Barberito’s Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Barberito’s Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Cheese for Salad16010g13g
Flour Tortilla, Burrito30010g8g
Spicy Chicken, Taco7012g2g
Corn Tortilla for Taco702g1g
Chicken, Taco7012g2g
Spicy Chicken14024g3.5g
Salsa, Nachos101g
Jalapeno, Fresh10
Cheese for Nachos31021g25g
Avocado Slices1201g10g
Hot Sauce10
Chicken for Burrito13024g3.5g
Cheese, Quesadilla25017g20g
Cheese Dip, Small20020g12g
Cheese for Taco or Mini Burrito705g6g
Tomatillo Sauce151g2g
Black Olives504.5g
Black Beans for Taco or Mini Burrito302g
Chipotle Hot Sauce15
Black Beans for Burrito603g
Romaine Lettuce, Bowl1g
Chipotle Tortilla, Burrito2608g3g
Sour Cream, Nachos1002g9g
Chips Served With Entree1704g4.5g
Ground Turkey for Burrito13014g7g
Chicken for Salad13024g3.5g
Chicken for Taco or Mini Burrito7012g2g
Ground Turkey, Nachos13014g7g
Spinach Tortilla, Burrito2608g2g
Guacamole for Burrito451g3.5g
Corn Salsa804g1g
Cheese Dip, Medium39040g23g
Cheese, Taco705g6g
Salsa, Taco
Romaine Lettuce151g
Ground Turkey13014g7g
Fat Free Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing10
Ground Turkey for Taco or Mini Burrito607g3g
Hard Taco Shell601g3g
Wheat Tortilla, Burrito2509g8g
Rice, Taco601g
Jalapeno, Pickled10
Ground Turkey, Taco607g3g
Chipotle Tortilla for Burrito30010g8g
Black Beans, Quesadilla503g
Chips, Nachos3409g9g
Fish, Nachos12020g4g
Spicy Chicken, Nachos14024g3.5g
Salsa, Bowl101g
Salad Shell2806g15g
Large Cheese Dip78081g47g
Ground Beef, Nachos25020g18g
Chicken, Nachos13024g3.5g
Green Pepper10
Guacamole, Bowl801g6g
Black Beans for Salad603g
Pinto Beans, Nachos503g
Fish for Taco or Mini Burrito6010g2g
Black Olives504.5g
Steak, Bowl27032g15g
Black Beans for Quesadilla503g
Pinto Beans, Taco302g
Chicken for Quesadilla13024g3.5g
Fish for Nachos12020g4g
Chicken for Nachos13024g3.5g
Chicken, Bowl19036g5g
Ground Beef for Burrito25020g18g
Cheese for Burrito16010g13g
Chips for Nachos3409g9g
Flour Tortilla, Quesadilla2006g6g
Black Beans603g
Fish for Burrito12020g4g
Ground Beef for Nachos25020g18g
Flour Tortilla for Burrito30010g8g
Green Pepper10
Flour Tortilla for Mini Burrito2006g6g
Salsa, Quesadilla101g
Medium Cheese Dip39040g23g
Heavy D Salsa152g
Black Beans, Nachos603g
Sour Cream, Bowl1002g9g
Ground Beef for Quesadilla25020g18g
Avocado Slices1201g10g
Chips for Dip3409g9g
Iceberg Lettuce101g
Sour Cream, Quesadilla1002g9g
Cheese, Bowl25017g20g
Ground Turkey for Quesadilla13014g7g
Sour Cream, Taco251g3g
Fish, Taco6010g2g
Iceberg Lettuce, Bowl101g
Guacamole, Nachos601g5g
Flour Tortilla for Quesadilla2006g6g
Flour Tortilla for Taco803g2.5g
Pinto Beans, Quesadilla453g
Flour Tortillas for Fajitas2409g8g
Ground Beef for Salad25020g18g
Ground Beef for Taco or Mini Burrito12010g9g
Fish for Salad12020g4g
Spinach, Salad253g
Chips with Entree1704g4.5g
Steak, Nachos18021g10g
Guacamole, Taco302g
Cheese for Fajitas25017g20g
Black Beans, Taco302g
Tofu, Taco604g3.5g
Corn Tortilla Taco Shell702g1g
Sour Cream601g6g
Chips Served With Dip3409g9g
Black Beans for Nachos603g
Pinto Beans503g
Ground Beef25020g18g
Chipotle Ranch Dressing19020g
Chicken for Fajitas19036g5g
Steak, Taco9011g5g
Tofu, Nachos1108g7g
Ground Beef, Taco12010g9g
Cheese for Quesadilla25017g20g
Small Cheese Dip20020g12g
Chipotle Hot Sauce15
Fish for Quesadilla12020g4g
Wheat Tortilla, Quesadilla1705g6g
Cheese, Nachos31021g25g
Cheese Dip, Large78081g47g

The most famous restaurant in Italy, Barberito’s Restaurant is the place to visit when you want to have a good time and relax. If you are looking for Italian food in the heart of the city then you are at the right place.

What is Barberito’s Restaurant?

Barberito’s is the best restaurant in Rome where the food is made with love and care. The ambiance is nice and you can enjoy the great view of the city. Barberito’s is famous for its pizza and pasta. You will get everything you want at a reasonable price.

What makes Barberito’s unique?

Barberito’s is the perfect place for those who want to relax and have a good time. There is no need to worry about the crowd and you can enjoy your meals in peace. The service is friendly and the food is delicious.

The menu

There are three different menus, which are Italian, vegetarian, and gluten-free. If you want to get the best of the food and drinks, then the Italian menu is the best option. There are pizzas, pasta, and desserts available. You can choose your favorite one and enjoy your meal in the most comfortable atmosphere.

Why Barberito’s is special?

There are many restaurants that offer a variety of foods, but Barberito’s is the one that offers the best experience. You will get a feeling of being in a private room and the ambiance will make you feel like you are at home.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Barberito’s and enjoy the best Italian food.


Barberito’s is a great restaurant and it is a must-visit place if you are a food lover. There are many Italian restaurants in the city, but Barberito’s is one of the best.