Tacone Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Tacone Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Bikini Blast Smoothie4109g1.5g
Thai Cone Wrap30020g9g
T.J. Cobb Salad43036g30g
Global Grill Platter – Tradewind Shrimp w/ Thai Cucumber Salad25026g12g
BBQ Chicken Quesadilla30018g13g
Spa Wrap2005g9g
Orangabang Smoothie3608g1g
Black Beans & Jack Cheese21014g4.5g
Quesadilla Jr.42019g22g
Lo-Carb Whole Wheat Tortilla1809g6g
Kickin' Fried Chicken Jr.2501g24g
4 Cheese Quesadilla21010g11g
Great Gobbler Sandwich47025g24g
Kickin' Fried Chicken Wrap28022g11g
Blue Voodoo Smoothie4007g0.5g
Palm Beach Smoothie50012g1.5g
Global Grill Platter – Rotisserie Chicken83081g37g
Campfire Wrap34019g12g
El Grande Breakfast Wrap28015g16g
Venice Beach Breakfast Wrap63040g31g
Grilled Cheese Sandwich22011g11g
Thai Cucumber Salad201g
Homemade Chips & Salsa3005g12g
Perfect Ten Wrap36010g17g
United Steak of America Sandwich56027g40g
Baja Wrap w/ Chicken42027g13g
Pilgrim Wrap26012g14g
Seasoned French Fries2003g9g
Mambo Wrap22016g7g
Malibu Melt Wrap36027g17g
Global Grill Platter – Empire Steak w/ Thai Cucumber Salad38034g21g
Seasoned Potato Chips1602g8g
Global Grill Platter – Napa Valley Chicken32036g15g
Apollonia Quesadilla64032g39g
Baja Wrap37014g11g
Side Salad1403g11g
Veggie Caprese Sandwich3109g18g
Fresh Fruit Salad802g
Fiesta Salad34027g19g
Chick-a-Boom Sandwich57032g38g
Kingston Wrap32016g10g
Angus Khan Burger115074g69g
Caesar Salad5009g46g
Buffalo Kickin' Chicken Wrap46044g12g
Pink Flamingo Smoothie5209g1g
Down-Home Coleslaw352g0.5g

Tacone Restaurant In Delhi India

There are various restaurants available in the market, but the one that is the best and is also the best for the customers is Tacone restaurant.

Tacone is a restaurant chain that is known for its quality of food and service. This restaurant chain has gained a lot of popularity among the people and this is because of its amazing dishes that are prepared by the chefs. The dishes are not only delicious but are also nutritious.

This article will tell you about the Tacone restaurant that is available in Delhi. There are many varieties of dishes that are served in Tacone restaurant and these are mentioned below.


The most famous dish that is served in Tacone is the bread. The bread is baked in a special way and is served to the customers in a separate section. You can order the bread and can enjoy the taste of the bread.


The pasta is the second most popular dish that is offered in Tacone. You can order the pasta in a variety of flavors like chicken pasta, pasta al forno, spaghetti, macaroni and many more. You can also order the pasta and can enjoy the taste of the pasta.


The pizza is the most favorite dish that is served in Tacone. The pizza is cooked in a special way and is served to the customers in a separate section. You can order the pizza and can enjoy the taste of the pizza.


The rice is the third most popular dish in Tacone. You can order the rice and can enjoy the taste of the rice.


I hope you liked this article about “what is Tacone restaurant?”. I know some of you are thinking to visit this restaurant and can enjoy the amazing food.