Tumaro’s Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Tumaro’s Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
12" Garden Spinach Wrap3207g8g
8" Low-In-Carb Wrap – Tomato Basil605g2g
8" Low-In-Carb Wrap – Oat w/ Flax705g2g
12" Southwest Chipotle Chili & Peppers Wrap3207g8g
12" Honey Wheat Wrap3208g8g
10" Organic Whole Wheat Wrap1705g5g
12" Whole Wheat Wrap3008g8g
8" Low-In-Carb Wrap – Ancient Grain605g2g
10" Honey Wheat Wrap1804g3g
8" Salsa Wrap606g2g
8" Jalapeno & Cilantro Wrap1103g1.5g
8" Low-In-Carb Wrap – 9-Grain w/ Chia605g2g
12" Sundried Tomato Wrap3207g8g
8" Low-In-Carb Wrap – Sriracha705g2g
8" Low-In-Carb Wrap – Garden Veggie605g2g
8" Low-In-Carb Wrap – Premium White605g2g
12" Jalapeno & Cilantro Wrap3207g8g
8" Low-In-Carb Wrap – Whole Wheat605g2g
8" Low-In-Carb Wrap – Honey Wheat604g2g
12" Spinach Wrap w/ No Preservatives29010g6g
10" Garden Spinach Wrap1804g3g
12" Organic Whole Wheat Wrap2608g8g
12" Premium White Wrap3307g8g
8" Low-In-Carb Wrap – Premium White Protein809g3g
10" Sundried Tomato Wrap1804g3g
10" Sourdough New York Deli Wrap807g2g
10" Pumpernickel New York Deli Wrap805g2g
10" Everything New York Deli Wrap807g2g
8" Low-In-Carb Wrap – Multi-Grain606g2g
12" Sundried Tomato & Basil Wrap w/ No Preservatives3207g8g
10" Rye New York Deli Wrap905g2g
10" Cracked Pepper New York Deli Wrap808g2g
8" Chipotle Black Bean Wrap1003g1.5g
8" Mesquite Wrap1003g1.5g
12" Parmesan Cheese Wrap3308g8g
12" Pesto & Garlic Wrap3207g8g
12" Roasted Red Pepper Wrap3207g8g

What is the secret behind Tumaro’s Restaurant?

Everyone wants to know that where did this restaurant come from? It is a very interesting question, as the restaurant was opened in 1883 in the name of Tumaro’s and it is still serving its customers with great pleasure.

The history of this restaurant is linked with the famous American writer Henry James who lived in London for many years. James had visited the restaurant when he was a young boy and he came back to his home in America and started writing his famous book called “Daisy Miller”.

In the book he had mentioned that he has been to Tumaro’s and that it was one of the best restaurants in London. So, in order to get his permission for the publication of the book, the restaurant owner had to make a lot of efforts and even spent some money on James to let him enjoy the restaurant.

Tumaro’s is a very famous restaurant and people from all over the world visit it. It is a very famous restaurant in London and also one of the oldest in the world. I am sure that by now you have also heard about the celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey who has given his opinion about Tumaro’s, he has stated that this restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the world.

The restaurant is located in Great Russell Street and is famous for its Italian cuisine and amazing customer service. It is a very famous restaurant in London and has a special menu for its customers.

There is a very popular saying in this restaurant that “you are what you eat”. So, the food is really good and you will be able to see that the dishes are different in taste and are not the same that you can find in any other restaurant. The restaurant is open for seven days a week and serves lunch and dinner.

The menu of this restaurant consists of pasta, pizza, risotto, meat, fish, salads and desserts. There are a lot of Italian delicacies like pasta, pizza and risotto which are served in this restaurant. I hope you liked this article and you are planning to visit this restaurant once in your lifetime.


I hope you liked this article, as I have shared with you the interesting story of the Tumaro’s restaurant. You will love the food, the ambiance, the customer service and the variety of the dishes. If you are planning to visit London then make sure to include Tumaro’s in your list of things to do in London.