Yoplait Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Reasons To Choose Yoplait Restaurant for Lunch or Dinner

Everyone wants to eat delicious food but it is not that easy. We have to think about the quality and quantity. But sometimes you just don’t have time to cook or you are not a good cook. That’s why we need restaurants to help us.

The idea of having a delicious meal while sitting in the comfort of your home is awesome. You don’t have to leave your house just to grab a delicious meal, you can order anything at your favourite restaurant.

Here I am sharing with you some reasons to choose Yoplait restaurant for lunch or dinner.

Wide variety of choices

Yoplait is one of the oldest restaurant brands in the world. It is a subsidiary of General Mills Inc. and the company provides the most delicious, nutritious and healthy foods. If you are looking for a healthy meal, then you can choose the Yoplait restaurant.

Amazing offers

If you are a regular customer of Yoplait restaurant then you can use the Yoplait coupons or Yoplait discount codes to save a lot of money. You can check out the latest coupons on the official website.

Wide delivery service

If you are living in a small city or suburb area then you can opt for the delivery service. You can order any dish of your choice from the restaurant and you will get it delivered to your door step within 30 minutes.

Yoplait Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Plenti Vanilla Oatmeal17011g2g
Oui Plain Yogurt1305g8g
Banana Cream Pie Light Yogurt905g
Oui Yogurt Petites – Chocolate w/ Shavings1403g7g
Light Strawberry Orange Smoothie Yogurt905g
Go-Gurt Simply Strawberry Yogurt1506g1.5g
Whips! Strawberry Greek 100 Yogurt1009g1g
Blueberry Greek Yogurt14011g
Vanilla Original Yogurt1505g1g
Whips! Cherry Cheesecake Lowfat Yogurt Mousse1405g2.5g
Oui Pineapple Yogurt1605g7g
Blueberry Custard Yogurt1707g5g
FruitSide Cherry Yogurt1605g3.5g
Oui Black Cherry Yogurt1605g7g
Go-Gurt Berry Yogurt1506g1.5g
Strawberry Kiwi Original Yogurt1506g2g
Cherry Orchard Original Yogurt1506g2g
Plenti Blueberry Oatmeal18011g2g
FruitSide Blueberry Yogurt1605g4g
Orange Creme Smooth Yogurt1506g2g
Coconut Greek Yogurt15011g1g
Plenti Raspberry Greek Yogurt14012g1.5g
Whips! Coconut Creme Yogurt Mousse1605g4g
Dunkin' Boston Kreme Donut Yogurt1606g2g
Mix-Ins Yogurt – Very Berry Crisp1807g4g
Orange Creme Original Yogurt1506g2g
Whips! Orange Creme Lowfat Yogurt Mousse1405g2g
Blueberry Original Yogurt1505g1g
Cookies & Creme Smoothie1505g3g
Trix Strawberry Banana Bash Yogurt804g0.5g
Oui Strawberry Yogurt1605g7g
Mix-Ins Yogurt – Key Lime Crunch1907g4.5g
Mixed Berry Greek 100 Yogurt10014g
YQ Yogurt – Plain11017g3g
YQ Yogurt – Lime13015g2.5g
Oui Blueberry Yogurt1605g7g
Vanilla Greek Yogurt14011g
Whips! Raspberry Mousse Lowfat Yogurt1405g2.5g
Kids Berry Yogurt1003g0.5g
Orange Creme Light Yogurt905g
Peaches & Cream Greek Yogurt13011g
Whips! Strawberry Mist Lowfat Yogurt Mousse1405g2.5g
Go-Gurt Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry Yogurt1606g1.5g
Blackberry Light Yogurt905g
Dippers – Coffee Chocolate Chunk Greek Yogurt w/ Cinnamon Crisps25011g8g
Whips! Strawberry Cheesecake Greek 100 Yogurt1009g1g
Boston Cream Pie Light Yogurt905g
Go-Gurt Raspberry Yogurt1506g1.5g
YQ Yogurt – Coconut13015g2.5g
Pineapple Original Yogurt1506g2g
Go-Gurt Strawberry Watermelon Yogurt1506g1.5g
Strawberry Cheesecake Original Yogurt1506g2g
Caramel Custard Yogurt1707g5g
Plenti Coconut Greek Yogurt15012g2g
Oui Blackberry Yogurt1605g7g
Oui Lemon Tart Creme Dessert Yogurt2203g15g
Plenti Spiced Apple Greek Yogurt14012g1.5g
Blackberry Pomegranate Original Yogurt1506g2g
Red Raspberry Original Yogurt1506g2g
Go-Gurt Dunkers Cotton Candy Yogurt1203g2g
Strawberry Light Yogurt905g
Plenti Peach Oatmeal18011g2g
Plenti Strawberry Greek Yogurt14012g1.5g
Harvest Peach Original Yogurt1506g2g
Lemon Custard Yogurt1707g5g
Dunkin' French Vanilla Latte Yogurt1605g4g
Watermelon Light Yogurt905g
Plenti Peach Greek Yogurt14012g1.5g
Trix Raspberry Rainbow Yogurt804g0.5g
Whips! Lemon Meringue Greek 100 Yogurt1009g1g
Oui Vanilla Bean Creme Dessert Yogurt2203g15g
Very Vanilla Light Yogurt905g
Oui Key Lime Yogurt1605g7g
Whips! Key Lime Pie Lowfat Yogurt Mousse1405g2.5g
Strawberry Raspberry Greek Yogurt14011g
Oui Honey Yogurt1605g8g
Strawberry Banana Original Yogurt1506g2g
Go-Gurt Sour Patch Kids Redberry Yogurt1606g1.5g
Lemon Cream Pie Light Yogurt905g
Oui Dark Chocolate Raspberry Petites Yogurt1303g5g
Strawberry Banana Greek 100 Yogurt10015g
Key Lime Greek Yogurt16014g
Very Cherry Light Yogurt905g
Plenti Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal17011g2g
Whips! Chocolate Yogurt Mousse1605g4g
Oui Caramel Cream Creme Dessert Yogurt2203g15g
Plenti Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal18011g2g
Banana Custard Yogurt1707g5g
Mix-Ins Yogurt – Mint Chocolate Delight1807g4.5g
Go-Gurt Simply Mixed Berry Yogurt1506g1.5g
Mix-Ins Yogurt – Coconut Chocolate Almond1907g6g
Oui Sea Salt Caramel Petites Yogurt1203g4.5g
Strawberry Greek 100 Yogurt10014g
Pumpkin Pie Light Yogurt905g
Oui Mango Yogurt1605g7g
Oui Peach Yogurt1605g7g
Blueberry Patch Light Yogurt905g
Go-Gurt Dunkers Vanilla Yogurt1203g2g
Girl Scouts Yogurt – Caramel Coconut1606g3g
Peach Greek 100 Yogurt10014g
Dippers – Toasted Coconut Greek Yogurt w/ Honey Oat Crisps24010g7g
Red Raspberry Light Yogurt905g
Go Big Yogurt – Strawberry1004g1.5g
Strawberry Custard Yogurt1707g5g
Mango Original Yogurt1506g2g
Dippers – Caramelized Banana Greek Yogurt w/ Choco-Drizzled Pretzels23010g4g
Strawberry Lactose Free Yogurt1506g2g
YQ Yogurt – Vanilla13015g2.5g
Mix-Ins Yogurt – Salted Caramel Pretzel1807g4.5g
Cookies 'N Cream Original Yogurt1506g2g
YQ Yogurt – Peach13015g2.5g
Strawberry Shortcake Light Yogurt905g
Whips! Peaches 'N Cream Greek 100 Yogurt1009g1g
Whips! Vanilla Cupcake Greek 100 Yogurt1009g1g
Whips! Yogurt – Lemon Burst1405g2.5g
French Vanilla Lactose Free Yogurt1506g2g
FruitSide Mixed Berry Yogurt1605g4g
Blackberry Harvest Original Yogurt1506g2g
Key Lime Greek 100 Yogurt10015g
Plain Greek Yogurt12017g
Strawberry Greek Yogurt14011g
Girl Scouts Yogurt – Peanut Butter Chocolate1605g4g
Dunkin' Apple Fritter Yogurt1506g2g
Kids Strawberry Yogurt1003g0.5g
Go-Gurt Strawberry Banana Yogurt1506g1.5g
Kids Cotton Candy Yogurt1003g0.5g
Plenti Blueberry Greek Yogurt14012g1.5g
Mix-Ins Yogurt – Cherry Chocolate Almond2008g8g
Plain Yogurt13011g
Strawberry Smoothie1505g3g
Girl Scouts Yogurt – Thin Mints1605g4g
Mix-Ins Yogurt – S'mores1807g4.5g
Go-Gurt Strawberry Yogurt1506g1.5g
Whips! Vanilla Creme Yogurt Mousse1505g4.5g
Kids Strawberry Banana Yogurt1104g3.5g
Plenti Black Cherry Greek Yogurt14012g1.5g
Horchata Smooth Yogurt1505g1g
Vanilla Custard Yogurt1707g5g
Plenti Vanilla Greek Yogurt14012g1.5g
YQ Yogurt – Blueberry13015g2.5g
Pina Colada Original Yogurt1506g2.5g
Go-Gurt Mixed Berry Yogurt1506g1.5g
Trix Triple Cherry Yogurt804g0.5g
Go-Gurt Melon Berry Yogurt1506g1.5g
Apple Crisp Original Yogurt1506g2g
Strawberry Smooth Yogurt1505g1g
Plenti Strawberry Oatmeal18011g2g
French Vanilla Original Yogurt1506g2g
Oui Vanilla Yogurt1705g8g
Vanilla Greek 100 Yogurt10015g
Go-Gurt Simply Strawberry Banana Yogurt1506g1.5g
Strawberry Original Yogurt1506g2g
Mixed Berry Original Yogurt1506g2g
Oui Lemon Yogurt1605g7g
Strawberry Mango Original Yogurt1506g2g
Go-Gurt Dunkers Strawberry Yogurt1203g2g
Blueberry Greek 100 Yogurt10014g
Mountain Blueberry Original Yogurt1506g2g
Lemon Burst Original Yogurt1506g2g
Key Lime Pie Light Yogurt905g
Harvest Peach Light Yogurt905g
YQ Yogurt – Mango13015g2.5g
Whips! Root Beer Float Yogurt1405g2.5g
Key Lime Pie Original Yogurt1506g2g
Peach Mango Smoothie1505g3g
Oui Raspberry Yogurt1605g7g
Oui Coconut Yogurt1705g8g
Dippers – Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt w/ Honey Oat Crisps23011g6g
Go-Gurt Jolly Rancher Watermelon Yogurt1506g1.5g
Dippers – Raspberry Chocolate Chunk Greek Yogurt w/ Choco-Drizzled Pretzels24010g5g
FruitSide Strawberry Yogurt1505g3.5g
Kids Blueberry Yogurt1003g0.5g
Go Big Yogurt – Mixed Berry & Strawberry1004g1.5g
Go-Gurt Hershey's Cookies 'N' Creme Yogurt1506g2.5g
Go-Gurt Jolly Rancher Green Apple Yogurt1506g1.5g
Go Big Yogurt – Cherry & Peach Mango1004g1.5g
YQ Yogurt – Strawberry13015g2.5g
Light White Chocolate Strawberry Yogurt905g
Strawberries 'n Bananas Light Yogurt905g
Black Cherry Greek 100 Yogurt10014g
Whips! Sea Salt Caramel Yogurt Mousse1705g4g
Blueberry Smooth Yogurt1505g1g
Dunkin' Cinnamon Coffee Roll Yogurt1605g4g
Go-Gurt Cotton Candy Yogurt1506g1.5g
Go-Gurt Punch Yogurt1506g1.5g


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