Taco Maker Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Taco Maker Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Chicken Fiesta Salad62337.9g35.2g
Chicken Enchilada31728.6g12.8g
Fiesta Platters112457.3g52.7g
Crisp Super Taco30916.3g15.3g
Cheese Enchilada59434.1g38.6g
Cheese Nachos60322.5g35.4g
Macho Nachos w/ Guacamole81426g55.2g
Soft Taco1809.9g6.3g
Crisp Taco1848.7g8.9g
Grande Burrito45221.8g18.5g
Macho Nachos w/ Beef80834.7g49.7g
Deluxe Combo Burrito45121.2g19.1g
Beef Enchilada37825.7g20.1g
Crisp Beef Burrito42516.4g27.2g
Beef Burrito44629.4g16.4g
Chicken Fajita23016.3g7.3g
Chicken Burrito37421.8g12.2g
Tater Gem Fries2422.7g15.2g
Taco Salad68435.1g42.5g
Crisp Bean Burrito3979.8g26.3g
Chicken 'n Rice Burrito37716.8g12g
Cheese Fries67919.3g44g
Soft Super Taco39220.3g15.1g
Chips 'n Beans Nachos2896.2g15.9g
Combination Platters87642.3g46.6g
Grande Platters123953.1g62.8g
Bean Burrito2939.4g9.2g

People like to eat Mexican food, whether it is tacos, burritos, enchiladas or fajitas, it is loved by people everywhere.

What is Taco Maker?

If you are asking yourself what is Taco Maker, then I am pretty sure that you have never heard about it. Well, you might have heard of Mexican food but have you ever thought that you can have the same food in a different style.

Taco Maker is a fast food restaurant that serves authentic Mexican food in a fun way. They serve a variety of delicious food items that will make you crave for it all day.

There is no doubt that you will love the atmosphere of the place as you will get to enjoy the fun experience and the great music.

If you are planning to visit one of the restaurants in the United States, then I will definitely suggest you to visit one of the Taco Maker restaurants.