Tim Hortons Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Tim Hortons Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Strawberry Greek Yogurt Parfait25014g5g
Biscuit, Sausage, Egg, Cheese Sandwich53019g35g
Egg White & Cheese English Muffin22013g5g
Strawberry Filled Timbits501g1g
Chocolate Glazed Cake Timbit701g2.5g
Biscuit, Turkey Sausage, Egg White, Cheese Sandwich37021g17g
Long John Donut2505g7g
Raisin Tea Biscuit2806g9g
Everything Bagel30011g3g
Iced Capp w/ Chocolate Milk1603g0.5g
Potato Bacon Cheddar Soup2607g15g
Danish, Maple Pecan3905g21g
Ham & Swiss Sandwich37024g11g
Game Day Vanilla Dip Donut2504g6g
Original Blend Coffee with 1 Cream & 1 Sugar)801g3.5g
Mini Whole Wheat Bun1104g0.5g
Chocolate Glazed Cake Donut2804g14g
Tuscan Chicken Panini42030g15g
Peanut Butter1103g9g
Iced Coffee with Milk451g
Hash Brown1301g7g
Biscuit, Sausage, Egg White, Cheese45020g28g
Birthday Cake Timbit801g3g
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit49020g31g
Maple Flatbread, Bacon, Egg White, Cheese Panini29017g13g
Italian Wedding Soup1306g4g
Vanilla Dip Donut2704g9g
Chocolate White Coconut Cake Donut3204g18g
Old Fashion Dip Donut2504g11g
Plain Cream Cheese Spread1102g10g
Biscuit, Sausage, Egg White, Cheese Sandwich47019g29g
Sausage, Egg White & Cheese English Muffin36018g19g
Maple Flatbread, Steak, Egg White, Cheese Panini28019g10g
Maple Oatmeal2205g2.5g
Boston Cream Filled Donut2205g6g
Chocolate White Coconut Timbits801g4g
Iced Capp with Milk1803g1.5g
Breakfast Panini – Multigrain Flatbread, Sausage, Egg White & Cheese35018g21g
Bagel BELT on 12 Grain Bagel57024g25g
Pretzel Bagel30011g3g
Biscuit, Egg, Cheese36014g18g
Raspberry Filled Donut2004g5g
French Vanilla Cappuccino2504g8g
Chocolate Chip Muffin4206g16g
Iced Latte21010g6g
Toasted Coconut Timbits701g3.5g
Minestrone Soup1204g1g
Strawberry Filled Timbits501g1g
Chocolate Chunk Cookie2102g9g
Decaffeinated Coffee
Maple Cinnamon French Toast Bagel35010g4g
Whole Grain Raspberry Muffin3805g15g
Cheddar Cheese Bagel2109g3g
Trail Mix Cookie w/ Fruit & Nuts2204g8g
Broccoli Cheddar Soup1808g9g
Biscuit, Turkey Sausage, Egg White, Cheese37021g17g
Steak & Cheddar Grilled Breakfast Wrap44022g21g
Chocolate Peanut Crunch Donut3005g17g
Tea w/ Milk & Sugar401g0.4g
Frosted Cinnamon Roll4604g24g
Raspberry Filled Timbits451g1g
Sausage, Egg & Cheese English Muffin41019g24g
Steak Fajita Grilled Wrap43026g20g
Mixed Berry Fruit Smoothie w/o Yogurt130
Raspberry Filled Donut2004g5g
Chocolate Chunk Cookie2403g10g
Lemon Filled Timbits451g1g
Homestyle Biscuit2106g8g
Plain Croissant2806g15g
Honey Dip Timbits451g1g
Danish, Cherry Cheese3204g16g
Oatmeal, Maple2205g2.5g
Whole Wheat Bun2008g1g
Oatmeal, Mixed Berries2106g3g
Mixed Berries Oatmeal2106g3g
Biscuit, Bacon, Egg White, Cheese Sandwich36019g17g
Game Day Supreme Donut2605g6g
Maple Flatbread, Sausage, Egg White, Cheese Panini41017g24g
Chocolate Glazed Timbits701g3g
Breakfast Panini – Multigrain Flatbread, Bacon, Egg & Cheese33018g17g
Ginger Molasses Cookie2102g7g
Iced Capp w/ Milk1503g1.5g
Iced Coffee w/ Chocolate Milk802g0.5g
English Muffin, Bacon, Egg, Cheese Sandwich35018g17g
Double Chocolate Donut2704g14g
Maple Flatbread, Bacon, Egg, Cheese Panini36017g19g
Cheese Croissant3107g17g
Caramel Apple Fritter Donut3007g8g
Mocha Latte1907g6g
Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothie w/o Yogurt130
Bacon, Egg & Cheese English Muffin33017g15g
Breakfast Panini – Multigrain Flatbread, Sausage, Egg & Cheese41019g26g
Creamy Sundried Tomato Soup2105g13g
Beef Noodle Soup1306g1g
Cinnamon Raisin Bagel3009g2g
Triple Chocolate Cookie2302g12g
Venetian Cream Filled Timbits451g1.5g
Lemon Poppyseed Muffin3906g16g
Whole Grain Pecan Banana Bread Muffin3506g11g
Egg & Cheese English Muffin27013g10g
Cherry Cheese Danish3705g16g
Chocolate Dip Yeast Donut1905g7g
Plain Tea Biscuit2405g9g
Cauliflower Cheese Soup1706g12g
BLT Sandwich37015g13g
Honey Cruller Donut3102g18g
Light Plain Cream Cheese Spread1004g8g
Herb & Garlic Cream Cheese Spread1403g13g
Honey Cruller Timbits603g
Mocha Iced Coffee2102g9g
Dutchie Timbits501g1.5g
Mixed Berry Fruit Smoothie w/ Yogurt1502g1g
Egg White & Cheese Biscuit30014g12g
Grilled Cheese Panini49024g18g
Biscuit, Steak, Egg White, Cheese Sandwich34021g14g
Cinnamon Roll, Glazed3507g13g
Flavor Shot
White Hot Chocolate2601g9g
Double Chocolate Donut2704g15g
Cherry Filled Donut2005g6g
Strawberry Vanilla Filled Donut2905g8g
Double Chocolate Cookie with Peanut Butter Filling3605g20g
Chocolate Latte1806g6g
Old Fashion Glazed Timbits701g2.5g
Oatmeal Raisin Spice Cookie2203g9g
Chicken Noodle Soup1004g2.5g
Sausage, Egg White & Cheese Biscuit43019g26g
Bagel BELT50023g17g
Grilled Cheese Panini46014g29g
Croissant, Plain2806g15g
Danish, Cherry Cheese3705g16g
Vanilla Greek Yogurt Parfait25014g5g
Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate3607g13g
Biscuit, Bacon, Egg White, Cheese35019g17g
French Onion Soup23010g9g
Raspberry Filled Timbits451g1g
Danish, Maple Pecan4007g19g
English Muffin, Steak, Egg, Cheese Sandwich33020g14g
Toasted Coconut Donut2904g13g
Chicken Ranch Wrap Snacker19012g6g
Buffalo Chicken Panini52036g16g
Chocolate Peanut Crunch Timbits801g4g
Apple Fritter Timbits501g1.5g
Strawberry Cream Cheese Spread1102g9g
Chocolate Toasted Coconut Cake Donut3104g16g
Toasted Coconut Donut2904g13g
Egg & Cheese Wrap25012g12g
Onion Bagel29010g2g
Coffee Mocha1701g6g
Clam Chowder1909g7g
BBQ Chicken Wrap Snacker19012g4.5g
Biscuit, Turkey Sausage, Egg, Cheese Sandwich43021g23g
English Toffee Cappuccino2404g7g
Apple Fritter2907g8g
Honey Cruller3102g18g
Maple Pecan Danish4007g19g
Cinnamon Sugar Donut2203g10g
Sausage & Biscuit38011g24g
French Vanilla Cappuccino2404g7g
Apple Cider210
Flavored Iced Latte21010g6g
Old Fashioned Plain Donut2103g10g
Black Tea
Strawberry Double Chocolate Donut3104g15g
Hearty Vegetable Soup804g
Biscuit, Bacon, Egg, Cheese42019g23g
Whole Grain Blueberry Muffin3505g14g
Biscuit, Turkey Sausage, Egg, Cheese43021g23g
Chocolate Glazed Donut2804g14g
Blueberry Danish3806g16g
Iced Coffee w/ Milk702g1g
Crispy Chicken Sandwich49019g20g
Hot Chocolate2402g6g
Apple Fritter Donut2907g8g
Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothie w/ Yogurt1502g1g
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Wrap31015g17g
Canadian Maple Filled Donut2105g6g
Turkey & Wild Rice Soup1404g1g
English Muffin, Sausage, Egg White, Cheese Sandwich40018g23g
Sour Cream Plain Timbits701g4.5g
Egg & Cheese Biscuit35015g17g
Old Fashion Glazed Donut2703g10g
Sour Cream Plain Donut2703g16g
Bacon, Egg White & Cheese English Muffin28017g10g
Chocolate Mint Donut2804g14g
Cinnamon Sugar Timbits601g2.5g
Turkey, Bacon Club Sandwich51028g27g
Chocolate Glazed Donut2804g14g
Sausage Bagel BELT57024g26g
Flavored Iced Latte904g2g
Iced Capp with Cream3103g16g
Maple Cinnamon French Toast Bagel35010g4g
Sundried Tomato Asiago Parm Bagel32012g4.5g
Old Fashion Plain Donut2103g10g
Mocha Iced Coffee1502g6g
Glazed Cinnamon Roll4104g22g
Croissant, Cheese3107g17g
Jalapeno Asiago Mozzarella Bagel31012g3.5g
Strawberry Yogurt w/ Berries1404g2.5g
Fruit Explosion Muffin3405g10g
Spiced Apple Filled Donut1904g5g
Tomato Whole Grain Pasta Soup1404g1g
Blueberry Bagel30011g2.5g
Broccoli Cheddar Soup1808g9g
Bacon, Egg, Cheese Grilled Breakfast Wrap29015g17g
Walnut Crunch Donut3604g22g
Cranberry Blueberry Bran Muffin2805g13g
Oatcake Cookie1802g9g
Bacon, Egg White & Cheese Biscuit36018g17g
Mocha Iced Capp4103g21g
Apple Cider210
Hearty Vegetable Soup804g0.4g
Chocolate White Coconut Donut3204g18g
Plain Cream Cheese Spread1403g14g
Lemon Poppyseed Muffin3706g14g
Chocolate Glazed Timbits701g3g
Chocolate Dip Donut1904g6g
Flavored Iced Capp w/ Cream2502g11g
Biscuit, Steak, Egg, Cheese Sandwich40021g20g
Honey Cruller Timbits603g
English Muffin, Sausage, Egg, Cheese Sandwich46018g29g
Cinnamon Roll, Glazed3507g13g
Chocolate Cinnamon Roll4204g22g
Maple Dip Donut1904g6g
Right Start Turkey Sausage Breakfast Sandwich31021g11g
Whipped Topping & Drizzle800.3g5g
Apple Fritter Timbits501g1.5g
Triple Chocolate Muffin4005g15g
Maple Flatbread, Turkey Sausage, Egg, Cheese Panini37019g18g
Strawberry Vanilla Filled Donut2705g5g
Sour Cream Sugar Donut2903g16g
English Muffin, Bacon, Egg White, Cheese Sandwich29017g11g
Caramel Apple Fritter3007g8g
Sour Cream Glazed Donut3403g16g
Creamy Field Mushroom Soup1502g3g
Ham & Cheese Tea Biscuit2909g13g
Blueberry Fritter Donut3107g7g
Italiano Grilled Bagel Sandwich64036g27g
White Coconut Timbits801g3.5g
Sour Cream Glazed Timbits901g4.5g
English Toffee Cappuccino2203g6g
Plain Bagel30010g2.5g
Sesame Seed Bagel30010g3.5g
Mocha Iced Capp2902g11g
Four Cheese Bagel32012g5g
12 Grain Bagel35011g9g
Sour Cream Glazed Timbits901g4.5g
Homestyle Biscuit2106g8g
Maple Flatbread, Steak, Egg, Cheese Panini34019g16g
Split Pea w/ Ham Soup1507g1.5g
Lemon Filled Timbits451g1g
Sour Cream Plain Donut2703g16g
Light Plain Cream Cheese Spread903g7g
Old Fashioned Sugar Donut2403g10g
Old Fashion Plain Timbits501g2.5g
Iced Mocha Latte32010g8g
Breakfast Panini – Multigrain Flatbread, Bacon, Egg White & Cheese28017g12g
Bacon, Tomato & Cheese Panini60026g30g
Canadian Maple Filled Donut2105g6g
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Wrap39017g26g
Peanut Butter Cookie2806g17g
Strawberry Jam60
Sour Cream Sugar Timbits701g4.5g
Blueberry Filled Donut2004g5g
Biscuit, Sausage, Egg, Cheese53019g34g
Flavored Iced Capp with Cream3203g16g
Spiced Apple Filled Timbits451g1g
Lemon Shortbread Cookie with Raspberry Filling2803g10g
Strawberry Cheese Strudel1602g9g
Sour Cream Plain Timbits701g4.5g
Sausage Biscuit35011g22g
Flavored Iced Coffee w/ Cream1101g6g
Cinnamon Roll, Frosted4007g14g
Black Coffee w/ Cream & Sugar701g3.5g
Croissant, Cheese3107g17g
Clam Chowder1909g7g
Cinnamon Sugar Donut2203g10g
Bagel BELT on Plain Bagel52023g18g
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit41019g22g
Light Strawberry Cream Cheese Spread1003g6g
Frozen Vanilla & Cream3903g21g
English Muffin, Steak, Egg White, Cheese Sandwich27020g8g
Chocolate Chip Muffin4206g16g
Whipped Topping & Drizzle805g
Red Velvet Cookie with Cream Cheese Filling3003g13g
Espresso Shot50.1g
Old Fashion Plain Timbits501g2.5g
Jalapeno Asiago Mozzarella Bagel31012g3.5g
Oatmeal Raisin Spice Cookie2103g8g
Vanilla Dip Donut w/ Sprinkles2504g6g
Peanut Crunch Timbits801g3.5g
Maple Flatbread, Sausage, Egg, Cheese Panini47018g30g
Hot Chocolate2402g6g
Apple Strudel1502g8g
Chocolate Dip Donut1905g7g
Apple Fritter Timbit501g1.5g
Italian Wedding Soup1604g3g
Wheat 'N Honey Bagel29010g3g
Dutchie Donut2305g6g
Old Fashioned Glazed Donut2703g10g
Mac & Cheese49016g27g
Frozen Lemonade140
Sundried Tomato Asiago Parm Bagel32012g4.5g
Black Coffee
Garden Vegetable Cream Cheese Spread1002g10g
Tea Latte505g0.1g
Iced Chocolate Latte1804g6g
Everything Bagel30010g3.5g
Chocolate Toasted Coconut Donut3104g16g
Maple Flatbread, Turkey Sausage, Egg White, Cheese Panini31019g12g
Chocolate Danish4507g25g
Iced Capp w/ Cream2502g11g
Croissant, Plain2806g15g
Frozen Strawberries & Cream3903g21g
Chipotle Chicken Wrap Snacker20013g9g
Caramel Apple Danish2905g16g
Venetian Cream Filled Donut1905g6g
Smile Cookie2503g10g
Cran Apple Walnut Bran Muffin3505g14g
Frozen Hot Chocolate4203g21g
English Muffin, Turkey Sausage, Egg White, Cheese Sandwich30020g11g
Cran Apple Walnut Bran Muffin3505g14g
Banana Cream Filled Donut1904g6g
Cheese Tea Biscuit3009g14g
12 Grain Bagel35011g9g
Iced Coffee w/ Cream1101g6g
Cinnamon Roll, Frosted4007g14g
Biscuit, Bacon, Egg, Cheese Sandwich42019g23g
Cafe Mocha1701g6g
Chocolate Toasted Coconut Donut3104g16g
Angus Steak & Cheese Panini40027g17g
Farmer's Breakfast Grilled Wrap65021g38g
Toasted Coconut Timbits701g3.5g
Iced Capp with Chocolate Milk2003g1g
Peanut Crunch Donut3005g14g
Coffee Cake Muffin4006g14g
Chicken Noodle Soup1205g1.5g
Iced Coffee with Chocolate Milk501g
Fruit Explosion Muffin3505g11g
Cinnamon Sugar Cake Donut2203g10g
Chicken Salad Wrap Snacker19010g7g
Chocolate Toasted Coconut Timbits801g4g
Birthday Cake Timbits801g3g
Chicken Fajita Grilled Wrap43028g19g
Strawberry Bloom Filled Donut2304g7g
Banana Nut Muffin3906g18g
Creamy Vanilla Yogurt w/ Berries1604g2g
Biscuit, Egg White, Cheese29014g12g
Cream of Broccoli Soup1506g7g
Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothie with Greek Yogurt1705g
Flavored Latte1408g
Sour Cream Cinnamon Donut2703g16g
Honey Dip Donut1904g6g
Strawberry Sensation Muffin3605g11g
Oatmeal Raisin Nut Muffin3906g14g
Honey Dip Donut1904g6g
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie2503g13g
Blueberry Bagel30011g2.5g
Chicken Salad Sandwich33020g9g
Apple Fritter2907g8g
White Coconut Donut3004g14g
Raisin Bran Muffin3705g12g
Cinnamon Raisin Bagel3009g2g
Old Fashion Sugar Timbits601g2.5g
White Bun2107g1g
Strawberry Filled Donut2005g5g
Old Fashioned Dip Donut2503g10g
Honey Dip Timbits451g1g
Sour Cream Glazed Donut3403g16g
Frozen Lemonade1200.1g
Turkey Bacon Club Sandwich40026g11g
Whole Grain Carrot Orange Muffin3605g13g
Plain Bagel29010g2g
Tuscan Chicken Panini56034g21g
Hearty Potato Bacon Soup2306g13g
Caramel Chocolate Pecan Cookie2503g12g
Lemon Filled Donut1904g5g
Tea with 1 Milk & 1 Sugar451g
Iced Coffee with Cream804g
Flavored Iced Coffee with Cream804g
Iced Latte904g2g
Wild Blueberry Muffin3405g11g
Old Fashion Glazed Timbits701g2.5g
Sour Cream Cinnamon Timbits801g4.5g
Flavored Latte1007g0.2g
Old Fashion Sugar Timbits601g2.5g
Blueberry Muffin3305g11g
Boston Cream Donut2205g6g
English Muffin, Turkey Sausage, Egg, Cheese Sandwich36020g17g
Kettle Cooked Potato Chips2202g14g
Lowfat Double Berry Muffin2904g2.5g
Maple Dip Donut1904g6g

Reasons Why Tim Hortons is One Of The Best Restaurants In The World

Tim Hortons is one of the most popular restaurants that serves delicious food and beverages. It is the third largest chain of fast-food restaurants in the world. It has over 14,000 restaurants located all over the world.

People who love eating out, Tim Hortons is the perfect place to get your favourite food. It has the most delicious sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, wraps and even salads. Tim Hortons serves the best drinks, coffee and tea.

The first Tim Hortons was opened by James Howatt in Hamilton, Ontario in 1916. The original location is now known as the Heritage Grill. Tim Hortons offers an affordable menu and great service.

There are many reasons to visit Tim Hortons:

1. A Tim Hortons is the best place to meet your friends. You can sit together and enjoy your meal while talking about the latest news.

2. They have the best selection of food. You can pick your favourite sandwich and then go to the counter to choose the sauce.

3. Their signature drink is the best.

4. The staff are very friendly and the service is amazing.

5. You can get a free refill on your coffee when you order a milkshake.

6. Tim Hortons is the best place to watch sports.

7. You can buy a Tim Hortons gift card for your loved ones.

8. Tim Hortons is one of the best places for birthday parties.

9. You can get Timbits, a special treat which is a Tim Hortons doughnut with a special filling.

10. Tim Hortons is the best place to relax after a busy day.


So, you must visit Tim Hortons if you want to enjoy the best food and great service in the world.