Togo’s Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Togo’s Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
#10 Pastrami Reuben Sandwich, Large141068g79g
Pastrami Sandwich74039g34g
#19 Egg Salad & Cheddar Sandwich, Mini52024g32g
Bacon Ranch Chicken Wrap68044g33g
Greek Veggie Wrap59019g30g
#7 Roast Beef Sandwich, Large107087g32g
Chicken Caesar Salad45033g26g
Pepper Jack Pastrami Melt54027g32g
#26 Turkey, Ham & Cheddar Regular Sandwich, Large123080g56g
#31 Clubhouse Melt Sandwich, Regular101057g58g
#10 Pastrami Reuben Sandwich, Mini53024g26g
#37 Brewpub Chicken Sandwich, Regular102057g56g
Asian Chicken Wrap65034g28g
Ranch Dressing27029g
BBQ Chicken Ranch, Half Salad40014g31g
#21 Cali Veggie Sandwich, Mini46018g26g
#38 Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Mini39023g17g
Classic White Bread502g1g
#19 Egg Salad & Cheddar Sandwich, Regular96042g57g
Albacore Tuna Sandwich101051g40g
# 19 Egg Salad & Cheese Sandwich, Regular64031g28g
Mayonnaise, Mini506g
BBQ Sauce, Sweet Baby Ray's, Mini25
# 2 Black Forest Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Half/Mini30019g6g
# 1 Chicken Sandwich, Large74051g12g
Sriracha (Boom Boom) Sauce, Large36036g
#37 Brewpub Chicken Sandwich, Large153083g84g
Italian Vinaigrette607g
Horseradish Mayo403.5g
#22 Cheese Sandwich, Mini39017g19g
Asian Dressing35031g
#71 Pretzelrami84047g50g
#7 Roast Beef Sandwich, Mini36029g11g
Asian Chicken, Full Salad67029g43g
#5 Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich, Large97051g28g
Chocolate Chunk Brownie4405g23g
#38 Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Large105063g41g
Chocolate Chunk Cookie4104g21g
#33 Triple Dip Sandwich, Large1810149g87g
# 20 Albacore Tuna (Dolphin Safe) Sandwich, Family2180121g60g
#23 Salami & Provolone Sandwich, Regular102044g61g
Cali Veggie Wrap81028g49g
#20 Albacore Tuna Sandwich, Regular55030g17g
#14 Hummus Sandwich, Mini3309g13g
# 22 Cheese Sandwich, Regular72036g30g
Clam Chowder Soup37011g22g
Santa Fe Chicken, Half Salad21013g11g
# 2 Black Forest Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Regular52035g15g
#36 California Club Sandwich, Regular74040g33g
#72 Turkey Bistro81050g45g
#5 Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich, Mini32017g9g
# 21 Avocado & Cheese Sandwich, Regular63025g29g
Chipotle Mayo, Mini15015g
#32 Pepperjack Melt Sandwich, Mini54027g32g
#31 Clubhouse Melt Sandwich, Large147083g83g
#29 Chicken Salad Sandwich, Large92052g32g
#7 Roast Beef Sandwich, Regular71058g21g
#1 Chicken & Cheddar Sandwich, Mini51027g29g
# 23 Salami and Cheese Sandwich, Regular95087g37g
Hot Sauce
Chicken Caesar Wrap57030g21g
Pretzel Roll2708g6g
# 1 Chicken Sandwich, Family2020143g34g
Mayonnaise, Regular10011g
Lite Balsamic Vinaigrette17014g
# 14 Hummus Sandwich, Family259065g107g
Horseradish Mayo, Mini403.5g
# 26 Turkey, Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Half/Mini30023g5g
Sriracha Boom Boom Sauce12012g
Italian Vinaigrette, Mini607g
# 23 Salami and Cheese Sandwich, Family3780346g145g
Mediterranean Chicken Salad58035g36g
#14 Hummus Sandwich, Regular67018g26g
# 24 Turkey and Avocado Sandwich, Regular53036g15g
Ultimate Veggie Wrap67018g39g
# 22 Cheese Sandwich, Family2600135g112g
Peanut Butter Cookie4307g24g
BBQ Ranch Chicken Wrap54033g17g
#26 Turkey, Ham & Cheddar Sandwich, Regular81048g39g
Horseradish Mayo, Regular807g
The Italian Sandwich48024g26g
#23 Salami & Provolone Sandwich, Mini53024g32g
#16 The Italian Sandwich, Mini48024g26g
# 30 Turkey Bacon Club Sandwich, Half/Mini30018g7g
#1 Chicken & Cheddar Sandwich, Regular93048g51g
# 20 Albacore Tuna (Dolphin Safe) Sandwich, Large83045g25g
# 16 The Italian Sandwich, Large125057g66g
# 21 Avocado & Cheese Sandwich, Half/Mini35013g13g
Pastrami Reuben Sandwich51026g29g
#39 BBQ Chipotle Chicken Sandwich, Regular90048g40g
Sourdough Bread602g
Peanut Butter Chip Cookie4106g23g
#16 The Italian Sandwich, Regular88041g47g
Hearty Vegetable Soup904g0.5g
Chicken Caesar, Full Salad45033g26g
#4 Turkey, Salami & Cheddar Sandwich, Large145079g81g
Greek Veggie Sandwich40012g21g
Chipotle Mayo, Regular29030g
#24 Turkey & Avocado Sandwich, Regular53036g15g
# 23 Salami and Cheese Sandwich, Large1310118g49g
#15 Greek Veggie Sandwich, Large121038g62g
#10 Pastrami Reuben Sandwich, Regular97047g54g
Santa Fe Chicken Salad80037g57g
Caesar Dressing1502g12g
Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich65034g18g
#9 Hot Pastrami Sandwich, Large109057g50g
Bread Bowl56020g2g
Gluten Free Wrap2206g9g
# 14 Hummus Sandwich, Half/Mini38010g14g
Santa Fe Chicken Wrap72038g34g
Mustard, Large
#14 Hummus Sandwich, Large100026g39g
Chicken Salad Sandwich31017g11g
# 1 Chicken Sandwich, Regular50035g8g
#15 Greek Veggie Wrap76022g45g
Chicken Noodle Soup1106g3.5g
Santa Fe Chicken, Wrap71038g34g
# 2 Black Forest Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Family2110138g58g
Hot Meatball Sandwich131067g59g
# 26 Turkey, Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Family2160167g51g
Chicken Sandwich31019g10g
#21 Cali Veggie Wrap81028g49g
Mediterranean, Half Salad37017g25g
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie3705g13g
BBQ Chipotle Mayo15015g
California Club71035g34g
Farmer's Market, Full Salad48010g39g
# 21 Avocado & Cheese Sandwich, Large93037g42g
#24 Turkey & Avocado Sandwich, Large105054g47g
#3 Turkey & Cheddar Sandwich, Mini44027g23g
Thousand Island Dressing31028g
# 21 Avocado & Cheese Sandwich, Family2520100g116g
# 19 Egg Salad & Cheese Sandwich, Large95046g40g
#2 Ham & Swiss Sandwich, Regular69040g28g
Mayonnaise, Large15017g
Triple Dip Sandwich102082g47g
Lite Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing17014g
Hummus Sandwich67018g26g
Mustard, Mini
#38 Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Regular72043g29g
#2 Ham & Swiss Sandwich, Large102059g41g
#3 Turkey & Cheddar Sandwich, Regular80050g39g
#37 Brewpub Chicken Sandwich, Mini55031g31g
#24 Turkey & Avocado Sandwich, Mini35018g16g
#32 Pepperjack Melt Sandwich, Regular101049g59g
Garden Vegetable Soup904g0.5g
#22 Cheese Sandwich, Large116051g58g
#21 Cali Veggie Sandwich, Large123043g67g
# 29 Chicken Salad Sandwich, Family201074g66g
#29 Chicken Salad Sandwich, Regular62035g22g
#6 Hot Meatball Sandwich, Large131067g59g
Roast Beef Sandwich36029g11g
# 29 Chicken Salad Sandwich, Half/Mini34012g11g
# 24 Turkey and Avocado Sandwich, Family2160141g59g
Chicken Caesar, Wrap57030g21g
BBQ Sauce, Sweet Baby Ray's, Large80
#39 BBQ Chipotle Chicken Sandwich, Large131069g57g
# 20 Albacore Tuna (Dolphin Safe) Sandwich, Regular55030g17g
Broccoli Cheddar Soup5408g55g
Roast Beef, Turkey & Cheddar Cheese Sandwich88062g40g
#32 Pepperjack Melt Sandwich, Large147070g85g
Sriracha (Boom Boom) Sauce, Mini12012g
#9 Hot Pastrami Sandwich, Regular74039g34g
BBQ Sauce, Sweet Baby Ray's, Regular50
Sriracha (Boom Boom) Sauce, Regular24024g
#22 Cheese Sandwich, Regular78034g39g
Clam Chowder42014g32g
Whole Wheat Bread602g0.5g
Farmer's Market, Wrap51013g24g
Mediterranean, Full Salad58035g36g
# 19 Egg Salad & Cheese Sandwich, Family2590124g109g
#39 BBQ Chipotle Chicken Sandwich, Mini49027g24g
Clubhouse Melt62033g33g
Mediterranean, Wrap60037g23g
# 19 Egg Salad & Cheese Sandwich, Half/Mini36016g12g
#16 The Italian Sandwich, Large128058g68g
# 16 The Italian Sandwich, Family3500163g188g
#4 Turkey, Salami & Cheddar Sandwich, Regular98051g56g
#3 Turkey & Cheddar Sandwich, Large117072g55g
#2 Ham & Swiss Sandwich, Mini37022g16g
# 26 Turkey, Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Large76056g17g
# 24 Turkey and Avocado Sandwich, Large80052g22g
#15 Greek Veggie Sandwich, Regular80024g42g
#6 Hot Meatball Sandwich, Regular89045g40g
#8 Roast Beef & Turkey Sandwich, Regular88062g40g
Salami & Provolone Sandwich53024g32g
# 1 Chicken Sandwich, Half/Mini31019g5g
Chicken Tortilla Soup1209g3g
BBQ Chicken Ranch, Full Salad54028g33g
Asian Chicken, Half Salad51015g37g
Zesty Pepitas Dressing3405g34g
# 14 Hummus Sandwich, Large97024g40g
Farmer's Market Salad48010g39g
Horseradish Mayo, Large11010g
#20 Albacore Tuna Sandwich, Large101051g40g
# 16 The Italian Sandwich, Half/Mini48022g23g
Chipotle Mayo, Large58060g
#23 Salami & Provolone Sandwich, Large151065g91g
BBQ Chicken Ranch, Wrap54033g17g
# 24 Turkey and Avocado Sandwich, Half/Mini32019g7g
#1 Chicken & Cheddar Sandwich, Large135069g73g
# 29 Chicken Salad Sandwich, Large85033g32g
#29 Chicken Salad Sandwich, Mini31017g11g
#36 California Club Sandwich, Large119071g55g
#6 Hot Meatball Sandwich, Mini46024g22g
# 30 Turkey Bacon Club Sandwich, Family2140138g63g
#19 Egg Salad & Cheddar Sandwich, Large140061g82g
#20 Albacore Tuna Sandwich, Mini34017g13g
Italian Vinaigrette Dressing31033g
#21 Cali Veggie Sandwich, Regular84031g46g
Ham & Swiss Sandwich37022g16g
#15 Greek Veggie Sandwich, Mini40012g21g
#31 Clubhouse Melt Sandwich, Mini54031g32g
#8 Roast Beef & Turkey Sandwich, Large1370107g58g
BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad54028g33g
# 29 Chicken Salad Sandwich, Regular56022g21g
Santa Fe Chicken, Full Salad78039g55g
# 22 Cheese Sandwich, Large93047g38g
# 23 Salami and Cheese Sandwich, Half/Mini50044g17g
Asian Chicken Salad67029g43g
Mediterranean Chicken Wrap60037g23g
Turkey & Cheddar Cheese Sandwich44027g23g
Italian Vinaigrette, Regular12013g
# 26 Turkey, Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Regular54042g13g
Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookie4104g21g
Mustard, Regular
#5 Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich, Regular65034g18g
Chicken Caesar, Half Salad33018g22g
Farmer's Market, Half Salad4005g36g
Italian Vinaigrette, Large18020g
#9 Hot Pastrami Sandwich, Mini38020g18g
Parmesan Bread603g2g
# 14 Hummus Sandwich, Regular65016g27g
Broccoli Cheese Soup38011g24g
#73 Chicken Dijon69039g34g
Cali Veggie Sandwich46018g26g
Asian Chicken, Wrap65034g28g
#33 Triple Dip Sandwich, Regular102082g47g
Farmer's Market Wrap51013g24g
Turkey & Avocado Sandwich35018g16g
Spinach Wrap2908g8g
# 20 Albacore Tuna (Dolphin Safe) Sandwich, Half/Mini33017g8g
# 16 The Italian Sandwich, Regular87041g47g
# 2 Black Forest Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Large76050g20g
Cheese Sandwich39017g19g
# 22 Cheese Sandwich, Half/Mini43023g19g

Why People Go to Togo’s Restaurant

Togo’s is one of the most popular restaurants in Ghana. The reason is the mouth-watering food they serve. Here are the top five reasons why people go to this restaurant.

It’s not expensive

There are a lot of expensive and classy restaurants in Ghana. But I am telling you that Togo’s is not expensive and the food is also quite good. Even, it is one of the best restaurants in Ghana.

The service is perfect

Togo’s has a perfect and professional staff. They will always give you a great service. You will never feel that they are bored and tired. They will make you enjoy your meal.

The ambience is perfect

The environment of the restaurant is very nice. It has a great and romantic atmosphere which is suitable for everyone. So, no matter who you are and what you do, you will be comfortable in the restaurant.

They have a good menu

Togo’s restaurant has a great and huge menu. You will surely find something that you like. And the quality of the food is also very high.

The taste of the food is superb

This is one of the most important factors that people will look for when they are looking for a restaurant. The taste of the food is also good.


Togo’s is one of the most popular restaurants in Ghana. The reason is the delicious and mouth-watering food. I hope that this post has helped you to know the reasons why people go to this restaurant.