Zaxby’s Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Are you looking for the best pizza restaurant near me? Do you want to eat the best pizza in town? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here we are going to share the complete details about what is Zaxby’s restaurant and how it is the best pizza delivery restaurant near me.

What is Zaxby’s restaurant?

It is a chain of restaurants that provides the best food for its customers. You can enjoy a variety of food including pizza, pasta and burgers. The pizza that is offered by Zaxby’s is different from the normal pizza as they use fresh ingredients and a unique method to cook the pizza.

Zaxby’s is a fast growing company and it is one of the fastest growing food chains in the country. You can find a large number of stores in many cities including New York, Miami, Atlanta and Dallas.

Why choose Zaxby’s restaurant?

If you want to order a good quality pizza and don’t know where to go for this purpose, then you can go for Zaxby’s. You will get amazing taste and will be delighted with the pizza that you have ordered.

The pizza that is delivered to you is not just a plain pizza; it will be cooked by a team of experienced chefs. They will add lots of cheese and toppings in the pizza to make it even more delicious.

It is a quick and convenient way to have a delicious meal. You can order the pizza online or you can pick up the pizza from your nearest store.

You will love the fact that the pizza is prepared by the best chefs in the business.

How to order the best pizza near me from Zaxby’s restaurant?

You can order the pizza online or you can pick it up from your nearby store. Here are the steps that you need to follow to order the best pizza from the website of Zaxby’s restaurant.

Go to the homepage of the website and you will get to see the menu of all the pizzas. Click on the “Order Now” button and then you will be directed to a form. Fill in the form with your basic details like name, address and the type of pizza that you want. After filling the form, you need to select the city and the delivery time. After that, you will get to a confirmation page and you will get a receipt of your order.

Zaxby’s Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Kidz Nibbler Meal67019g31g
Buffalo Chicken Dip33014g26g
Boneless Wings w/ Wimpy Sauce38023g18g
Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla, 32 oz390
Buffalo Zax Snak Only64039g41g
Grilled Chicken Sandwich53038g22g
Club Sandwich Meal137055g81g
Buffalo Boneless Wings Meal108032g61g
20 Traditional Wings1550122g116g
Side of Onion Rings3204g19g
Coca-Cola Zero, 32 oz
Buffalo Boneless Wings & Things158067g95g
20 Boneless Wings - Nuclear149094g74g
Onion Rings w/ Zestable Sauce8208g57g
The Fried Caesar Zalad58052g26g
20 Traditional Wings - Nuclear1190121g77g
Diet Dr Pepper, 12 oz (Kiddie)
Chicken Finger w/ Wimpy Sauce11011g5g
5 Boneless Wings- Sweet and Spicy41023g19g
Zax Sauce Served with 10 Fingers3601g35g
Buffalo Kiddie Finger Meal77028g46g
Tater Chips8807g64g
5 Chicken Fingers - Tongue Torch53056g23g
5 Traditional Wings - Teriyaki32030g19g
Sweet & Spicy Sauce1401g1g
20 Chicken Fingers - Original2320225g113g
Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla, 22 oz270
Barqs Root Beer, 22 oz300
Barqs Root Beer Vanilla, 22 oz310
Celery and Ranch for 10 Wings (Boneless or Traditional)20020g
5 Traditional Wings - Wimpy31030g19g
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Meal97043g44g
The Garden House Zalad40014g24g
Side of Crinkle Fries, Large5908g36g
Buffalo Big Zax Snak103043g57g
20 Traditional Wings - Sweet & Spicy1340122g78g
Sprite, 12 oz (Kiddie)150
1 Chicken Finger - Sweet & Spicy12011g5g
Original Sauce1006g
1 Chicken Finger - Insane11011g5g
Buffalo Traditional Wings Meal – 5 Wings101039g62g
10 Traditional Wings - Original63060g41g
Mello Yellow, 42 oz450
Tossing Sauce – Hot Honey Mustard1401g9g
Dr Pepper, 22 oz270
Zaxby's Club Sandwich Meal137055g81g
Chicken Salad Sandwich Only62021g42g
20 Traditional Wings - Teriyaki1270122g76g
Texas Toast, 1 Slice1504g7g
20 Chicken Fingers - BBQ2520225g93g
Buffalo Chicken Finger Plate, 5 Fingers138067g96g
10 Chicken Fingers - Original1160112g57g
Traditional Wings29030g19g
20 Chicken Fingers - Nuclear2120225g93g
Chicken Finger10011g5g
Kiddie Finger Meal72028g41g
Side of Celery2002g20g
5 Traditional Wings - Sweet & Spicy34030g20g
20 Chicken Fingers - Wimpy2220225g93g
Diet Dr Pepper, 22 oz5
Buffalo Chicken Finger Plate, 4 Fingers142067g82g
10 Boneless Wings (No Sauce)72047g36g
Celery and Ranch for 5 Wings (Boneless or Traditional)1901g20g
Apple Juice100
1000 Island Dressing23024g
5 Chicken Fingerz68057g41g
The Garden Blue Zalad37013g23g
Barqs Root Beer, 42 oz580
The Grilled Cobb Zalad68055g35g
Tossing Sauce – BBQ1001g
Hi-C Orange, 42 oz610
10 Boneless Wings - Original80047g40g
Zensation Zalad122056g67g
Minute Maid Lemonade, 12 oz (Kiddie)160
Zestable Sauce19019g
Basket of Celery with Ranch4003g40g
Tossing Sauce – Tongue Torch351g1g
Tossing Sauce – Sweet & Spicy1401g1g
20 Boneless Wings - Tongue Torch149094g75g
Marinara Sauce901g5g
5 Boneless Wings - Original40023g21g
Celery and Ranch for 20 Buffalo Fingers7803g80g
Honey French Dressing15012g
5 Traditional Wings - Tongue Torch30030g19g
Chicken Finger w/ Original Sauce12011g6g
Boneless Wings w/ Hot Honey Mustard43023g22g
Traditional Wings w/ Original Sauce32030g21g
Chocolate Cookie Milkshake92015g37g
Dr Pepper, 12 oz (Kiddie)140
Boneless Wings Only55024g38g
The Fried Cobb Zalad82058g46g
10 Chicken Fingers (No Sauce)1010112g47g
10 Boneless Wings - HHM86048g44g
Celery Sticks
Boneless Wings Meal99029g60g
5 Chicken Fingers - Insane53056g23g
Fanta Strawberry, 42 oz590
Boneless Wings w/ Original Sauce40023g21g
10 Chicken Fingers - Wimpy1110112g47g
Hi-C Orange, 22 oz320
Chicken Finger Plate, 5 Fingers134066g74g
Cherry Coke, 22 oz290
20 Traditional Wings - BBQ1260121g76g
Fried Mushrooms5905g46g
Traditional Wings & Things149074g94g
5 Traditional Wings - Original32030g21g
Crinkle Fries w/ Zax Sauce91010g51g
The Grilled Caesar Zalad44049g16g
Diet Dr Pepper, 32 oz10
BLT Sandwich Meal116035g71g
The Grilled House Zalad56045g28g
Dr Pepper, 42 oz510
20 Chicken Fingers - Teriyaki2420225g93g
Barqs Root Beer Vanilla, 12 oz (Kiddie)170
Barqs Root Beer, 32 oz440
10 Traditional Wings - Sweet & Spicy67060g39g
Chicken Finger Plate, 6 Fingers162089g101g
Buffalo Chicken Finger Plate – 4 Fingers127056g72g
Fanta Peach, 42 oz590
10 Traditional Wings - HHM65060g42g
Dr Pepper Cherry, 32 oz390
10 Boneless Wings - Teriyaki80048g36g
Barqs Root Beer, 12 oz (Kiddie)170
Boneless Wings & Things162068g99g
The Garden Cobb Zalad52024g32g
Lite Vinaigrette Dressing35
20 Boneless Wings - Original161094g82g
Teriyaki Sauce1102g
Dr Pepper Cherry, 22 oz270
Mello Yellow, 12 oz130
Minute Maid Lemonade, 42 oz560
Kiddie Finger72028g41g
Zax Snak Only63039g39g
5 Traditional Wings - HHM33030g21g
Buffalo Dip and Tater Chips102020g70g
10 Boneless Wings - BBQ80048g36g
10 Traditional Wings - Tongue Torch61060g38g
Tater Chips w/ Ranch Sauce8807g64g
Chocolate Milk, 8 oz1608g3g
Minute Maid Strawberry Lemonade, 22 oz300
Buffalo Chicken Finger Plate, Large224097g133g
Fanta Orange, 22 oz330
Chicken Salad Sandwich Meal106026g64g
5 Boneless Wings - BBQ40023g18g
Honey Mustard Sauce1601g13g
Dr Pepper Cherry, 12 oz (Kiddie)150
Apple Juice, 8 oz100
5 Chicken Fingers - Original58056g28g
Tossing Sauce – Wimpy501g1g
20 Boneless Wings- Sweet and Spicy162094g74g
Coca-Cola Zero, 42 oz
Traditional Wings w/ Sweet & Spicy Sauce34030g20g
Coca-Cola Cherry Vanilla, 22 oz290
Southern T.L.C. Sandwich64032g40g
Sweet Tea150
Mediterranean Dressing14014g
Vanilla Coke, 12 oz (Kiddie)160
20 Traditional Wings - Insane1240121g79g
Chicken Finger Sandwich Meal126047g70g
Boneless Wings w/ Nuclear Sauce37023g18g
Celery and Ranch for 10 Buffalo Fingers39040g
10 Boneless Wings92048g56g
Kiddie Cheese84019g46g
Zax Sauce Served with 5 Fingers1801g18g
5 Traditional Wings (No Sauce)29030g19g
Fanta Orange, 32 oz440
Boneless Wings w/ Teriyaki Sauce40024g18g
Buffalo Big Zax Snak Meal108044g63g
Fanta Cherry, 42 oz580
5 Traditional Wings48031g39g
Boneless Buffalo Wings & Things163068g101g
20 Boneless Wings - HHM171095g88g
20 Chicken Fingerz2750227g164g
5 Boneless Wings55024g38g
Insane Sauce451g1g
Chicken Salad Sandwich62021g42g
10 Chicken Fingerz1380113g82g
Hi-C Orange, 32 oz460
Side Salad151g
5 Boneless Wings (No Sauce)55024g38g
Traditional Wings w/ Wimpy Sauce31030g19g
Tossing Sauce – Original1006g
Cherry Coke, 42 oz550
5 Traditional Wings - BBQ32030g19g
Boneless Wings w/ Insane Sauce38023g19g
Texas Toast1504g7g
10 Chicken Fingers - Insane1060112g47g
5 Chicken Fingers - Sweet & Spicy60056g23g
Hi-C Orange, 12 oz (Kiddie)170
10 Chicken Fingers - Teriyaki1210112g47g
20 Boneless Wings - Wimpy152094g74g
Side of Tater Chips3503g22g
Chocolate Milk1608g2.5g
Tossing Sauce – Insane451g1g
Wimpy Sauce501g1g
Chicken Finger Plate, Large223096g128g
Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla, 12 oz (Kiddie)150
Chicken Salad23015g17g
Celery and Ranch for 5 Buffalo Fingers (Boneless or Traditional)1901g20g
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie1602g6g
The Blackened Blue Zalad54045g27g
10 Chicken Fingers - HHM1310112g67g
5 Boneless Wings - Wimpy38023g18g
Nibblerz Meal141050g75g
10 Traditional Wings (No Sauce)58060g38g
Blue Cheese Dressing1801g19g
Chicken Finger w/ Tongue Torch Sauce11011g5g
Traditional Wings w/ Insane Sauce31031g20g
BLT Sandwich72030g49g
Mello Yellow, 32 oz340
BBQ Sauce70
Kickin' Chicken Sandwich Meal113046g57g
5 Chicken Fingers - HHM65056g33g
20 Chicken Fingers (No Sauce)2020225g93g
Cole Slaw1401g10g
Caesar Dressing902g8g
Banana Pudding Milkshake83014g33g
20 Chicken Fingers - Sweet & Spicy2420225g93g
Fanta Peach, 32 oz450
1 Chicken Finger - Original12011g6g
Coca-Cola Zero, 12 oz (Kiddie)
Nuclear Sauce301g1g
Chicken Finger w/ Nuclear Sauce11011g5g
Ranch Sauce1901g20g
1 Chicken Finger - HHM13011g7g
Traditional Wings w/ Hot Honey Mustard33030g21g
10 Traditional Wings - Nuclear60060g38g
5 Chicken Fingers - BBQ63056g23g
10 Traditional Wings - Wimpy62060g39g
Crinkle Fries3704g16g
20 Chicken Fingers - Tongue Torch2120225g93g
Chicken Finger w/ Hot Honey Mustard13011g7g
Fanta Cherry, 32 oz440
Tossing Sauce – Nuclear301g1g
1 Chicken Finger - Nuclear11011g5g
The Garden Caesar Zalad28018g12g
Buffalo Boneless Wings Meal – 5 Wings108032g61g
5 Chicken Fingers - Teriyaki60056g23g
Honey Mustard Dressing15013g
Southern Sweet & Smoky Sandwich Meal98037g52g
Coca-Cola Cherry Vanilla, 12 oz (Kiddie)160
20 Traditional Wings - Wimpy1230121g77g
Basket of Celery4003g40g
Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla, 42 oz520
Coca-Cola Cherry Vanilla, 42 oz540
Vanilla Coke, 22 oz290
5 Boneless Wings - Teriyaki40024g18g
Grilled Cheese Sandwich50014g32g
10 Chicken Fingers - BBQ1260112g47g
Minute Maid Lemonade, 32 oz430
10 Traditional Wings - BBQ63060g39g
5 Boneless Wings - Insane38023g19g
10 Boneless Wings- Sweet and Spicy81047g37g
5 Chicken Fingers - Nuclear53056g23g
Tossing Sauce – Teriyaki1102g
Buffalo Traditional Wings & Things152074g96g
Cherry Coke, 32 oz420
10 Chicken Fingers - Sweet & Spicy1210112g47g
Vanilla Coke, 42 oz550
Chicken Finger Plate – 4 Fingers124055g70g
Traditional Wings w/ Teriyaki Sauce32030g19g
1 Chicken Finger - Tongue Torch11011g5g
Side Caesar Salad1509g8g
The Fried House Zalad70048g38g
10 Traditional Wings - Teriyaki64060g38g
20 Buffalo Chicken Fingerz2800228g173g
Birthday Cake Milkshake85014g32g
20 Boneless Wings (No Sauce)144093g72g
Southern Sweet & Smoky Sandwich61032g36g
Tongue Torch Sauce351g1g
Fanta Strawberry, 32 oz450
Ranch Dressing1601g16g
Buffalo Chicken Finger Plate, 6 Fingers167091g107g
Buffalo Chicken Finger Plate142067g82g
10 Chicken Fingers - Tongue Torch1060112g47g
Cheddar Bites w/ Marinara Sauce69022g42g
Fanta Peach, 22 oz310
Side of Coleslaw1401g10g
Buffalo Chicken Finger Plate – 5 Fingers138067g96g
Kiddie Cheese Meal84019g46g
The Buffalo Blue Zalad69047g37g
Boneless Wings36023g18g
20 Traditional Wings - HHM1300121g84g
Chocolate Chip Cookie1702g8g
The Garden Blue Salad37013g23g
10 Boneless Wings - Nuclear74048g37g
Zax Sauce1801g18g
Chicken Finger Plate – 6 Fingers162089g101g
Milk, 8 oz1109g3g
Cherry Coke, 12 oz (Kiddie)160
20 Traditional Wings - Original1260122g82g
Thousand Island Dressing23024g
Side of Crinkle Fries, Regular3704g16g
10 Boneless Wings - Wimpy76048g37g
Cajun Club Sandwich67049g33g
Unsweet Tea
20 Boneless Wings183095g112g
Celery and Ranch for 20 Wings (Boneless or Traditional)3902g40g
Hot Honey Mustard Sauce1401g9g
10 Boneless Wings - Insane76048g37g
10 Buffalo Chicken Fingerz1400114g87g
Boneless Wings w/ BBQ Sauce40023g18g
Fried Mushrooms w/ Marinara Sauce5905g46g
Traditional Wings w/ BBQ Sauce32030g19g
Buffalo Dip & Tater Chips102020g70g
20 Traditional Wings - Tongue Torch1210122g77g
Buffalo Chicken Finger Plate – 6 Fingers167091g107g
Cheddar Bites with Marinara Sauce69022g42g
Minute Maid Strawberry Lemonade, 32 oz440
Texas Toast, Basket46011g22g
Boneless Wings w/ Sweet & Spicy Sauce41023g19g
Dr Pepper Cherry, 42 oz510
Boneless Buffalo Wings & Things, Large225096g131g
Minute Maid Strawberry Lemonade, 12 oz (Kiddie)130
5 Boneless Wings - HHM43023g22g
20 Chicken Fingers - Insane2120225g93g
20 Traditional Wings- (No Sauce)1160120g76g
Cajun Club Sandwich Only67049g33g
Minute Maid Strawberry Lemonade, 42 oz580
5 Traditional Wings - Nuclear30030g19g
Chicken Finger w/ Sweet & Spicy Sauce12011g5g
20 Boneless Wings - Teriyaki160095g72g
Chicken Finger w/ Teriyaki Sauce12011g5g
Zaxby's Club Sandwich93050g59g
10 Chicken Fingers - Nuclear1060112g47g
BLT Sandwich Only72030g49g
Lite Ranch Dressing901g8g
Fanta Cherry, 12 oz (Kiddie)170
5 Chicken Fingers - Wimpy55056g23g
Big Zax Snak Meal107044g61g
5 Traditional Wings - Insane31031g20g
Chicken Salad, 16 oz91059g68g
20 Boneless Wings - BBQ160094g72g
5 Boneless Wings - Tongue Torch37023g18g
Fanta Orange, 42 oz580
Kickin' Chicken Sandwich76042g41g
Cajun Club Sandwich Meal111054g55g
Barqs Root Beer Vanilla, 32 oz440
Chicken Salad, 8 oz45030g34g
5 Boneless Wings - Nuclear37023g18g
20 Chicken Fingers - HHM2620225g133g
10 Boneless Wings - Tongue Torch75047g36g
Three Nibblerz97045g53g
5 Chicken Fingers - No Sauce50056g23g
Southern T.L.C. Sandwich Meal101036g57g
Chicken Finger Sandwich82042g48g
10 Traditional Wings - Insane62060g39g
Onion Rings8208g57g
Boneless Wings & Things, Large224096g129g
Chicken Finger Plate – 5 Fingers134066g74g
Fanta Strawberry, 22 oz310
Zax Sauce Served with 20 Fingers7302g71g
Minute Maid Lemonade, 22 oz300
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Meal94019g54g
Mello Yellow, 22 oz230
Dr Pepper, 32 oz390
5 Buffalo Chicken Fingerz69057g43g
Fanta Orange, 12 oz (Kiddie)160
Kidz Nibbler67019g31g
Coca-Cola Cherry Vanilla, 32 oz410
Boneless Wings w/ Tongue Torch Sauce37023g18g
Chicken Finger Sandwich Only82042g48g
Coca-Cola, 12 oz (Kiddie)150
Chicken Finger w/ Insane Sauce11011g5g
20 Boneless Wings - Insane151095g74g
Basket of Crinkle Fries91010g51g
Cheddar Bites69022g42g
Hi-C Fruit Punch, 12 oz (Kiddie)180
Fanta Peach, 12 oz (Kiddie)170
Vanilla Coke, 32 oz420
1 Chicken Finger (No Sauce)10011g5g
Fanta Cherry, 22 oz310
Diet Coke, 12 oz (Kiddie)
Chicken Salad, Side23015g17g
Fanta Strawberry, 12 oz (Kiddie)170
Traditional Wings w/ Nuclear Sauce30030g19g
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie1702g9g
Chicken Finger w/ BBQ Sauce13011g5g
1 Chicken Finger - Wimpy11011g5g
1 Chicken Finger - Teriyaki12011g5g
Chicken Finger Plate, 4 Fingers124055g70g
Three Nibblerz Meal134049g69g
Barqs Root Beer Vanilla, 42 oz580
Chicken Finger Plate141067g80g
10 Traditional Wings78061g58g
Diet Dr Pepper, 42 oz10
Buffalo Traditional Wings Meal101039g62g
Coca-Cola Zero, 22 oz
Traditional Wings w/ Tongue Torch Sauce30030g19g
1 Chicken Finger - BBQ13011g5g


So, this was the complete guide about what is Zaxby’s restaurant and how to order the best pizza near me from the website of the restaurant. If you want to order the best pizza, then you can use the above mentioned steps to do it.