Taco Mayo Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Taco Mayo Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Kids Meal, Soft Beef Taco61019g
Classic Nachos, Chicken Supreme64028g
Loco Melt81020g
3-Cheese Quesadilla, Chicken57037g
Potato Locos, Large5907g
Tamale Platter71031g
Taco Salad, Chicken44027g
SalsaLITA Steak Grilled Burrito41025g
Soft Beef Taco23014g
SalsaLITA Chicken Soft Taco17014g
Kids Meal, Bean Burrito87025g
Crispy Beef Taco1609g
Classic Nachos, Beef Supreme72028g
3-Cheese Nachos, Chicken Supreme72037g
3-Cheese Nachos, Beef Supreme79037g
Mexicali Grilled Burrito, Chicken61028g
Acapulco Salad, Chicken68023g
Little BIG Bowl, Insalada27017g
Bean Burrito50021g
Kids Meal, Cheese Quesadilla58014g
Beef & Bean Burrito49025g
Taco Salad, Steak44026g
SalsaLITA Chicken Grilled Burrito39023g
Classic Nachos, Cheese3806g
3-Cheese Nachos, Steak Supreme57029g
SalsaLITA Steak Burrito35023g
Double Smothered Chili Queso Burrito, Steak91050g
Mexicali Bowl, Steak116045g
Double Smothered Double Queso Burrito, Chicken88048g
Kids Meal, Crispy Beef Taco54014g
Acapulco Salad, Steak70025g
Fajita Grilled Burrito, Steak52029g
SalsaLITA Beef Grilled Burrito41018g
Double Smothered Double Queso Burrito, Steak91050g
Tamale Melt62028g
SalsaLITA Steak Salad31027g
SalsaLITA Beef & Bean Burrito45022g
Mexicali Queso Bowl, Steak97049g
Potato Locos, Small3805g
SalsaLITA Chicken Salad28028g
Mexicali Queso Bowl, Chicken97051g
Quesadilla, Fajita Steak72042g
Classic Nachos, Steak Supreme67030g
Refried Beans29015g
Soft Chicken Taco18015g
SalsaLITA Chicken Burrito32021g
Little BIG Bowl, Mexicali45028g
Little BIG Bowl, Tamale48020g
3-Cheese Quesadilla, Beef64038g
3-Cheese Nachos, Cheese46015g
Double Smothered Chili Queso Burrito95049g
Mexicali Bowl, Chicken115047g
3-Cheese Quesadilla, Steak60039g
Tamales, 6 Pack with Chili68031g
Tostada Melt52028g
Taco Salad, Beef70037g
Soft Steak Taco20017g
SalsaLITA Steak Soft Taco19016g
Super Burrito, Beef54026g
Quesadilla, Cheese60025g
Taco Burger30019g
Quesadilla, Chicken68039g
Little BIG Bowl, Cilantro Lime44025g
Dippin' Sauce, Spicy Roasted Jalapeno606g
Choco Taco2904g
Super Burrito, Chicken41025g
Double Smothered Chicken Burrito, Chili Queso88048g
Ultimate Grande Nacho104040g
Quesadilla, Steak70041g
Fajita Grilled Burrito, Chicken49027g
Beef Burrito49030g
Mexicali Grilled Burrito, Steak63030g
Quesadilla, Fajita Chicken70040g
Super Burrito, Steak43027g
Mexicali Rice1604g

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