Bellacino’s Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Bellacino’s Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Pork BBQ Grinder70938g24g
Tuna Grinder77244g33g
A1 Bomber Steak Grinder66140g19g
Roast Beef Grinder73649g26g
Veggie Light Grinder46032.9g3.1g
Zesty Deli Grinder87549g39g
Stromboli Grinder91539g48g
Brazen Buffalo Chicken Grinder73050g24.2g
Seafood Grinder92729g48g
BLT Grinder102445g58g
Pizza Grinder88843g43g
Ham & Cheese Grinder73139g30g
Italian Grinder87342g44g
Reuben Grinder70046g22g
Turkey Reuben Grinder98152g21g
Triple Decker Grinder76151g28g
Ham, Cheese & Salami Grinder78938g37g
Ham & Turkey Grinder73943g29g
Club Grinder83349g36g
Veggie Grinder70929g33g
Taco Grinder84246g35g
Roast Beef Light Grinder59359.1g5.9g
Meatball Grinder88244g40g
Chicago Grinder81342g38g
Bayou Grinder74250g26g
Steak Grinder73640g30g
Chicken Parmesan Grinder69353g18g
Turkey Light Grinder54050.3g4.8g
Chicken Bacon Ranch Grinder86458g35.8g
Chicken Light Grinder58059.3g4.3g
Ham & Cheese Light Grinder58749g9.6g
Tuscan Chicken Grinder82552g34g
Turkey Grinder77244g33g
Chicken Grinder74851g26g

What is Bellacino’s Restaurant?

Bellacino’s Restaurant is a famous Italian restaurant that is located at 710 N. Main Street in Fort Wayne, IN.

The food served in the restaurant is amazing, and the portions are very large. The food is well-prepared and tastes really good. The food is delivered at the right temperature and is piping hot.

The restaurant has been serving its delicious food for almost 15 years and has earned a reputation for its quality. They are always looking to improve their services, so you can always expect the best from them.

The restaurant has also been featured in the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, and other local publications.

What is the menu?

The menu offered by the restaurant includes dishes such as pasta, pizza, appetizers, sandwiches, and more. Some of the specialty dishes include:






You can also enjoy the fresh ingredients used by the chefs to prepare the food. Some of the ingredients used include:


Cream cheese

Mozzarella cheese





Cream cheese




Pros of Bellacino’s Restaurant

Affordable food

The food is very affordable and you can easily fit the entire family in the restaurant. You can easily order for a family of four or five and you will still get to taste a great meal.

Good portions

The portions offered are very big and the food is piping hot. The portions are large enough to fill up your stomach and you will have no problem finishing the entire meal.

Great service

Bellacino’s restaurant offers excellent customer service, and you will be treated like a VIP. The staff is friendly and they will make sure that you have a pleasant dining experience.

Cons of Bellacino’s Restaurant

No carryout service

It is a bit disappointing that you cannot take your food home and eat it. If you like to eat out, then this is the best restaurant for you.

No parking

If you don’t know where to park, then you will have to drive around for a while and find a parking spot.

No delivery service

You will need to wait for the restaurant to deliver your food. But you will get to try the food only after waiting for a long time.


Bellacino’s restaurant is a popular Italian restaurant in Fort Wayne, IN. The food is tasty and the portions are huge. You will have no problem finding a place to fit the entire family in the restaurant. The restaurant is not only good for the people who are looking to enjoy their food but also for people who want to impress their friends and family.

If you haven’t tried Bellacino’s restaurant, then you should definitely give it a shot. It is one of the best restaurants in Fort Wayne, IN, and you will be able to enjoy the food for a long time.