UFood Grill Calories and Nutrition Facts

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UFood Grill Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Side Salad242g
BBQ Beef & Broccoli Wrap83054g18g
Better Bacon Cheeseburger61534g17g
Breakfast Burrito – Egg & Cheese58032g12g
Steak Burrito106367g29g
Citrus Grilled Chicken40762g13g
Go Man-Go Smoothie2505g
Caesar's Romaine Roll-Up43019g11g
Tomato Bruschetta Sandwich w/ Chicken43633g10g
Breakfast Sandwich – Egg, Cheese & Turkey Sausage58042g11g
Seasoned Black Beans17010g2g
Fire Grilled Sirloin Tips39454g14g
Fresh Steamed Broccoli283g
Chicken Burrito88646g19g
Veggie Burger32120g3g
Enticin' Bison30064g4g
Breakfast Sandwich – Egg, Cheese & Turkey Bacon63045g19g
Pineapple Frapple Smoothie2865g
Hearty Three Bean Chili35920g9g
Ultimate Caesar Salad w/ Chicken & Dressing40530g18g
Orange Pineapple Whip Smoothie2504g
Santa Fe Veggie Burrito77328g19g
Chocolate Peanut Butter Buzz Smoothie50629g10g
Blueberry Blitz Smoothie2304g
Fire-Roasted Turkey & Swiss Sandwich53138g9g
Chipotle Turkey Burger62039g13g
Breakfast Burrito – Egg, Cheese & Turkey Bacon69040g18g
Bison Burger39026g12g
Peachy Keen Smoothie2903g
Breakfast Burrito – Egg White, Cheese & Turkey Sausage54033g9g
Tofu Burrito84335g22g
Fruit Bowl1602g
Breakfast Burrito – Egg, Cheese & Turkey Sausage64037g15g
Kickin' Thai Chicken35762g5g
Berrylicious Smoothie2195g
Texicali Turkey Sandwich53941g11g
Yogurt & Granola31114g2g
Steamed Veggie Medley191g
Swiss Melt Burger60938g17g
Turkey Medallions29851g13g
Acai Superberry Smoothie2906g2g
Chili w/ Chicken54437g12g
BBQ Chicken Grill25939g2g
Bistro Salad w/ Chicken & Dressing44731g18g
Bistro Salad w/ Dressing3129g14g
Chili w/ Steak79368g25g
Chicken Parmigiana Wrap71053g15g
Mango Mayhem Smoothie3102g
Goin' Bananas Smoothie24417g
Teriyaki Chicken & Broccoli Wrap73031g8g
Breakfast Sandwich – Egg & Cheese46033g7g
Whole Grain Brown Rice1544g2g
Crispy Chicken Chopped Cobb Salad w/ Dressing33135g12g
Breakfast Burrito – Egg White & Cheese48028g7g
Chili w/ Tofu53028g15g
Falafel Roll-Up75025g31g
Breakfast Burrito – Egg White, Cheese & Turkey Bacon59037g12g
French Onion Melt Chicken Sandwich50336g11g
Sweet Potato Mash1152g1g
Buffalo Bleu Chicken Wrap59428g24g
Chicken Meatball Marinara Wrap87881g15g
Caesar's Romaine Roll-Up w/ Chicken65032g22g
Ultimate Caesar Salad w/ Dressing29113g15g
Strawbanilla Smoothie2535g
Tomato Bruschetta Sandwich54719g17g
Classic Burger51928g13g
Honey Mustard Chicken31038g4g

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