Winger’s Grill & Bar Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Winger’s Grill: A Place to Get a Good Meal with a Great View!

Winger’s Grill is a new restaurant in the city of Hyderabad, Telangana. The restaurant is situated in the heart of the city, in the very old part of the city. It is located at the ground floor of the famous old Fort St. George, where the restaurant is also named after the name of the place.

The restaurant is serving delicious Indian food and its specialty is the ‘Murg’. Murg is a dish made of beef or chicken pieces that are marinated in a mixture of garlic and ginger. It is also served with a sauce of coriander and mint.

There are many restaurants that serve the Murg, but none of them can beat Winger’s Grill in taste and presentation. The restaurant is managed by a chef who has served at the best restaurants in the country.

It is situated near the famous Hussain Sagar Lake and it is a great place to have a great meal and a great view of the city. There are a lot of varieties of food served at the restaurant, but it is the Murg that takes the pride in the restaurant.

If you want to have a good meal and enjoy the city view then Winger’s Grill is the place to go. You can have a great time watching the sunset from the restaurant. It is a great place to visit if you are looking for a fine dining experience.

Winger’s Grill is located at the famous Fort St. George, the oldest fort in India. If you are interested in knowing more about the history of the place then you can read the article on Wikipedia.

The restaurant serves great food and has a wonderful ambiance. It is not only a fine dining place but also a place to enjoy life.

Winger’s Grill & Bar Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Kid Alfredo- no teddy grahams & celery-2907g21g
World Famous Wing Dinner no sides65049g28g
Creamy Amazing Dressing (1.5 ounces)1801g13g
Sticky Finger Wrap- no fries128043g70g
Kid Mac & Cheese- no sides39015g18g
1 8 inch Four Tortilla1404g3.5g
Caesar Salad805g3g
Southwest Wrap with Pork- no fries111047g64g
Sour Cream- 1 tablespoon301g3g
Bacon 1 slice403g3g
Crispy chicken Sandwich- no fries61033g20g
Kid Wings- no sides (4 wings)32025g24g
Kid Corn Dog Nuggets- no sides33011g20g
Gutbuster Burger189097g101g
Garlic Sirloin Steak Sandwich158063g88g
Fajita Veggies701g2g
Mango Chicken Salad53034g12g
Sticky Finger Dinner w/ sides161042g90g
Poppyseed Dressing (3 oz)27022g
Turkey Bacon & Swiss Melt- no fries76037g48g
Teriyaki Sauce- 2 tablespoons1202g
Kid Turkey Sandwich- no sides35019g19g
Ribs and Sticky Fingers Combo w/ sides3200131g179g
Pulled Pork Sandwich - no fries83049g33g
Garlic Sirloin Steak Sandwich- no fries104057g59g
Kid Turkey Sandwich w/ sides69024g35g
House Salad21013g15g
Wings- 6 (without ranch)47037g11g
World Famous Wing Dinner w/ sides129055g64g
Kid All American Burger w/ toppings and sides81024g48g
Swiss Cheese- 1 slice705g5g
Rice Bowl Sauce- 4 oz1902g
1 Wing with Original Amazing Sauce806g2g
Fish and Chips110032g58g
BBQ Cobb90064g50g
Feta Cheese- 1 oz706g4g
1 Scoop of Wicked Rice1803g
Sticky Finger Regular (includes ranch)135045g65g
Fish and Chips- no fries, tartar, or coleslaw33025g8g
Asphalt Pie w/ toppings8808g47g
Wings-12 (includes ranch)115075g47g
Sauteed onions- 1 bullet351g1.5g
Chicken Tortilla Soup46026g12g
7 Layer Wrap w/ fries169054g94g
Side Sour Cream- 1 tablespoon301g3g
Ranch Dressing 1.5 oz1501g16g
Kid Grilled chicken- no sides31028g1.5g
Sticky Finger Dinner no sides97036g54g
Ribs & Wings Combo w/ sides3030137g166g
1 Sticky Finger2009g10g
Loaded Chicken- no sides92088g46g
Steak Fajitas (includes tortillas and sides)129082g68g
Kid Quesadilla- no sides58027g31g
Amazing Ribs (1/2 Rack) no sides2140103g139g
Sweet Sesame Chicken98058g52g
House Salad (no dressing)21013g15g
Pico de Gallo- 2 tablespoons51g
Deluxe chicken Sandwich154059g68g
Blackened Chicken Alfredo- no garlic bread85041g58g
Winger Burger145053g73g
Sticky Fingers Large (includes ranch)210072g103g
Sticky Finger Rice Bowl120030g35g
Cajun Burger- no fries81047g44g
Sticky Finger Quesadilla (inc. creamy amazing dressing)140056g82g
Garlic Bread- 1 slice1907g6g
Sticky Finger Wrap182050g99g
Kid Grilled cheese w/ sides74021g44g
Ranch Dressing for Salads and Combos3102g32g
Kid fingers- no sides49018g37g
Cheddar Cheese- 1 slice805g7g
Bacon Ranch Burger- no fries71048g44g
Ranch Dressing3102g32g
Smokin Steak Platter- no sides87069g62g
Teddy Grahams601g2g
Blackened Chicken Alfredo104048g64g
Asphalt Pie- no toppings5506g34g
All American Burger (w/ fries, mayo, ketchup, L-TOP)120049g68g
Tortilla Strips
Blackened Chicken Sandwich- no fries106047g59g
Amazing Sauce 4 oz.380
Mushroom Mojo & Onion Burger155059g77g
Center Cut Sirloin Steak no sides60051g43g
Shredded 50/50 Cheddar/Jack mix- 3 oz33021g27g
Kid Grilled chicken w/ sides39030g3.5g
Amazing Ribs (1/2 Rack) w/ sides2680113g158g
Turkey BLT Sandwich125039g71g
Turkey Bacon & Swiss Melt131043g77g
Southwest Salad w/ Pork67038g35g
Texas Bacon Cheeseburger- no fries90053g53g
Pulled Pork Sandwich w/ fries137056g62g
Southwest Wrap with Chicken147057g81g
Potato Skins (including sour cream)83042g53g
Kid Grilled cheese- no sides40017g27g
Pecans 1.5 oz3004g32g
Southwest Wrap with Chicken- no fries93050g52g
Winger Burger- no fries91047g44g
Deluxe chicken Sandwich- no fries or mayo90053g28g
Crispy Chicken Salad49041g29g
Kid Quesadilla w/ sides65029g33g
Chicken Fajitas (includes tortillas and sides)115089g49g
Mushroom Mojo & Onion Burger- no fries101052g48g
Grilled Chicken Salad90050g29g
Smokin Steak Platter140079g82g
1 8" Four Tortilla1404g3.5g
Kid fingers w/ sides and ranch83023g54g
Concrete Pie w/ toppings97010g50g
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad32034g6g
Fries- Kids serving2703g15g
Smokin Chicken Platter117086g53g
Asian Dressing (3 ounces)100
Wings- 6 (includes ranch)62038g27g
Concrete Pie- no toppings6409g36g
Soup and House Salad (Without Ranch Dressing)67039g26g
Southwest Dressing (3 ounces)36036g
Kid All American Burger- no sides47019g31g
7 Layer Wrap- no fries115047g65g
Turkey BLT Sandwich- no fries70033g42g
Chicken Pot Pie139042g85g
Parm Cheese- 1 tablespoon202g1.5g
Blue cheese Dressing- 3 oz.4503g48g
All American Burger- no fries65042g39g
House Salad (without Ranch) & 1/2 Turkey BLT56029g36g
Fried Rice Noodles901g
Kid Corn Dog Nuggets W/ sides68015g36g
Cole Slaw- 1/3 cup1007g
Texas Bacon Cheeseburger144060g82g
Caesar Dressing (3 ounces)4103g41g
Southwest Salad W/ Chicken49042g24g
Smokin Chicken Platter- no sides64076g33g
Wings & Things Sampler (includes ranch)183082g95g
Southwest Wrap with Pork165053g93g
Popcorn- 4.5 cups1603g9g
Crispy chicken Sandwich115039g49g
Combo Fajitas (includes tortillas and sides)122085g58g
Grilled Salmon no sides70045g14g
Bacon Ranch Burger125055g73g
Gutbuster Burger- no fries134090g72g
Creamy Amazing Dressing (3 ounces)2701g20g
Cajun Burger135053g73g
Balsamic Chicken Salad75042g40g
Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl101040g16g
Ketchup- 1 tablespoon20
Winger's Saucy! Grilled Chicken w sides107058g22g
Sticky Finger Salad111041g49g
Ranch Dressing for Salads3102g32g
Deluxe chicken Sandwich- no fries100053g39g
Balsamic Vinegarette (3 ounces)80
Sauteed mushrooms- 1 bullet252g2g
Onion Rings- non fried (4 Pieces)1705g0.5g
Tortilla Soup & 1/2 Turkey BLT81043g33g
Mayo- tablespoon10011g
Winger's Saucy! Grilled Chicken no sides63052g2.5g
Ribs & Sticky Finger Combo no sides2670121g160g
Loaded Chicken145098g65g
Kid Fingers- no sides OR ranch33018g21g
Tartar Sauce 3/4 bullet13014g
Kid Wings w/ sides (4 wings)67030g40g
Blackened Chicken Sandwich160053g88g
Kid Mac & Cheese w/ sides46016g21g
Ribs & Wings Combo no sides2500127g146g
Center Cut Sirloin Steak w/ sides113061g62g
Kid Alfredo w/ teddy grahams & celery3709g23g
Grilled Salmon w/ sides115051g34g
Mixed Veggies- 5 oz serving1703g12g