Way Better Snacks Calories and Nutrition Facts

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4 Reasons Why Way Better Snacks Restaurant is The Best Food Out There

Way Better Snacks restaurant is a popular name in the food industry. It is a fast food chain restaurant that is available across the world.

It has a great reputation in the market because of the quality and freshness of its food. Here are some reasons why you must visit this restaurant.

1. Variety of Food

The Way Better Snacks restaurant has a wide variety of food items that are made from fresh and nutritious ingredients. Some of the items include fish sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, and hamburgers. The burger has a unique taste that is irresistible.

2. Fresh and Healthy Food

The food served in the Way Better Snacks restaurant is fresh, nutritious, and healthy. The food items are made from the finest ingredients. All the food items in this restaurant are prepared under the supervision of the chefs.

3. Delicious and Tasty Food

One of the main advantages of the Way Better Snacks restaurant is that it serves delicious and tasty food items. The food items have a unique flavor and texture that is hard to forget. If you are looking for a healthy and tasty food item then Way Better Snacks is the place to visit.

4. Affordable Prices

The Way Better Snacks restaurant is known for its affordable prices. The menu is priced in a reasonable manner and is affordable. Most of the customers are satisfied with the food items. You can order the food online and enjoy it anytime.

Way Better Snacks Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Thin & Crispy Roasted Poblano & Lime Tortilla Chips1302g7g
Salt & Cracked Pepper Crackers1103g4.5g
Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips1302g7g
Thin & Crispy Black Bean Chips w/ Roasted Garlic1502g8g
Thin & Crispy Ancient Grains Chips w/ Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper1502g8g
Sriracha Tortilla Chips1302g7g
Black Bean Tortilla Chips1302g6g
Multi-Grain Tortilla Chips1302g7g
Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips1302g7g
Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips1402g8g
Mustard & Cheddar Crackers1204g5g
Thin & Crispy Heirloom Blue Corn Tortilla Chips1302g7g
Blue Corn Tortilla Chips1301g7g
Black Bean & Salsa Crackers1104g4.5g
Avocado Ranch Tortilla Chips1402g8g
Rosemary Me & Olive Oil Crackers1103g4.5g
Blue Corn Tortilla Chips w/ No Salt1301g7g


I hope you enjoyed reading this article. I have provided you with some of the reasons why you should visit this restaurant. If you are planning to visit any food restaurant then this is the place to visit.

The menu of the restaurant is affordable and you will surely enjoy your meal. I have also shared with you some of the best food items that you can enjoy.