The Perfect Pita Calories and Nutrition Facts

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The Perfect Pita Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
The Mediterranean Mix Salad73028g52g
Plain Yogurt1509g8g
Carrot-Walnut Mufifn3405g16g
Pita Bread, Wheat2108g1.5g
Falafel Pita39014g10g
Chicken Ceasar Salad53072g24g
Shephard Salad, 8 oz1001g9g
Sesame Bagel2309g1g
Boardwalk Pita66034g30g
Ribeye Steak, 4 oz18024g9g
Gyro Meat, 4 oz2008g16g
Ham, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Pita67048g28g
Creamy Caesar Dressing1902g18g
Tuna Salad, 4 oz21016g12g
Plain Yogurt With Honey2109g8g
Rice Pudding2006g7g
Bacon, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Pita64034g31g
Hummus, Roasted Red Pepper702g5g
Sugar Cookie2503g14g
Boardwalk Pita Pita66034g30g
Hummus, Traditional44.130.88g3.75g
All American BLT Pita59023g25g
Chicken Gyro Pita55048g29g
Jalapeno Hummus3607g30g
Hummus Veggie Pita57030g32g
Plain Hummus3507g30g
Shephard Salad1001g9g
Black Olive Hummus3607g30g
Pita Bread, Original2409g1.5g
Egg Breakfast Pita without Cheese43021g15g
Turkey, Deli, 4 oz12016g2g
Rosemary & Sea Salt Hummus802g6g
Hummus Sandwich Pita37012g10g
Chicken Pasta Veggie Soup,12 oz905g3.5g
Chicken Breast, 4 oz12024g1.5g
White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie2806g18g
Egg Breakfast Pita43021g15g
Black Bean and Cilantro Hummus3909g30g
Tuna Salad, 2 oz1008g6g
Hummus, Black Bean and Cilantro802g6g
Sir Caesar Pita71057g29g
Hummus Roasted Garlic802g6g
Double Chocolate Cake6306g39g
Turkey, Deli, 2 oz608g1g
Tcb Chicken Pita75055g28g
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus3607g30g
Turkey Pita51026g16g
Chicken Pasta Veggie Soup, 12 oz905g3.5g
Vanilla Frozen Yogurt4105g5g
Carrot-Walnut Muffin3405g16g
Ranch Dressing1501g16g
Cinnamon-Raisin Bagel2409g2g
Chocolate Frozen Yogurt4008g5g
Spinach Melt And Chicken Pita57034g49g
Peanut Butter Cookie2608g15g
Blueberry Muffin3805g19g
Turkey, Egg And Cheese Breakfast Pita65036g25g
Garden Salad454g
Egg and Cheese Breakfast Pita55028g24g
Gyro Meat, 2 oz1004g8g
The Zorba Salad2009g19g
The Spinach Melt Pita53029g22g
Chicken Pasta Veggie Soup, 8 oz603g2.5g
Red Pizza53027g19g
Plain Yogurt With Strawberries1609g8g
Navy Bean Soup, 12 oz1809g5g
Fat Free Lemon Herb Dressing25
White Pizza73026g46g
Navy Bean Soup, 8 oz1206g3.5g
Plain Bagel2309g1g
Tabouli, 8 oz1103g4g
Lemon Herb, Fat Free Dressing25
Ham and Provolone Pita65034g30g
Tuna Pita62038g20g
Ribeye Steak, 2 oz9012g4.5g
Chocolate Chip Cookie2505g13g
Toasted Cheese Pita44022g16g
Red Wine Vinaigrette805g
Chicken Breast, 2 oz6012g1g
Honey Dijon Dressing1507g
Chicken and Cheese Pita75030g43g
The Gyro Pita51016g20g
Thousand Island Dressing21020g
Double Chocolate6306g39g
Banana Nut Muffin4005g19g
Carrot Cake5806g36g
Steak, Egg And Cheese Breakfast Pita76062g31g
The Mediterranean Sampler Salad52023g33g
Cauliflower Pizza Crust1404g5g
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie2405g12g
White Bean Salad, 8 oz1605g5g
The Club Pita64039g39g
Steak And Cheese Pita73044g38g
Chicken and Steak Pita65045g25g

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