Taco Tico Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Taco Tico Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Mexican Rice67016g1g
Chicken Deluxe Enchilada56052g27g
Kid's Meal Bean Burrito w/Crustos86022g53g
Taco Salad83033g56g
Texas Style Beef Sancho125054g63g
Deluxe Meat Enchilada73143g45g
Chicken Double Enchilada47044g21g
Chicken Sancho30024g8g
Fiesta Chicken Burrito65029g26g
Mexican Dinner166072g70g
Chicken Enchilada24022g11g
Deluxe Sancho72040g41g
Double Chicken Enchilada47144g21g
Cheese Double Enchilada77038g55g
Burrito Dinner130053g47g
Deluxe Burrito w/ Green Onion69835g35g
Chipotle Steak Burrito69029g31g
Original Taco20211g12g
Deluxe Burrito w/Green Onion70035g35g
Texas Style Fajita Steak Sancho101039g47g
Meat & Potato Burrito54521g26g
Beef & Cheese Nachos51016g27g
Kid's Meal Taco w/Chips58016g32g
Enchilada Dinner114048g47g
Cheese Enchilada38019g28g
Meat and Potato Burrito55021g26g
Deluxe Nachos92031g44g
Chicken Soft Taco17012g5g
Double Cheese Enchilada76738g55g
Cheese Deluxe Enchilada93045g69g
Deluxe Tostada46018g21g
Kid's Meal Soft Taco w/Crustos78022g54g
Deluxe Chicken Enchilada56152g27g
Chicken Quesadilla45725g36g
Meat Enchilada30018g18g
Chicken Taco Salad73038g44g
Chili Burrito58032g21g
Sancho Dinner126053g48g
Meat Lovers Quesadilla50330g34g
Double Meat Enchilada60737g36g
Meat Double Enchilada61037g36g
Meat Deluxe Enchilada73043g45g
Deluxe Burrito w/o Green Onion70035g35g
Cheese Quesadilla40314g36g
Cheese Nachos2804g14g
Texas Style Chicken Sancho97039g43g
Soft Flour Taco24013g11g
Bean and Cheese Burrito32013g10g
Kid's Meal Soft Taco w/Chips61018g31g
Combo Burrito46024g19g
Texas Style Chicken Burrito115045g37g
Crispy Flour Taco32013g15g
Texas Stacked Enchilada103054g57g
Kid's Meal Bean Burrito w/Chips70018g30g
Kid's Meal Taco w/Crustos74020g55g
Texas Style Beef Burrito129048g49g
Bean & Cheese Burrito32113g10g
Refried Beans30017g8g
Chili w/ Cheese30320g8g
Texas Style Fajita Steak Burrito119044g42g
Original Tostada37815g16g
Deluxe Cheese Enchilada93145g69g

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