White Mountain Calories and Nutrition Facts

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White Mountain Restaurant – The Best Steakhouse in the World

It is a popular saying that “if you don’t try you will never know”. In the modern era, people have become very busy in their personal and professional life. There is no time for leisure or a little rest. To overcome this situation people have started working in night shift. Nowadays, people are staying up late and therefore they need to eat late. Eating late will make them feel hungry and tired, but if you don’t have a proper place for eating then you will feel miserable.

One of the best places to eat late is the White Mountain restaurant. This is one of the best steak houses in the world. It is located in North Carolina in the United States. If you want to taste some delicious dishes in the late hours, then you should visit this restaurant.

History of White Mountain

White Mountain restaurant was opened in the year 1920, but now it is owned by the famous restaurateur David D. Sanders. Sanders is also known for his other restaurants like Ben & Jerry’s, Carvel ice cream and many more.

The main attraction of this restaurant is the delicious food and drinks served here. The food is prepared with the best ingredients and this is why people come here for eating. The food is served by the talented chefs. The chefs are not only talented but also they are very professional and know how to cook different types of dishes.

White Mountain has been featured in several magazines and newspapers. The restaurant is famous for its steaks and other food items. The restaurant has become a favorite for the locals and tourists.

How to get to the White Mountain

If you want to visit this restaurant, then you must know the route of this restaurant. The address of this restaurant is in the US state of North Carolina. If you are visiting this place for the first time, then it will be difficult for you to find the place, because the restaurant is small and not so well known.

To avoid such situations, you must search the location of the restaurant. Google map will help you to find the exact location of this restaurant. You can even search for the reviews written by the customers and the pictures taken by the tourists.

The menu

White Mountain has a wide range of different types of dishes. You can choose any dish from the menu and enjoy the food. The menu is divided into several sections such as the appetizers, entrees, desserts, salads and drinks. You can order a complete meal or can order some snacks.


The appetizers are the first course of the meal. The menu consists of many appetizers. Some of the appetizers include:


You can choose to eat salad as your appetizer. You can order a Caesar salad or an Italian salad. The salad is one of the healthiest foods as it contains lots of vitamins and minerals.


The dessert is the final course of the meal. If you want to have a sweet taste then you can order something from the desserts. The desserts are very delicious and you will love to eat these desserts.


White Mountain has different types of drinks available here. You can choose a glass of wine, beer or any cocktail. The drinks are prepared by the professionals who know how to make these drinks.

White Mountain Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Vegan Chorizo12010g7g
Nonfat Bulgarian Yogurt759g
Whole Milk Bulgarian Yogurt1359g7g
Greek Yogurt1107g6g
Sweet Potato Pecan Tamales2404g9g
Wheat Roast16019g7g
Organic Whole Milk Bulgarian Yogurt1408g8g
Organic Nonfat Bulgarian Yogurt808g
No-Meata Fajitas11014g3.5g
Traditional Style Tamales27017g12g


White Mountain is a well-known restaurant and the best steak house in the world. The chefs and the bartenders know how to prepare the best dishes. If you are visiting this restaurant for the first time then you will be amazed to see the variety of food items. The restaurant is famous for its steaks and other food items.