The Pickle Barrel Calories and Nutrition Facts

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The Pickle Barrel Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
English Style Fish & Chips175035g145g
Coconut Crusted Shrimp42015g22g
Chicken Fajitas, Full Pound1980139g65g
Spanish Paella Bowl91081g44g
Sweet Potato Fries3103g94g
Triple Decker Grilled Cheese67022g47g
Chicken Fajitas, Half Pound131080g43g
The Big Oreo Bliss97022g59g
Extra Egg1006g8g
The B.B.B.L.T.97040g61g
Rose Reisman's Warm Chicken Spinach Salad64048g41g
Burger Topper, House-Made Gravy604g2.5g
Matzo Ball Chicken Soup52026g23g
Maple Pork Sausage33017g28g
Caramelized Onions601g2g
Rose Reisman'S Grilled Chicken Hummus Wrap51041g22g
The Big Blue Burger151047g136g
Wild Mushroom Gnocchi93024g56g
Burger Topper, Applewood Smoked Bacon36011g34g
Chicken in a Pot87078g35g
Traditional Caesar Salad, Small3506g30g
Big Tex Steak Sandwich79066g45g
This Split Is Bananas74014g41g
The Cracked Manhattan Steak104056g83g
P.B. Original Jumbo Club House Sandwich69030g55g
Avocado Toast127054g49g
Bagel with Albacore Tuna Salad28023g6g
Mac & Cheese Poppers52020g13g
Harold Mecklinger Chop Salad85061g54g
Berry Crunch Bowl93065g30g
Poutine Fries104033g55g
Super Berry Kale Salad62013g47g
Shiitake Mushroom & Chicken Penne162071g86g
The P.B. House Burger161048g143g
Luau Chicken Salad102051g68g
Pete's Deli Sandwich88077g55g
Kreplach Soup14015g4.5g
Harvest Bowl Bowl112055g58g
Deli Meat Plate98069g68g
The Choc-O-Holic107015g43g
The Fressor Sandwich122074g87g
Seafood Linguine99051g34g
B.B.Q. Pork Back Spareribs, Full Rack2260168g106g
Veggie Fajitas, Half Pound103029g37g
Sante Fe Bowl124081g44g
Rose Reisman'S Multigrain French Toast65029g7g
Burger Toppers - Sauted Field Mushrooms403g2.5g
P.B. Famous Nachos207058g152g
Hoisin Lettuce Wraps74050g47g
True Bleu Barrel Cut Steak77051g54g
The Spicy Hanoi Bowl104041g60g
Eggplant Parmesan114047g29g
Egg White, Asparagus & Mushroom Omelette36026g19g
Seasonal Gathered Greens Salad, Large5107g34g
Homemade Buttermilk Pancakes without Syrup2407g7g
Greek Salad, Large54013g43g
Burger Topper, Pickled Jalapenos151g
Greek Salad, Small3009g24g
Steak Frites102054g57g
Burger Toppers - Sauted Onions601g2g
Spicy Steamed P.E.I. Mussels1305g4.5g
Super Food Salad3309g28g
Mushrooms & Onion1002g8g
Strawberry My Waffle129027g58g
Crumble Rumble5709g22g
Hemp Crusted Salmon & Arugula Salad105062g66g
Lobster & Jumbo Shrimp Linguine86049g29g
Jojo's Caribbean Shrimp114036g67g
Oh My Velvety Gosh60016g26g
Wake 'N Bacon74033g63g
Big House Wings160089g89g
Stuffed French Toast105031g45g
Mini Avocado Eggrolls93014g53g
Traditional Caesar Salad, Large66012g59g
Chicken Parmesan156089g70g
Kimchi Pork Potstickers136083g55g
Chocolate Molten Lava Cake4908g16g
Asian Nachos197054g129g
"Best Ever" Meatloaf138091g70g
Half P.B. Barbecue Chicken800151g19g
Double Monty Sandwich82076g39g
Bombay Butter Chicken Bowl136052g87g
Lobster Grilled Cheese66033g49g
Three Cheese French Onion Soup34022g22g
Hand-Battered Crispy Fish Sandwich62026g27g
Maple Nut Salmon95063g52g
Seared Salmon & Edamame Salad72068g38g
Thai Beef Mango Salad100060g50g
Hoisin Ginger Chicken Bites52028g9g
Veggie Fajitas, Full Pound143037g53g
Jenny's Homemade Tiramisu82012g57g
Baja Fish Taco36020g20g
Barrel Cut Steak68048g47g
Zuch's & Curds110061g80g
P.B. Original Cabbage Borscht16010g5g
The Great Reuben Sandwich94053g70g
Free-Range Turkey Burger101039g76g
Thick Cut Pastrami Sandwich119069g87g
Pesto Chicken Fettuccine133068g58g
The Manhattan Steak90054g70g
Crispy Calamari146048g120g
Homestyle Chicken Fingers191042g139g
Bagel with Salmon Salad47021g22g
Fresh Avocado3304g31g
Load Em Up26011g15g
Applewood Smoked Bacon36011g34g
The Grand Sandwich107079g68g
Eggs Benny without Potato Side49025g26g
Two Mushroom Strip Steak99056g81g
Kung Pow Kung Pao Bowl109052g38g
Belgian Waffles4009g16g
3 Eggs51024g31g
Seinfeld's Julienne Salad77051g51g
The Morning Reuben127068g98g
P.B. Big Breakfast93033g58g
Thai Fried Cauliflower41018g10g
Burger Topper, Canadian Cheddar
House-Made Mashed Potatoes702g0.5g
Peameal Bacon17030g4g
Burger Topper, Fresh Avocado3304g31g
Fettuccine Pomodoro93034g31g
Traditional Caesar Salad3506g30g
Mediterranean Shrimp & Quinoa Salad76045g28g
Morrocan Cigars2908g15g
Sesame Panko-Crusted Basa Fillet97062g49g
Add Surf's Up to Steak8016g1g
Glow Bowl104023g55g
Early Bird Breakfast73033g51g
Classic Angus Meatloaf138091g70g
Burger Topper, Fried Egg1006g8g
Cali Chicken Grilled Cheese103056g75g
Cheese Blintzes52011g33g
Teriyaki Glazed Atlantic Salmon94058g32g
Open Faced Mediterranean Burger70058g47g
Two Pancakes903g3g
Tex Mex Quesadilla61041g31g
Classic Burger113031g102g
Mendy Sharf'S Veggie Soya Burger37018g22g
Fillet O'Sole7904g77g
Earth Bowl55010g38g
B.B.Q. Pork Back Spareribs, Half Rack120085g58g
Cajun Spiked Chicken Taco47032g18g
Migras Rancheros118055g47g
Three From The Sea81064g39g
Spaghetti & Giant Meatballs104053g64g
Say Cheesecake6708g39g
Bagel with Chopped Egg Salad2808g9g
Poutine a la P.B.104033g55g
P.B. Original Thick French Toast89032g23g
Super Sesame Shrimp Bowl34030g17g
Sauted Field Mushrooms403g2.5g
Brownie Ga-Ga-Galore153029g81g
B.B.Q. Heaven1820148g87g
Breakfast Fritata80033g69g
Mushroom Swiss Bliss Burger148038g137g
Sweet Potato Fries Appetizer6105g25g
Blackened Atlantic Salmon Penne115054g38g
Creole Grilled Double Chicken Breasts105096g31g
Steak Fajitas, Full Pound2530155g121g
Seasonal Gathered Greens Salad, Small2004g12g
Fried Chicken & Waffles2020140g98g
Chicken Milanese140095g79g
Mixed Greens Salad1507g8g
Freddy's Tuna Salad124041g95g
Bbq Chicken Breast Burger85059g56g
Tilapia With Creamy Lobster109085g19g
Low & Slow Hot Alberta Beef Sandwich67073g30g
Steak Fajitas, Half Pound158088g71g
Brew City Onion Rings62013g47g
Grilled Asparagus302g1.5g
New York Striploin Steak & Eggs97080g67g
Deep Fried Dills7602g10g
Sausage Penne137041g129g
Mixed Roasted Beet & Chicken Salad74058g47g

The Pickle Barrel Restaurant – A Famous Pickle and Bread Restaurant

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It is located at The Woodlands, Texas and is famous for its authentic American cuisine.

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What makes The Pickle Barrel restaurant so special?

The Pickle Barrel restaurant has a very big and spacious dining area which is the perfect place to enjoy a nice dinner with family and friends.

You will find a big glass door at the front of the restaurant which will allow the customers to watch the chefs preparing the food.

The interior design of the restaurant is very elegant and modern.

You will find a wide variety of pickles and breads in the menu of The Pickle Barrel.

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The Pickle Barrel restaurant is a very affordable place. You will find a good variety of pickles and breads at The Pickle Barrel restaurant.

The Pickle Barrel restaurant is a very famous place for its great ambience and amazing service.

You will find a big glass door at the front of the restaurant which will allow the customers to watch the chefs preparing the food.


I think you should try The Pickle Barrel restaurant if you are looking for a relaxed and wonderful place to enjoy your meal. I am sure that you will love their authentic American cuisine. I also want to tell you that there are some other famous restaurants in The Woodlands, Texas like The Grilled Cheeserie, Grazie’s Italian Bistro, and The Olive Garden. I think The Pickle Barrel is the best among these places.