Tombstone Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Tombstone Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Garlic Bread Pizza – Pepperoni34015g15g
Roadhouse Loaded Pizza – Double Down Deluxe36015g21g
Original Classic Sausage Pizza27013g12g
BrickOven Style Pizza – Sausage & Pepperoni30015g15g
Roadhouse Loaded Pizza – Two Meat Matchup36015g21g
Original Deluxe Pizza26014g11g
Original Pepperoni & Sausage Pizza34014g15g
Half & Half Pizza – Pepperoni & Sausage33017g14g
Original Veggie Pizza22013g8g
Most Wanted Pizza – Fiesta Beef27015g12g
BrickOven Style Pizza – Cheese33017g14g
Original Supreme Pizza27014g12g
Original Hamburger Pizza32018g14g
Roadhouse Loaded Pizza – Showdown36015g21g
Roadhouse Loaded Pizza – Bring on the Meat36015g21g
Original 4 Meat Pizza28015g13g
Roadhouse Loaded Pizza – Better w/ Bacon36015g21g
Most Wanted Pizza – Baked & Loaded27015g12g
Original Canadian Bacon Pizza29017g11g
Original Sausage & Mushroom Pizza27015g12g
Garlic Bread Pizza – Supreme32014g13g
BrickOven Style Pizza – Supreme30015g15g
Original Pepperoni Pizza27013g12g
Most Wanted Pizza – Hulapeno27015g12g
Half & Half Pizza – Pepperoni & Cheese30019g12g
Roadhouse Loaded Pizza – Piled High Pepperoni36015g21g
BrickOven Style Pizza – Pepperoni31015g16g
Original Five Cheese Pizza34017g15g

Tombstone is a famous American cuisine restaurant which is located in Manhattan. The owner of this restaurant is a real estate investor. He opened this restaurant for a reason. He wants to promote the culture of the Old West.

Old west was the time when cowboys used to ride on horse and they were called “cowboy”. Their clothes were similar to the present day clothes but in the old days, they used to wear hats, boots, guns, and other western clothes.

When you go to Tombstone restaurant in NYC, you will be surrounded by the atmosphere of the Old West. The owner of the restaurant has made sure that all the details are accurate. The restaurant has all the accessories like the horse saddle, gun, gun belts, cowboy hat, etc. If you are interested in the history of the Old West, then you should visit this restaurant.


Tombstone is the best place to experience the Old West. You can learn more about the history of the Old West, then you should visit Tombstone restaurant in NYC. It will give you the feeling of the Old West. If you are interested in the history of the Old West, then you must visit this restaurant.