Bandana’s Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Bandana’s Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Beef Platter45666g19g
Bar-B-Q Salad – Chicken52145g28g
St. Louis Sweet & Smoky Sauce501g
Sausage Pound103564g80g
Donut Holes7308g33g
Turkey Platter34477g2g
Sausage Sandwich66027g36g
Memphis Style Sauce30
St. Louis Style Rib Platter105761g63g
Pork Sandwich65047g27g
Fried Okra73010g46g
St. Louis Style Slab of Ribs2295133g139g
Side Salad1406g10g
KC Style Sauce501g
Beef Plate30444g13g
Fried Chicken Tenders68042g26g
Bar-B-Q Beans1526g1g
Baby Back Ribs Platter w/ Rub101859g55g
Bar-B-Q Salad – Wet Beef & Pork49129g26g
St. Louis Style Rib Sandwich101042g44g
Ice Cream Sundae2403g8g
Sweet Cut Corn1213g5g
Sausage Plate38724g30g
Green Beans332g
Carolina Smokin Hot Sauce20
Beef Pound811117g33g
Loaded Bar-B-Q Baked Potato – Beef & Pork67037g25g
Loaded Bar-B-Q Baked Potato – Chicken & Turkey64036g22g
Baby Back Ribs Plate w/ Rub68039g37g
Southern Style Original Sauce25
Wet Chicken & Turkey Sandwich52026g15g
Fitz's Root Beer Float3703g11g
Garlic Bread2396g6g
Baked Potato – Plain2647g1g
Turkey Plate23051g1g
Brownie a la Mode4806g19g
Apple Sauce81
Chicken Plate26730g15g
Beef Sandwich59044g22g
Whole Bone in Chicken1070118g59g
Bar-B-Q Salad – Turkey45147g20g
Bar-B-Q Salad – Pork55144g32g
Potato Salad2023g13g
St. Louis Style Rib Plate w/ Rub70441g43g
Pork Plate37347g19g
Baby Back Slab of Ribs1796102g97g
Bar-B-Q Salad – Wet Chicken & Turkey45128g22g
Turkey Sandwich53050g12g
Pork Pound995126g50g
Chicken Platter53659g30g
Bar-B-Q Chicken Nachos1970105g121g
Chicken Sandwich61047g22g
Sausage Platter58236g45g
Chicago Sweet Sauce70
Wet Pork & Beef Sandwich57027g19g
Bar-B-Q Salad – Beef50142g28g
Fried Chicken Tenders Platter68042g26g
Apple Pie4403g22g
Pork Platter56071g28g
Hot Boiled Peanuts114057g106g
Baby Back Rib Sandwich99040g40g
French Fries2904g12g
Turkey Pound612137g3g

Bandana’s Restaurant – Top Most Healthy Restaurants in Bangalore

There are a lot of restaurants available in the city of Bangalore, but some of them are famous for their food and others for their location. Bandana’s restaurant is a name of a restaurant that is not only known for its delicious food but also for its location. They have several branches in different parts of Bangalore. Here are some facts about Bandana’s restaurant.

Best healthy restaurants in Bangalore

The best part of Bandana’s restaurant is that they have many different branches and each branch is known for its specialty. Here is the various specialty of each Bandana branch.

Veg Bandana’s

Their Veg Specialty is very popular and is available at their outlets at Malleshwaram, HSR Layout, and at Indiranagar. Their dishes are made of fresh and natural ingredients, so you will get the best experience of eating. They offer you vegetarian and vegan options which are delicious and healthy too.

Pizza Bandana’s

Their Pizza Specialty is very popular among the people. They serve you with fresh ingredients and amazing taste. The pizza is baked in a wood oven and it is very delicious.

Fusion Bandana’s

At the fusion branch, you will get the best of Japanese and Indian cuisine. They have amazing and mouthwatering dishes. If you are a fan of Japanese, then you must try sushi and miso soup.

Bandana’s South

If you want to taste authentic Indian food, then this is the place to go. At this branch, you will find a wide range of Indian dishes like chicken curry, mutton gravy, vegetable korma, etc.

Bandana’s North

Their North Branch has the best Mexican cuisine. They have a wide range of dishes like enchiladas, tacos, burritos, nachos etc. If you are looking for something different and unique then you can choose their special dishes like nacho burritos, burritos,s, and fajita.

Bandana’s West

The west branch of Bandana’s restaurant is a favorite of the people because of their amazing burgers. Their burger is made from 100% organic and free-range beef and it is the best-tasting burger in the city.

Bandana’s East

The east branch of Bandana’s restaurant is the best for the people who love to have a great seafood experience. Their seafood dishes are really delicious and healthy too.

Bandana’s Southside

If you are looking for good vegetarian food then this is the best place to go. Their vegetarian menu is delicious and they have all types of vegetarian dishes including curries, roti, rice, bread, chips, etc.

Bandana’s Northside

The northside branch of Bandana’s restaurant is one of the most popular in Bangalore. They serve you with amazing and delicious fusion dishes like Korean BBQ, Thai curry, Chinese curry, and more.

Bandana’s Eastside

This is another popular branch of Bandana’s restaurant. Their dishes are made of fresh and healthy ingredients. If you are looking for a perfect date night or you want to spend a weekend with your family or friends then you can choose their delicious dishes.

Bandana’s Southside

The southside branch of Bandana’s restaurant is one of the best in the city. Their food is delicious and healthy too. If you want to eat something different and you are looking for something different, then this is the best place to visit.

Bandana’s Westside

The westside branch of Bandana’s restaurant is famous for its burgers. If you are a burger lover, then you can choose their amazing burgers which are made of 100% organic and free-range meat.


I hope you liked this post about the best healthy restaurants in Bangalore. If you are planning to visit Bandana’s restaurant then you must check out their different branches and choose the one which suits you best. I am sure you will love their food and they are the best healthy restaurants in Bangalore.