York Calories and Nutrition Facts

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York restaurant is a place where you will feel relaxed and happy. The food served in this place is tasty and nutritious. It is a perfect place for families and couples. There are three types of menu in this restaurant:


For mains, there are different types of dishes like burgers, fries, pasta, pizza, fish, chicken etc.


There are different types of desserts served in this restaurant like chocolate cake, cheesecake, apple pie etc.


For drinks, there are different types of beverages like coffee, tea, lemonade etc.

All these dishes are very popular among the people who visit York restaurant. This is a perfect place for a date or any party with family.

York restaurant is located in the center of London, near Regent’s street. It is a perfect place for the people living in South Kensington. There is a free parking near this restaurant and you can also take a bus from this place.

Here are some other benefits of visiting this place:

  • Great place for the people who are looking for some peace and quiet
  • Perfect place for a business lunch and dinner
  • Great place for a special occasion

York Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Peppermint Pieces1702g8g
Peppermint Pattie Minis1500.5g3g
Snowflake Shaped Peppermint Pattie1200.5g2.5g
Peppermint Pattie (Snack Size)1000.5g2g
Egg Shaped Peppermint Patties1500.5g3g
Peppermint Pattie Unwrapped Minis1200.5g3g
Peppermint Pattie1500.5g2.5g
Valentine's Peppermint Pattie1500.5g3g
Sugar Free Peppermint Patties1301g8g
Peppermint Bites1600.4g3g
Easter Peppermint Pattie1501g3g
Pumpkin Shaped Peppermint Pattie1000.5g2g
Chocolate Truffle Mint Pattie1701g6g
Holiday Peppermint Pattie1501g3g
Peppermint Bunny1200.5g2.5g
Pink Peppermint Pattie1500.5g3g


York restaurant is a perfect place for all the people. It is a good place for a date, a business meeting and a holiday with family and friends. You will enjoy the food, the atmosphere and the ambience of this place.