberry Yogurt1509g2g
Pepper Jack Cheese1106g9g
Lowfat Greek Yogurt – Oregon Strawberry14014g2g
Hood River Pear Yogurt1609g2g
Nonfat Greek Yogurt – Oregon Marionberry12013g
Cinnamon Horchata Ice Cream1603g9g
Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese1206g10g
Shredded Cheese – Medium Cheddar1206g10g
Cheese Slice – Medium White905g7g
French Vanilla Yogurt1509g2g
Smoked Black Pepper White Cheddar1206g10g
Cheese Stick – Medium Cheddar905g7g
Whole Milk Greek Yogurt – Northwest Blackberry15012g5g
Malted Moo Shake Ice Cream1803g10g
Tillamoos – Sharp White Cheddar905g7g
Unsalted Sweet Cream Butter10011g
Salted Sweet Cream Butter10011g
Tillamoos – Medium Cheddar905g7g
Special Batch Gelato – Chocolate Covered Strawberry2604g12g
Jam-Packed Sugar Cookie Ice Cream1603g8g
Special Batch Gelato – Salted Caramel Toffee2803g13g
Kosher Medium Cheddar Cheese1206g10g
Lemon Squeeze Yogurt1509g2g
Special Batch Ice Cream – Frosted Carrot Cake2604g16g
Shredded Cheese – Colby Jack1106g8g
Shredded Cheese – Italian Blend908g6g
Sharp Cheddar Cheese Slice1206g10g
Sharp Cheddar Cheese – Shredded1206g10g
Oregon Blueberry Patch Ice Cream1502g8g
Medium Cheddar Cheese Slice1206g10g
Special Batch Gelato – Authentic Sweet Cream2204g10g
Tillabar – Old-Fashioned Vanilla2503g17g
Berry Patch Yogurt1509g2g
Lowfat Greek Yogurt – Oregon Blueberry14014g2g
Chocolate Ice Cream1603g10g
Special Batch Gelato – Double Dark Chocolate2705g15g
Lowfat Greek Yogurt – Old-Fashioned Vanilla14014g2g
Special Batch Ice Cream – Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee2103g14g
Washington Raspberry Yogurt1509g2g
Shredded Cheese – Triple Cheddar1206g10g
Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream2505g16g
Special Batch Frozen Custard – California Peach Cobbler2504g14g
Hot Habanero Jack Cheese1106g9g
White Chocolate Raspberry Yum Ice Cream2203g11g
Old-Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream2104g13g
Nonfat Greek Yogurt – Key Lime12013g
Oregon Hazelnut & Salted Caramel Ice Cream1803g11g
Cheese Stick – Colby Jack804g7g
Mountain Huckleberry Ice Cream2103g11g
Lowfat Greek Yogurt – Coffeehouse Blend15014g2g
Tillamookies – Oregon Strawberry2103g9g
Reduced Fat Sour Cream451g3g
French Vanilla Ice Cream2104g12g
Shredded Cheese – Mexican 2 Cheese1106g9g
Smoked Medium Cheddar Cheese1206g10g
Whole Milk Greek Yogurt – Raspberry Fig15012g5g
Special Batch Frozen Custard – Oregon Marionberry Cheesecake2904g15g
Oregon Strawberry Yogurt1609g2g
Sour Cream601g5g
Nonfat Greek Yogurt – Plain & Simple14023g
Cookies & Cream Ice Cream1703g9g
Coffee Almond Fudge Ice Cream1603g10g
Maple Vanilla Yogurt1609g2g
Oregon Strawberry Ice Cream2003g10g
Special Batch Gelato – Toasted Coconut Fudge2804g14g
Lowfat Greek Yogurt – California Peach15014g2g
Cheese Slice – Swiss12010g9g
Rocky Road Ice Cream1703g10g
Cheese Slice – Smoked Black Pepper905g7g
Caramel Toffee Crunch Ice Cream2304g13g
Banana Split Ice Cream1603g9g
Sharp White Cheddar Cheese1206g10g
Fireside S'mores Ice Cream1803g9g
Udderly Chocolate Ice Cream2304g13g
Waffle Cone Swirl Ice Cream1703g10g
Swiss Cheese1008g7g
Marionberry Pie Ice Cream2103g12g
Whole Milk Greek Yogurt – Mexican Vanilla15011g5g
Smoked Extra Sharp White Cheddar Cheese1206g10g
Nonfat Greek Yogurt – Oregon Dark Cherry13013g
Tillabar – Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle2102g14g
Shredded Cheese – Mexican 4 Cheese1106g9g
Monterey Jack Cheese1106g9g
Cheese Slice – Monterey Jack1106g9g
Cheese Slice – Smoked Provolone705g6g
Special Batch Ice Cream – Speculoos Cookie Caramel3004g18g
Special Batch Ice Cream – Cardamom Almond Butter2604g17g
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese806g5g
Cheese Slice – Colby Jack804g7g
Medium Cheddar Cheese1206g10g
Cherry Vanilla Yogurt1509g2g
Caramel Butter Pecan Ice Cream2404g15g
Tillamoos – Hot Habanero Jack805g6g
Garlic White Cheddar Cheese1106g9g
Sharp Cheddar Cheese Really Thin Slices1408g11g
Tillamoos – Smoked Black Pepper905g7g
Garlic Chili Pepper Cheddar Cheese1106g9g
Fresh Cheddar Cheese Curds1107g9g
Special Batch Gelato – Creamy California Pistachio2405g14g
Special Batch Ice Cream – Double Nutty Peanut Butter3507g26g
Tillamookies – Mint Chocolate Chip2203g11g
Medium Cheddar Cheese w/ 2% Milk908g6g
Tillamoos – Colby Jack804g7g
Colby Jack Cheese1106g9g

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