Una Mas Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Una Mas Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Una Mas Steak Taco35019g14g
Mahi Mahi Taco33018g
Tostada Salad (as served)95025g52g
Quesadilla Grande with Chicken112053g76g
Baja-Style Pescado Burrito with The Works96099g52g
Thai Chicken Burrito Wet Style83035g40g
Vegetariano Burrito69091g
Cabo-Style Pescado Taco with The Works50021g35g
Tortilla Soup, Large34029g18g
Chicken Burrito70020g
Carnitas Burrito137077g83g
Una Mas Chicken Taco, Regular25014g8g
Baja-Style Pescado Burrito75031g34g
Shrimp Quesadilla with The Works118058g78g
Mahi Mahi Taco with The Works49021g32g
Tostada Salad with Chicken13016g6g
Taqueria Taco1509g7g
Side of Rice and Beans1105g
Shrimp Taco, Cabo Style26012g12g
Margarita Salad With Chicken & Vinaigrette108057g73g
Gallito Burrito99060g
Chicken Enchiladas56024g
Chicken Fajita Burrito Wet Style119051g58g
Steak Fajita Burrito96045g37g
Nachos with Steak94g
Steak Burrito with The Works, Regular-Size94046g39g
Nachos with Chicken92g
Margarita Salad With Chicken, No Dressing62057g22g
Tostada Salad with Steak15018g8g
Mas Nachos1850102g
Verde Salad without Vinaigrette Dressing20012g10g
Una Mas Veggies Taco34012g13g
Steak Fajita Burrito with The Works117053g55g
Quesadilla Chica52019g35g
Tostada Salad without Tortilla Basket36016g18g
Chicken Burrito Chico Wet Style81037g38g
Steak Burrito Chico Wet Style80035g36g
Tortilla Chips1402g7g
Una Mas Taco, Chicken34013g
Chicken Burrito Wet Style91042g38g
Una Mas Chicken Taco34019g13g
Taquito Platter66034g
Crispy Taco Salad with Chicken60034g30g
Chicken Burrito Chico60029g20g
Carnitas Taco46027g27g
Chicken Taquitos (2)22012g12g
Shrimp Taco, Baja Style32012g18g
Verde Salad with Vinaigrette Dressing48012g9g
Steak Burrito50037g14g
Guacamole and Chips83050g
Tortilla Soup, Small19016g11g
San Lucas Fish Taco, Baja Style43012g26g
Low Carb Beef Burrito62038g31g
Cabo-Style Shrimp Taco26012g12g
Baja-Style Shrimp Taco32012g18g
Mahi Mahi Burrito Wet Style96046g51g
Crispy Chicken Taco37024g
Foghead Burrito88037g36g
Tofu "Low Carb" Burrito49016g
Thai Chicken Burrito62022g
San Lucas Fish Taco, Cabo Style32011g19g

Una Mas Restaurant – A Best Steak House In Dubai

What do you expect from a restaurant? Do you want good food, a great ambience, and an attentive wait staff? Do you want to enjoy your time while you are waiting for your food to be served to you? Or are you looking for something different than what you usually get? Well, I think you are looking for the Una Mas.

You might be surprised to know that there is a steak house in Dubai that serves the best steaks in the city. This is not just another ordinary steak house, it is a place where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a meal that will make your mouth water.

What makes Una Mas unique?

The food: The best thing about Una Mas is its steak. The steak is cooked perfectly and it is cooked to perfection. If you are a steak lover, then this is the place you should visit.

Service: The service at Una Mas is unmatched. The waiters are extremely friendly, and they are always ready to listen to your requirements. They are polite and courteous.

Ambience: This is one of the best restaurants in Dubai for the ambience. The decor and ambience are very inviting and elegant. There is a huge fireplace that is a beautiful and soothing sight.

What sets Una Mas apart?

The food: If you are a steak lover, then you need to try the Una Mas steak. It is the best steak in the city. The chef at Una Mas is the perfect combination of a talented chef and a seasoned professional. His menu has different kinds of steaks and other specialities. He uses the best quality of meat and he knows how to cook the meat perfectly.

Service: When you visit Una Mas, you will experience the best service. The staff is extremely friendly and courteous. They will help you with anything that you require.

Ambience: This is one of the best restaurants in Dubai for the ambience. It is located in a 5 star hotel and it has a beautiful interior. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day.


If you are looking for a place that offers the best steak in the city, then you need to visit Una Mas. It is a place that will make your mouth water and make you crave for more.