Traditional Medicinals Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Traditional Medicinals Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Green Tea – Lemongrass
Green Tea – Hibiscus
Herbal Tea – Pau d'Arco
Herbal Tea – Chamomile
Herbal Tea – Turmeric w/ Meadowsweet & Ginger
Kids Tea – Tummy Comfort
Relaxation Tea – Stress Ease Cinnamon
Herbal Tea – Fennel
Herbal Tea – Dandelion Leaf & Root
Herbal Tea – Nettle Leaf
Kids Tea – Throat Coat
Digestive Tea – Gas Relief
Laxative Tea – Smooth Move Chamomile
Women's Tea – Pregnancy
Women's Tea – Mother's Milk – Shatavari Cardamom
Women's Tea – Healthy Cycle
Relaxation Tea – Nighty Night Valerian
Detox Tea – Everyday
Herbal Tea – Chamomile w/ Lavender
Seasonal Tea – Throat Coat
Herbal Tea – Lemon Balm
Women's Tea – Mother's Milk
Women's Tea – Back on Track Hibiscus Cranberry
Seasonal Tea – Breathe Easy
Kids Tea – Cold Care
Seasonal Tea – Echinacea Plus
Digestive Tea – Ginger Aid
Herbal Tea – Hibiscus
Kids Tea – Nighty Night
Herbal Tea – Licorice Root
Seasonal Tea – Echinacea Plus Elderberry
Herbal Tea – Linden Flower w/ Hawthorn & Lemon Balm
Herbal Tea – Ginger w/ Chamomile
Herbal Tea – Peppermint
Detox Tea – Everyday Dandelion
Digestive Tea – Belly Comfort Peppermint
Relaxation Tea – Cup of Calm
Herbal Tea – Ginger
Herbal Tea – Burdock w/ Nettle Leaf
Herbal Tea – Raspberry Leaf
Herbal Tea – Roasted Dandelion Root
Green Tea – Peppermint
Seasonal Tea – Gypsy Cold Care
Laxative Tea – Smooth Move Peppermint
Herbal Tea – Rose Hips w/ Hibiscus
Green Tea – Ginger
Herbal Tea – Spearmint
Seasonal Tea – Seasonal Sampler
Herbal Tea – Hawthorn w/ Hibiscus
Green Tea – Dandelion
Detox Tea – Everyday Lemon
Women's Tea – Weightless Cranberry
Herbal Tea – Tulsi w/ Ginger
Laxative Tea – Smooth Move
Women's Tea – PMS Cinnamon
Seasonal Tea – Throat Coat – Lemon Echinacea
Relaxation Tea – Nighty Night

Traditional Medicinals is a company that provides traditional and natural remedies to people. They are a home-based business with a unique vision of delivering safe and effective natural alternatives to people who are looking for health care.

Traditional Medicinals was started by two brothers, one of them is Daniel who is a registered nurse and the other one is James who is a medical doctor.

Why choose Traditional Medicinals?

Daniel is a nurse and James is a doctor, they both understand the importance of choosing the right remedy for your health and they are well aware of the negative side effects of the chemical-based medicines.

Daniel and James have been practicing natural medicine since a very long time. They understand the significance of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of taking care of our bodies.

They started Traditional Medicinals with a purpose of providing natural, effective and affordable remedies to people.

The concept behind Traditional Medicinals is to provide the best quality products at the lowest possible price.

Traditional Medicinals has a strong team of people who are dedicated to deliver the best to their clients. Their main aim is to provide the highest level of service and they are successful in their mission.