Tokyo Joe’s Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Tokyo Joe’s Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Unagi Roll Sushi2006g6g
Spinach, Bowls5
White Chicken, Bento Box11022g2.5g
Mahi-Mahi Signature Bowl88026g40g
Green Onion5
Unagi Eel Sushi1705g6g
Honey Mango Dressing23019g
Spicy Tuna Roll2306g25g
Sushi Ginger, Poke Bowl10
General Joe's Soup57033g26g
Chicken Teriyaki Kid's Bowl w/ Noodles w/ Sauce28018g5g
Avocado, Poke Bowl801g8g
Spicy Tuna Roll, Bento Box2306g12g
Joe's Lettuce Wraps41033g11g
Joe's Roll Sushi20010g7g
Tamago Sweet Egg Sushi1204g3g
Teriyaki Sauce1001g
Side Salad15
Asparagus, Bowls51g
Dark Chicken, Bowls24029g12g
California Roll Sushi2107g11g
Tataki Salad42024g13g
Cali Poke Roll42014g26g
Traditional Oyako Bowl66042g13g
Classic Ramen Noodle Bowl w/ Sauce68055g10g
Stevi-Yaki Sauce, Bowls255g
Potstickers, Bento Box1507g6g
Green Dragon Sauce, Bowls25025g
Hookipa Salad64034g34g
Water Chestnuts10
Pork Gyoza without Sauces1507g7g
Oyako Sauce301g
Veggie Roll Sushi1703g6g
Side Salad w/o Dressing251g
White Rice, Poke Bowl3306g1g
Udon Noodles, Bowls29014g1g
Green Curry Sauce, Bowls10010g
Hookipa Big Salad w/o Dressing64034g34g
Brown Rice, Bento Box1503g1g
Miso Dressing1202g9g
Spicy Stevi-Yaki Sauce, Bowls505g
Top 5 Veggie Mix, Bento Box703g1g
Edamame Beans353g1g
Boulder Veggie Signature Bowl45019g8g
Surf & Turf Bowl65044g8g
No Brainer Veggie Mix604g1g
Peanut Sauce, Bowls2008g18g
Kid's PB&J Sushi Roll3608g7g
General Joe's Noodle Bowl50032g15g
Ichigo Salad (Winter)49033g32g
Sesame Dressing30030g
Traditional Hawaiian, Poke Bowl1201g11g
White Chicken, Bowls11022g2.5g
Soy Ginger Dressing1202g6g
Mahi-Mahi Bowl with Sweet Lemongrass Sauce95031g40g
Wonton Strips, Poke Bowl202g
Fresh Pineapple, Bowls30
Sweet Onions, Poke Bowl20
Hardboiled Egg806g5g
Carrots, Bowls10
Yakitori Sauce1001g
Gyoza Pork w/o Sauce1405g6g
Mojoe Bowl66034g8g
Joe's Noodle Bowl w/ Sauce51045g6g
Spring Rolls without Sauce, Chicken2309g8g
Scrambled Egg, Bowls806g5g
Jalapenos, Poke Bowl10
Peanut Sauce2008g18g
Ramen Egg Noodles, Bowls44014g1.5g
Ramen Egg Noodles44014g2g
Nikko Big Salad w/o Dressing36031g18g
Tataki Big Salad w/o Dressing42024g13g
Gyoza Veggie w/o Sauce1405g5g
Broccoli, Bowls5
Bean Sprouts
Mojoe Bowl with Sweet & Spicy Sauce79041g18g
Ichigo Salad (Summer)47031g29g
Jalapeno, Bowls10
Green Curry Sauce10010g
Yo Roll Sushi1706g5g
Tiger Shrimp Signature Bowl52030g1g
Kihei Salad52023g36g
Tofu, Bento Box16014g9g
Salmon, Bowls23023g15g
Green Onions, Poke Bowl51g
Lettuce Wraps w/o Dressing41033g11g
Yo Roll1706g25g
Bamboo Shoots5
Red Onion, Bowls10
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dessert5205g26g
Crispy Onions, Poke Bowl704g
Texas Roll1903g25g
Side Salad (No Dressing), Bento Box15
Lemongrass Basil Dressing18016g
Krispie Bar Dessert3305g12g
Spicy-Aki Sauce, Bowls100
Edamame Beans, Bowls353g1g
Curry Sauce1202g10g
Edamame, Poke Bowl706g2g
Green Dragon Sauce25025g
Teriyaki Sauce, Bowls1305g
Spring Rolls without Sauce, Tofu29011g14g
Yakitori Sauce, Bowls1505g8g
Steak, Bento Box14022g5g
Udon Noodles28013g1g
Mojoe Signature Bowl w/ Sauce82038g16g
Nikko, Poke Bowl18018g
Snap Peas, Bowls10
Miso Soup1006g3.5g
Brown Rice, Bowls2906g2g
Water Chestnuts, Bowls10
Ahi Tuna, Poke Bowl13022g5g
Sunomono, Bento Box701g
Zucchini, Bowls5
Chicken Spring Rolls without Sauce28019g10g
Sake Salmon Sushi1407g5g
Peanut Skewers w/ Sauce20027g6g
Chopped Greens, Poke Bowl151g
Spicy-Aki Sauce901g
Chili Pepper Flakes, Poke Bowl5
Krispie Bar3404g14g
Potstickers with Sauce1909g8g
Brown Rice2906g2g
Noodles & Teriyaki Kid's Bowl w/ Sauce33014g1g
Red Onion10
Sunomono Small Salad w/o Dressing706g
Chocolate Chip Cookie, Kids Bento3804g18g
Gluten Free Teriyaki Sauce, Bowls1002g
Shrimp, Poke Bowl11035g
Cucumber, Poke Bowl101g
Kihei Big Salad w/o Dressing52023g36g
Cali Tartare Roll36014g19g
Edamame, Bento Box1009g3g
Green Curry Shrimp Bowl53028g11g
Spicy Tuna Roll Sushi2106g11g
Yakitori Bowl75045g12g
Dark Chicken, Kids Bento12015g6g
Miso Soup w/ Noodles38020g4g
Salmon, Bento Box23023g15g
Nikko Salad with White Chicken33027g18g
Dark Chicken24029g12g
Gluten Free Teriyaki Sauce1002g
Veggie Tofu Roll1904g25g
Maguro (Ahi Tuna) Nigiri1208g2g
Mahi-Mahi Bowl91031g42g
Joe's Original Teriyaki Bowl77043g14g
Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dessert50011g28g
Chicken Spring Rolls w/o Sauce28019g10g
Brown Rice, Poke Bowl2906g2g
Miso Soup with Noodles38020g4g
Sesame Seeds, Poke Bowl201g2g
Nikko Dressing25021g
Yellow Curry Sauce, Bowls10010g
Oyako Broth Sauce, Bowls301g
Salmon, Poke Bowl15018g14g
Rice Noodles, Bowls3306g
Chicken Teriyaki Kid's Bowl w/ Sauce29014g5g
California Roll, Bento Box2209g9g
Avocado, Bowls1502g15g
Poppy Seed Dressing39030g
Arizona Roll29010g15g
Tokyo Big Salad w/o Dressing29028g9g
Red Dragon Sauce, Bowls1005g
Tofu, Kids Bento801g5g
White Chicken14026g4g
Mushrooms, Bowls101g1g
Chocolate Chip Cookie3605g19g
Mandarin Oranges, Kids Bento60
Mac & Cheese Kid's Bowl31011g9g
Spring Rolls without Sauce, Shrimp23015g8g
Teriyaki Sauce – Gluten Free1002g
Dark Chicken, Bento Box24029g12g
Stevi-Yaki Sauce – Sugar Free352g
Classic Ramen Noodle Bowl72057g10g
Pineapple, Poke Bowl25
White Rice3306g1g
Tataki Seared Ahi Tuna Sushi1208g2g
Dragon Sauce2601g21g
Mango, Poke Bowl20
Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie3906g43g
Kid's Noodles n' Teriyaki36017g1g
Kid's Mac n' Cheese31011g9g
Top 5 Veggie Mix, Bowls703g1g
Joe's Roll20010g7g
Crab Cheese Wonton Roll3106g11g
White Rice, Bento Box1903g
Tangy Tokyo Dressing803g
California Roll2207g9g
Yakitori Signature Bowl w/ Yakitori Sauce71041g6g
Steak, Bowls14022g5g
Green Onion, Bowls5
Snap Peas10
Chicken Skewers18023g5g
Kid's Chicken Teriyaki with Noodles33025g7g
Spicy Aioli, Poke Bowl1901g10g
Hardboiled Egg, Bowls806g5g
Udon Noodles, Bento Box1507g0.5g
Snickerdoodle Cookie Dessert4205g16g
Kid's Chicken Teriyaki35021g6g
White Rice, Bowls3306g0.5g
Boulder Veggie (add choice of sauce)47016g8g
Maguro Ahi Tuna Sushi1208g2g
White Chicken, Kids Bento6011g1g
Oyako Signature Bowl w/ Sauce74044g21g
Macadamia Nuts, Poke Bowl1001g11g
Tofu, Bowls16014g9g
Nikko Salad36031g18g

Tokyo Joe’s is a Japanese-style restaurant which is a chain restaurant in India. The restaurant was launched in 2013 and now it is one of the most popular restaurants in Delhi NCR. Why is it so famous and what makes it best? Let’s see the answer.

Japanese Cuisine

The first thing that you will notice is the menu, the food is not just tasty but it is also different and unique. The restaurant has various dishes which are served in small portions. The portion size is more than enough for one person but for the family, it will be enough.

Best for Foodies

When you enter the restaurant you will feel the aroma of the Japanese food and that is the reason people visit the restaurant. Not only the food but the atmosphere is great and if you want to enjoy the atmosphere, then you must visit Tokyo Joe’s restaurant.

Good Food & Good Service

The waiters and the staff members are very friendly and professional. They will guide you with the menu and will offer you the best dishes for you. So, whenever you visit the restaurant, you will get a good experience.

Dining Area

When you enter the restaurant you will see the dining area, which is the main attraction. The dining area is very spacious and clean, you will feel comfortable and you will love the dining area.


Tokyo Joe’s is a Japanese restaurant which is not only famous for the food but for the great atmosphere. You can visit the restaurant and enjoy the taste of Japan.