White Spot Restaurants Calories and Nutrition Facts

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White Spot Restaurant In Bangalore – What You Should Know About It?

Are you looking for a good and affordable restaurant near your home? If yes then White Spot is the perfect place for you. You can choose between a large number of menu options to make a tasty dinner.

Why is White Spot Restaurant so popular?

White Spot is one of the most famous restaurants in Bangalore. It is located in the city center of Bangalore and attracts people from all over the country. It is a good option for families and friends who want to eat together.

What is the food like in White Spot?

White Spot offers delicious Indian food, Italian food, Chinese food, Japanese food and American food. You can also enjoy a wide variety of beverages including beer, wine and cocktails.

You can order a drink and a meal or you can have two different meals. They offer lunch and dinner services.

Where can you find White Spot Restaurant?

White Spot is located in the city center of Bangalore. It is situated in the middle of the Malleshwaram Road and is very close to the Central Railway station and Kempegowda Bus Station.

Is it good to eat at White Spot?

Yes, it is a great place to eat because the food is delicious. The ambiance is good, the service is good and the price is also reasonable.

What is the best time to visit White Spot Restaurant?

The best time to visit White Spot is from noon to 11 pm. It is a good option for people who want to enjoy a good dinner.

White Spot Restaurants Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Chicken Wings61058g42g
Side of Garlic Panini Bread with Garlic Butter2006g6g
The Spot's Fish & Chips, Side Tartar2102g23g
Classic Plate4101g28g
Dippin' Chicken45035g18g
Nat's Hearty Breakfast with Pancakes89024g32g
Kids Grapes601g
The Spot's Poutine59020g35g
Nat's Hearty Breakfast with Toast48023g21g
Buttermilk Pancakes & Bacon with Butter & Syrup149032g56g
Our Famous Burgers, Fries3305g17g
Side of Hashbrowns1903g7g
Benedicts and Bowls, Add Side of Smashbrown Potatoes3203g22g
Arrabbiata Sauce251g2g
Baked Potato Poutine, Side74028g47g
Stacked Blueberry Waffle135041g47g
Sandwiches & More, Add Platter (Fries & Coleslaw)4406g26g
Kids Hamburger78029g49g
The Spot's Salad2304g21g
Southwest Power Bowl No Protein with Jalapeno Ranch57013g42g
Brunch Burger without Sauce112049g70g
Our Famous Burgers, Half Spot Salad1002g10g
Dippin' Chicken, Add Half Caesar Salad2406g18g
Classic Benedict47025g27g
Sandwiches & More, Add Half Caesar Salad2406g18g
Teriyaki Chicken Donburi Bowl71038g11g
Our Famous Burgers, Side of Mashed Potatoes41012g15g
White Toast36010g15g
The Spot's Salad without Dressing804g5g
Buttermilk Chicken Cobb Salad without Dressing66053g28g
Nat's Loaded Beef Dip67044g20g
Pasta & Bowls, Garlic Prawns13011g10g
Clam Chowder, Cup2202g7g
Breakfast Quesadilla95051g58g
Candied Salmon & Spinach Salad without Dressing51027g32g
Breakfast Quesadilla, Add Side of Cilantro Sour Cream402g3g
Nat's Crispy Dry Ribs with Rosemary Salt79058g61g
Our Famous Burgers, Honey Mustard23020g
Mexicali Tacos, Add Side of Cilantro Sour Cream402g3g
Buttermilk Pancakes with Strawberry Topping & Whipped Cream119024g43g
Substitute Egg Whites6011g
Kids Veggies & Dip with Zoo Dip801g6g
Citrus Ginger Chicken Salad30030g7g
Our Famous Burgers, Triple O Sauce2201g22g
Citrus Ginger Chicken Salad without Dressing23029g5g
Shrimp Gyoza46013g23g
Chipotle Mayo30033g
Mediterranean Chicken Burger60049g25g
Chorizo & Goat Cheese Omelette81049g62g
Bacon Cheddar Bigger Burger108038g72g
Add Cheese7045g5g
Nat's Favourites, Add Side of Fruit801g
Kids Cakes with Fruit69012g27g
Mexicali Tacos, Add Side Strawberry Salsa15
Nat's Pancakes with Fruit Topping & Whipped Cream118024g43g
Pack of Crackers251g0.5g
The Spot's Zoo Sticks79029g28g
Kids Apple Slices40
Our Famous Burgers, Coleslaw1101g9g
Caesar Salad without Dressing19010g5g
Nat's Scrambles, Add Side of Fruit801g
Baked Potato Poutine, Appetizer88031g53g
Hot Fudge Brownie with Ice Cream & Whipped Cream106012g62g
Buttermilk Chicken & Waffle112055g58g
Spinach & Artichoke Quesadilla, Add Side of Fire Roasted Sauce201g
Buttermilk Chicken Cobb Salad77053g39g
Spaghetti & Meatballs102044g46g
Bishop's Curry85035g30g
Avocado Beyond Burger71033g43g
Candied Salmon & Spinach Salad74027g57g
Kids Hook Bacon with Fruit & Toast30014g12g
Monty Mushroom Bigger Burger without Sauce82045g47g
Curried Quinoa Bowl116041g38g
Mexicali Tacos, Prawn Taco1906g9g
Double Double12202g82g
Sweet Potato Fries6707g38g
Pasta & Bowls, Beyond Patty28021g21g
Kids Fish11015g2g
Crispy Three Cheese Ravioli without Sauce37012g10g
Chicken Wings without Sauce61075g42g
Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla without Sour Cream & Salsa56032g48g
Kids Spaghetti & Meatball45020g21g
Side of Naan Bread with Butter2205g8g
Add Wild Pacific Salmon23024g15g
The Legendary Burger without Sauce56028g27g
Sourdough Toast3608g13g
The BC Sunny Start58025g34g
Avocado Beyond Burger Vegan on GF Bun & No Ranch66027g39g
Side of Smashbrown Potatoes3203g22g
Kids Chicken Tenders27021g11g
Add Shrimp Gyoza3107g18g
Quinoa & Cauliflower Power Salad without Dressing66029g24g
Sauces & Dips, BBQ Sauce3201g
Baby Back Ribs, Half Rack Only100065g81g
Sandwiches & More, Add Half Spot Salad1002g10g
English Muffin1905g7g
Benedicts and Bowls, Add 2 Slices of Toast36010g15g
Mediterranean Chicken Burger without Sauce46036g16g
Kids Pizza26010g11g
Chicken, Broccoli & Cheese with Rice & Spot Salad112047g64g
West Coast Salmon Burger without Sauce52034g19g
Add Bacon6045g5g
Sauces & Dips, Zoo Dip909g
Nat's Waffles with Fruit Topping & Whipped Cream82019g23g
Candied Salmon & Goat Cheese Scramble56036g43g
The White Spot Club without Sauce56036g12g
Sauces & Dips, Tennessee Whiskey3601g1g
Breakfast Quesadilla, Add Side of Strawberry Salsa15
Nat's Hearty Breakfast, Add Bacon6010g3g
Nat's Best Shakes in Town, Large6506g28g
Arugula & Goat Cheese Flatbread61020g25g
BC Chicken Burger7901g41g
BC Chicken Burger without Sauce5706g20g
Nat's Original Beef Dip54039g11g
The Ultimate Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream & Whipped Cream118015g43g
Sauces & Dips, Plum Sauce701g
The Spot's Calamari49044g18g
Side of Scrambled Eggs22014g17g
Nat's Best Shakes in Town, Small2903g14g
Baby Back Ribs, Full Rack Only2000129g162g
Blackened Cod & Spicy Tomato Prawn Risotto63043g23g
Sauces & Dips, Chipotle Mayo30033g
Chicken Caesar Wrap without Dressing59033g21g
Chipotle Chicken Wrap7906g41g
Pasta & Bowls, Blackened Chicken19026g8g
Apple Pie with Ice Cream10209g46g
Gluten Friendly Bun2101g5g
The Spot's Fish & Chips, Add Platter4406g26g
Greens, Add Buttermilk Chicken17018g6g
Double Double without Sauce99011g60g
Brunch Burger121049g76g
Veggie Beef Bowl1406g4g
Add Chargrilled Chicken13024g3g
Shrimp Florentine Benedict60032g36g
Spinach & Artichoke Quesadilla, Add Side of Cilantro Sour Cream402g3g
Crispy Cauliflower Bites71019g34g
Kids Mac & Cheese29011g10g
Chargrilled Salmon & Seafood Trio102054g56g
Bacon Cheddar Bigger Burger without Sauce8505g50g
Chicken Caesar Wrap74029g37g
Hot Buttermilk Chicken Caesar Wrap70033g33g
Buttermilk Waffle & Bacon with Butter & Syrup112026g36g
Spinach & Artichoke Dip with Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce106037g53g
Kids Grilled Cheese35014g17g
Brie & Mushroom Veggie Burger without Sauce73029g36g
Candied Salmon Spinach Salad without Dressing46026g29g
The Legendary Burger78046g49g
Kids Kids Tossed Salad601g5g
Kids Chocolate Gold Coin251g
Greens, Add Chargrilled Chicken13024g3g
Our Famous Burgers, Sweet Potato Fries6707g38g
Chicken & Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo150056g86g
The White Spot Club Sandwich89044g45g
Nat's Scrambles, Add Side of Smashbrown Potatoes3203g22g
Prawn & Avocado Flatbread with Jalapeno Ranch91028g56g
Nat's Hearty Breakfast with Waffle77021g28g
Tennessee Whiskey BBQ Sauce2400.5g
Spot Classics, Add Sauteed Garlic Mushrooms905g6g
Clam Chowder Cup22017g7g
Spinach & Artichoke Quesadilla61026g29g
Nat's Scrambles, Add 2 Slices of Toast36010g15g
Kids French Fries1402g7g
Dippin' Chicken without Sauce45012g18g
Pasta & Bowls, Salmon23024g14g
Chicken Pot Pie with Spot Salad98020g75g
Our Famous Burgers, Classic Plate41011g28g
Nat's Favourites, Add Side of Smashbrown Potatoes3203g22g
Nat's Hearty Breakfast, Add Back Bacon1209g10g
Kids Steamed Carrots401g1g
Sauces & Dips, Frank's Red Hot
Clam Chowder Bowl28021g9g
Multigrain Toast3909g17g
Monty Mushroom Bigger Burger104046g69g
Cauliflower & Chickpea Curry53016g13g
Candied Salmon Spinach Salad68026g53g
Quinoa & Cauliflower Power Salad87030g48g
Chipotle Mayo for Burger30033g
Add Gravy151g1g
Chipotle Chicken Wrap without Dressing5906g19g
Kids Hook Sausage with Fruit & Toast41019g21g
Kids Waffle with Fruit46010g12g
Kids Steamed Broccoli352g1g
Add Sauteed Mushrooms1529g1g
Tomato & Herb Scramble62042g46g
Mexicali Tacos21011g9g
Nat's Hearty Breakfast, Add Chorizo31019g24g
Caesar Salad49012g37g
Our Famous Burgers, Half Caesar2406g18g
Bacon, Broccoli & Cheese Scramble61048g44g
Add 1 Slice of Cheese704g5g
Toasted Shrimp Sandwich58032g26g
Spot Classics, Add Sauteed Garlic Prawns13011g10g
Brie & Mushroom Veggie Burger99030g58g
The Spot's Fish & Chips11015g2g
Our Famous Burgers, Chipotle Mayo30033g
Hot Chargrilled Chicken Caesar Wrap68040g34g
West Coast Salmon Burger69035g38g
New York Steak Frites91064g53g
Benedicts and Bowls, Add Side of Fruit801g
Seafood Fettucine135063g64g
Kids Kids Caesar Salad1203g9g
White Spot Berry Cheesecake with Strawberry Topping & Whipped Cream53014g26g
Toasted Shrimp Sandwich without Sauce36031g4g
Cheesesteak Hash116054g81g
New York Steak Dinner94066g54g
Clam Chowder, Bowl28035g9g
Nobashi Prawns40017g28g
The BC Sunny Start without Sauce46024g23g
Sauces & Dips, Sweet Thai Chili90
Add Garlic Prawns6019g6g
Spot Classics, Add Platter (Fries & Coleslaw)4206g23g
Ham & Brie Scramble60040g47g
Add 2 Slices Bacon604g5g
Southwest Chorizo Hash86031g60g
Back Bacon6010g3g
Veggie Beef Cup1105g4g
Side of Fruit801g
Kids Sweet Potato Fries3103g19g
BBQ Sauce3201g
Sauces & Dips, Honey Mustard23020g
Nat's Hearty Breakfast, Add Sausage42021g36g
Oatmeal & Quinoa with Fruit68022g15g


If you are looking for a great place to dine, then White Spot is the perfect option. It is affordable, delicious and offers a variety of food and beverages.