B C Pizza Calories and Nutrition Facts

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What is B C Pizza Restaurant?

It is one of the famous pizza restaurants in London, England. It was founded in the year 1960. The main aim of the business is to provide the best quality food to the customers. They provide a wide variety of pizzas and also it is serving in a fast and convenient way.

B C Pizza offers the best pizzas with different ingredients. One of the most popular recipes is the cheese pizza which is served with mozzarella, ham, pepperoni, and garlic.

The cheese pizza is available for takeaway or for delivery. It is one of the most delicious and mouth-watering recipes.

It is the perfect place for gathering your friends and family. In B C Pizza, you will get various toppings for the pizzas. There is no need to wait for the order and the staff will deliver it to your doorstep.

The delivery is made within half an hour. In the evening the order will be delivered within 30 minutes. You can place the order online and it will be delivered to your address.

There is no menu card and you can ask for any pizza you like. The pizza is prepared fresh and you will get the most delicious pizza. You will get more than 60 toppings and you can customize the pizza as per your taste.

The pizza is available in all the regions and you can enjoy the taste of Italian food. In B C Pizza you will get the best pizza recipe and the most unique ingredients.

It is one of the best restaurants for parties and gatherings. You can invite your family members and friends for the dinner. The atmosphere will be awesome and everyone will love the taste of pizza.

The delivery is quick and reliable. It is one of the most famous and best restaurants in London.

B C Pizza Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Pizza Toppings, Artichoke Hearts
Medium Pizza, C, P, H22012g7g
Dessert Pizza, Cherry2004g2g
Salad, Greek, Regular106027g94g
Medium Pizza, Southwest Steak & Port.27015g11g
Personal Pizza, BBQ Chicken1207g3.5g
Salad, Greek, Small59017g52g
Pizza Pocket80048g35g
Small Pizza, Patrolman's Special20011g6g
Pizza Crust, Classic702g0.5g
Large Pizza, Buffalo Chicken28014g12g
Salad, Taco, Small43019g25g
Chicken Parmazeti Pasta83030g30g
Wrap, BBQ Chicken90055g30g
Sarge Pizza, Patrolman's Deluxe73041g31g
Personal Pizza, Chicken Parmazeti1407g7g
Sarge Pizza, Chicken Parmazeti72034g32g
Personal Pizza, C1106g3.5g
Sub, BBQ Beef107062g26g
Square Pizza, Bacon Double Cheeseburger22013g8g
Sarge Pizza, Pizza Margherita58032g17g
Low, Fat Ranch Dressing701g4g
Large Pizza, Southwest Steak & Port.30016g13g
Italian Dressing11011g
Fruit Wrap, Apple5308g14g
Square Pizza, Patrolman's Deluxe24014g10g
Sarge Pizza, Greek, Za Med70034g29g
Sweet Heat Sauce35
Medium Pizza, Greek, Za Med25012g10g
Pizza Toppings, Banana Peppers
Sub, Club104057g46g
Small Pizza, C, P, H, M, Gp20011g6g
Sarge Pizza, C, P, H, M, Gp63034g22g
French Bread Pizza118067g56g
XLarge Pizza, C23013g7g
Wrap, Steak & Portabella107058g63g
Wrap, BBQ Beef91057g30g
Medium Pizza, C, P, H, M, Gp21011g7g
Personal Pizza, Bacon Double Cheeseburger1308g5g
Square Pizza, Chicken Parmazeti24012g11g
Medium Pizza, Chicken Bacon Ranch27013g12g
Large Pizza, Chicken Cordon Bleu29015g13g
Square Pizza, Chicken Cordon Bleu24012g11g
Bread Stix With Pepperoni903g3g
Small Pizza, Bacon Double Cheeseburger23013g9g
Salad, Chicken, Small46024g34g
XLarge Pizza, Chicken Bacon Ranch31016g14g
Sub, Steak & Portabella122062g58g
Square Pizza, C, P, H21012g7g
XLarge Pizza, Chicken Cordon Bleu30016g14g
XLarge Pizza, Greek, Za Med29015g13g
Large Pizza, Greek, Za Med28014g12g
Personal Pizza, Patrolman's Deluxe1408g6g
Sarge Pizza, Taco Pizza70037g26g
Square Pizza, Southwest Steak & Port25014g11g
Pizza Toppings, Green Peppers
Personal Pizza, Patrolman's Special1307g4.5g
Wrap, BBQ Meatball140072g73g
Wrap, Taco96051g58g
Sub, Cheese Steak Hoagie113060g55g
Salad, Chef's Super, Regular85035g69g
Personal Pizza, Buffalo Chicken1407g6g
Square Pizza, C, P, H, M21012g7g
Pizza Toppings, Ground Beef201g1.5g
Personal Pizza, C, P1207g4.5g
Salad, Italian, Regular83025g72g
Large Pizza, Patrolman's Special26014g9g
Small Pizza, Buffalo Chicken23011g9g
XLarge Pizza, BBQ Chicken26014g7g
Salad, Garden, Regular81023g68g
Large Pizza, C, P, H25014g9g
Spi-Rolls, Pepperoni804g3g
Personal Pizza, C, P, H, M1207g4.5g
Green Peppers With Spaghetti5
Sarge Pizza, C, P, H62034g22g
Sarge Pizza, C, P, H, M62034g22g
Large Pizza, Chicken Parmazeti29014g13g
Square Pizza, C18010g5g
Medium Pizza, BBQ Chicken22012g5g
Small Pizza, Southwest Steak & Port25013g10g
Quesadilla, Steak68047g28g
Grinder, Crispy Chicken Club143070g58g
Caesar Dressing2301g25g
Pizza Sauce101g
XLarge Pizza, Chicken Parmazeti30015g13g
Personal Pizza, Chicken Cordon Bleu1407g7g
Pizza Toppings, Portabella Mushrooms
Square Pizza, BBQ Chicken21011g5g
Chicken Wings, Boneless606g2g
Wrap, Veggie83027g53g
XLarge Pizza, C, P26014g10g
Bleu Cheese Dressing2001g21g
Aged Cheddar Cheese Sauce351g2.5g
XLarge Pizza, Patrolman's Special26015g9g
Large Pizza, Chicken Bacon Ranch29015g13g
Square Pizza, Carnivore's Feast24013g10g
Sesame Orange Sauce802g
Pizza Toppings, Kalamata Olives101.5g
Wet Burrito, Beef108050g56g
XLarge Pizza, C, P, H27015g10g
Medium Pizza, Patrolman's Deluxe25014g10g
Large Pizza, C, P25013g9g
Small Pizza, Chicken Cordon Bleu24012g11g
Wrap, Turkey83043g48g
Pizza Toppings, Green Olives50.5g
Personal Pizza, Chicken Bacon Ranch1408g7g
Sub, Ham & Cheese100056g45g
Small Pizza, C, P, H, M21011g7g
Sarge Pizza, Southwest Steak & Port.75040g32g
Sub, Chicken111063g50g
Large Pizza, Taco Pizza29015g11g
Pizza Toppings, Bacon303g2.5g
Wrap, Cheese Steak Hoagie98055g59g
Pizza Toppings, Tomatoes
Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing907g
Bread Stix With Ham803g1g
Medium Pizza, C19010g5g
Chicken Wings11010g7g
XLarge Pizza, Patrolman's Deluxe30017g12g
Dessert Pocket, Cherry104024g11g
Sub, Turkey101054g43g
Spi-Rolls, Chicken906g3g
Thousand Island Dressing21021g
Small Pizza, Carnivore's Feast23013g9g
Cinnamon Crisp Pizza, Large1403g1.5g
Wet Burrito, Chicken99055g46g
Wrap, Super98046g66g
Small Pizza, Pizza Margherita19010g5g
Small Pizza, C1809g4.5g
Medium Pizza, Pizza Margherita21011g6g
Salad, Caesar, Regular5809g57g
Pizza Toppings, Pineapple5
BBQ Sauce60
XLarge Pizza, Taco Pizza30016g12g
Medium Pizza, Carnivore's Feast25014g10g
Meatball With Spaghetti906g7g
Pizza Toppings, Red Onion
Pizza Toppings, Meatballs101g
Small Pizza, C, P, H20011g7g
Personal Pizza, Carnivore's Feast1408g6g
Salad, Garden, Small42012g35g
Cinnamon Spi-Rolls With Pecans1102g5g
Large Pizza, Pizza Margherita23013g7g
French Dressing21018g
Pizza Toppings, Pepperoni351g3.5g
Sub, Crispy Chicken Club117059g55g
Medium Pizza, C, P21011g7g
Southwest Dressing14014g
Large Pizza, Patrolman's Deluxe29016g12g
Pizza Toppings, Italian Sausage1g2g
Medium Pizza, Bacon Double Cheeseburger24014g9g
Rotini Rustico With Sausage71025g16g
Personal Pizza, C, P, H1207g4.5g
Dessert Pizza, Choc S'More3005g2.5g
Pizza Toppings, Anchovies507g2.5g
Sarge Pizza, BBQ Chicken62032g16g
Pizza Toppings, Fresh Basil
Hot Sauce10
Pizza Toppings, Jalapenos
Mini, Cannoli704g
Sarge Pizza, C54029g15g
Sarge Pizza, Bacon Double Cheeseburger62034g21g
Salad, Tossed, Small3004g26g
XLarge Pizza, Pizza Margherita Bc24013g8g
Sub, Super114051g61g
Sub, Veggie99032g49g
Salad, Portabella, Small19011g7g
XLarge Pizza, C, P, H, M27015g10g
Small Pizza, Chicken Parmazeti25012g11g
Square Pizza, Pizza Margherita20011g6g
Sarge Pizza, Chicken Cordon Bleu69033g30g
Sarge Pizza, Carnivore's Feast72040g31g
Square Pizza, Patrolman's Special21012g7g
Quesadilla, Chicken69045g30g
Large Pizza, Bacon Double Cheeseburger27015g10g
Wrap, Crispy Chicken Club102054g60g
Salad, Tossed, Regular5607g50g
Medium Pizza, Taco Pizza25013g9g
Pizza Toppings, Black Olives151g
Wrap, Club87049g51g
Medium Pizza, C, P, H, M22012g7g
Fruit Wrap, Pineapple5108g14g
Cheesy Bread 101106g3.5g
Small Pizza, Greek, Za Med23010g9g
Spaghetti With Meat11018g3g
Sarge Pizza, Chicken Bacon Ranch70034g31g
Pizza Bowl, Chicken72049g39g
Sub, Taco112056g54g
Pizza Toppings, Mushroom
Salad, Italian, Small44013g37g
Pizza Crust, Gluten Free1002g3g
Square Pizza, C, P, H, M, Gp21012g7g
Bourbon Sauce70
XLarge Pizza, Carnivore's Feast30017g12g
Wrap, Pizza104064g63g
Large Pizza, C, P, H, M25014g9g
Sarge Pizza, Buffalo Chicken69034g29g
Pizza Toppings, Ham51g
Dessert Pocket, Apple3703g4.5g
Wrap, Italian Sausage97053g57g
Pizza Bowl, Keto74054g49g
Pizza Toppings, Broccoli
Sub, BBQ Chicken106060g26g
Dessert Pizza, Pineapple1604g2g
Sub, Pizza120069g58g
Wrap, Meatball124076g73g
Personal Pizza, C, P, H, M, Gp1207g4.5g
Large Pizza, Carnivore's Feast29016g12g
Large Pizza, C22012g6g
Square Pizza, Greek, Za Med24011g10g
Sub, Italian Sausage113058g52g
Dessert Pizza, Apple1904g2g
XLarge Pizza, Buffalo Chicken29015g12g
Salad, Caesar, Small3906g38g
Mushrooms With Spaghetti51g
Small Pizza, C, P20010g7g
Sarge Pizza, Patrolman's Special63034g22g
Wrap, Chicken95058g55g
Cinnamon Crisp Pizza, Small1203g1g
Wrap, BLT108054g73g
Wrap, Ham & Cheese84051g50g
Medium Pizza, Chicken Cordon Bleu26013g11g
Salad, Taco, Regular84038g50g
Large Pizza, BBQ Chicken25013g7g
Cina-Sticky Fingers91024g12g
Sub, BLT124059g69g
XLarge Pizza, Sw Steak & Portabella31017g14g
Salad, Chicken, Regular89047g66g
Square Pizza, Buffalo Chicken23012g10g
Small Pizza, Chicken Bacon Ranch24012g11g
Salad, Portabella, Regular36022g14g
Nachos Supreme, Beef125042g76g
Pizza Toppings, Chicken101g
Square Pizza, Chicken Bacon Ranch25012g11g
XLarge Pizza, C, P, H, M, Gp26015g9g
Greek Dressing22024g
Ranch Dressing2201g23g
XLarge Pizza, Bacon Double Cheeseburger28016g11g
Pizza Toppings, Red Bell Peppers
Square Pizza, C, P20011g7g
Small Pizza, Patrolman's Deluxe24013g9g
Square Pizza, Taco Pizza24012g9g
Dessert Pocket, Pineapple98024g11g
Personal Pizza, Taco Pizza1408g6g
Sarge Pizza, C, P61031g22g
Cinnamon Stix With Icing91024g12g
Sub, BBQ Meatball155077g68g
Mac & Cheese75027g9g
Pizza Toppings, Seasoned Ground Beef604g4.5g
Bread Stix802g1g
Small Pizza, Taco Pizza24012g9g
Pizza Toppings, Spinach
Medium Pizza, Patrolman's Special22012g7g
Salad, Chef's Super, Small45018g35g
Jumbo Chicken Fajita69042g30g
Cheesy Bread 141106g3.5g
Sub, Meatball140081g68g
Large Pizza, C, P, H, M, Gp25014g9g
Pizza Toppings, Feta Cheese201g2g
Fruit Wrap, Cherry5508g14g
Bread Knots802g1g
Medium Pizza, Buffalo Chicken25012g10g
Small Pizza, BBQ Chicken21011g5g
Nachos Supreme, Chicken116046g66g
Medium Pizza, Chicken Parmazeti26013g12g
Garlic Roll49013g7g


If you plan to go for a special occasion, then B C Pizza is the best choice. You will get the best and most delicious recipe and you will love the taste of the pizza.

I have tried the delivery of the pizzas and it is very quick and reliable. You will get the best pizza recipe and the most amazing ingredients.

So, if you are looking for the best restaurant for parties and gatherings, then this is the right place for you. I hope this article will help you to make your decisions.