Wings To Go Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Wings to go restaurant is an Indian fast food chain restaurant which was founded in 2010 by two people, Anand and Kunal. They started their business with two restaurants in Gurgaon, India. Now the Wings To Go restaurant has spread to over 50 countries.

The best place to eat in Gurgaon. The restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes to their customers and has become a favorite among them. The food offered by this restaurant is different from any other fast food restaurant in Gurgaon.

Wings To Go restaurant is known for its delicious and healthy dishes. Many people love their food because of the healthy ingredients used in the recipes. It has become one of the most famous restaurants in Gurgaon.

Has a special menu which is available for the guests. You can enjoy their delicious food while sitting in the comfort of your home.

Here are the reasons why you should try the Wings To Go restaurant

It is a Healthy Restaurant

Wings To Go restaurant is not only famous for its delicious food but also for its healthy food. The restaurant serves many salads and sandwiches which are made with fresh ingredients. The ingredients used in the recipes are organic, vegetarian, and healthy.

They serve a wide range of dishes

The restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes to their customers. You can choose the dishes according to your preference. They have a special menu which contains more than 30 dishes.

Healthy and Delicious

You will find a huge variety of dishes in the menu. From starters to desserts, the restaurant has a lot of options for their customers. The food is prepared from the best quality of ingredients and is served in a tasty way.

You can enjoy their food at home

If you are tired of traveling to various restaurants, then you can order the food from the Wings To Go restaurant. You don’t need to worry about the delivery as the restaurant provides an online menu where you can easily place your orders. You can even customize your order by choosing the number of people and their desired dishes.

Wings To Go Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Chicken Tender Sandwich78063g22g
Garden Salad with Shrimp69053g37g
Cheddar Jack Cheese, Shredded1107g9g
X-Hot Sauce10
Mild Sauce24026g
Buffalo Shrimp, 10 Piece28032g2g
Cherry Coke260
WTG Burger82039g40g
Kids 2 Fresh Tenders, Fries, & Fountain Drink63025g10g
Lemon Pepper Sauce26028g
Caribbean Jerk Sauce24026g
Buffalo Chicken Salad137070g98g
Waffle Fries, Regular3707g18g
Cheese Quesadilla67031g35g
Steak Cut Onion Rings1603g7g
Traditional Wings, 5 Piece44037g32g
Fiesta Wrap105073g39g
Pickle Chips
Breaded Fresh Tenders, 5 Piece52084g4g
Sweet Potato Fries, Large6604g31g
Jalapeno Peppers5
Sweet Potato Fries, Regular3502g16g
Italian Dressing12011g
Traditional Wings, 12 Piece107088g77g
Cajun Sauce14014g
Breaded Fresh Tenders, 3 Piece34051g3g
Honey Mustard Sauce1809g
BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger132074g84g
Burnie's Backfire Chili30021g6g
BBQ Chicken Quesadilla108074g38g
Grilled Fresh Tenders, 5 Piece38080g4g
Cheese Fries, Large6109g23g
Kids Hot Dog, Fries, & Fountain Drink75013g28g
Boneless Wings, 8 Piece43068g4g
Barb-B-Cide Sauce (Contains Gluten)1201g
Catfish Sandwich48028g10g
Garden Salad with Chicken85080g38g
Cocktail Sauce451g
Garlic Parmesan Sauce5204g51g
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich97065g31g
Teriyaki Sauce (Contains Gluten)120
Hush Puppies2508g
Boneless Wings, 5 Piece29043g2g
Barb-B-Cide Sauce1201g
Ranch Dressing16016g
Parmesan Cheese202g2g
Garbage Fries99021g41g
Half Rack Ribs52034g42g
Buffalo Garlic Sauce2501g25g
Waffle Fries, Large70013g35g
Ciabatta Roll2308g3g
Caesar Dressing2101g23g
Mini Corn Dogs2305g13g
Side Salad30020g18g
Blue Cheese Dressing1501g16g
Shrimp Wrap71041g27g
Garbage Nachos82020g27g
Roll, Hoagie 9 inch2007g2g
Chicken BLT143099g77g
Steak Quesadilla160086g95g
Mozzarella Sticks22014g9g
Chicken Caesar Salad105080g61g
Buffalo Shrimp, 5 Piece14016g1g
Golden Garlic Sauce48048g
Garlic Parm Sticks72016g59g
Full Rack Ribs104068g84g
Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla110074g51g
Buffalo-Style Chicken Sandwich122065g68g
Mango Twist (Contains Gluten)160
Kids 5 Mini Corn Dogs, Fries, & Drink6507g16g
Kids Cheese Quesadilla, Fries, Fountain Drink96021g26g
Brownie Ice Cream84010g47g
Homicide Sauce20
Veggie Wrap60028g26g
Tortilla Chips & Salsa2104g2g
Tortilla Chips & Cheese3404g12g
Hot Sauce12014g
American Cheese, Slice1005g9g
Buffalo Bleu Burger85034g61g
Mini Wrap33028g24g
Chicken Breast Sandwich78063g22g
Fried Pickles2003g10g
4 Piece Catfish with Hushpuppies, Fries, & Coleslaw114062g39g
Cheese Sauce805g
Marinara Sauce1102g5g
Fajita Wrap99069g38g
Jalapeno Cheddar Poppers28010g9g
Chicken Caesar Wrap107069g51g
Cheese Steak96061g60g
Xango Fried Cheesecake3807g190g
Cheddar Jack Cheese Shredded1107g9g
Chesapeake Bay Sauce24026g
Thousand Island Dressing19018g
Hot Dog2108g19g
Garden Salad55037g36g
Black Beans252g
Maui Splash (Contains Gluten)120
Full Rack Ribs with Fries & Coleslaw144074g100g
Suicide Sauce10
Fiesta Chicken Salad100082g49g
Cheese Fries, Regular3605g14g
Buffalo-Style Chicken Wrap130070g74g
4 Piece Catfish, Hushpuppies, Fries, Coleslaw134068g39g
2 Piece Catfish with Hushpuppies, Fries, & Coleslaw88043g32g
Traditional Wings, 8 Piece71059g51g
Roll, Bun Country White1405g1g
Diet Coke
American Cheese Slice1005g9g
Chicken Cheese Steak990103g25g
Bacon Cheese Burger120074g83g
Chicken BLT Wrap1510104g84g
Sour Cream601g5g
Grilled Fresh Tenders, 3 Piece23048g2g
Fuse Ice Tea160
Fiesta Chicken Quesadilla109078g43g
Half Rack Ribs with Fries & Coleslaw92040g58g
Asian Fusion Sauce (Contains Gluten)140
French Fries, Regular2805g9g
Pink Lemonade240
Golden Tender Wrap86068g28g
French Fries, Large5309g18g
2 Piece Catfish, Hushpuppies, Fries, Coleslaw98046g32g
Asian Fusion Sauce190
Boneless Wings, 12 Piece610101g5g
Honey BBQ Sauce (Contains Gluten)1201g


This is the list of the top 5 reasons why you should visit the Wings To Go restaurant. I know that you will love the taste and the variety of the food. You will also like the clean environment and the fast service provided by the restaurant.