Taco Cabana Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Taco Cabana Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Steak Fajita Soft Taco with Queso & Roasted Jalapeno24014g10g
Chorizo & Egg Breakfast Burrito38018g17g
1 Pound Sizzling Skillet Brisket (per serving)91040g41g
Beef Street Tacos (3)29018g4g
Fresh Flour Tortilla1203g3g
Brisket Plate & Scrambled Eggs91045g51g
Shredded Beef Soft Taco20011g8g
Combo Side of Chips and Guacamole4906g30g
Rice – Small1603g3g
Chicken Flauta (1)1206g4g
Sour Cream Flauta1603g15g
1 Pound Sizzling Skillet, Side of Refried Beans with Cheese (per serving)29010g16g
Barq's Root Beer, Small250
Chicken Fajita Nachos w/ Queso79028g44g
Unsweet Tea, Small10
Brisket & Egg Breakfast Taco32018g18g
Simply Orange1902g
Bean & Egg Breakfast Taco32012g16g
Shredded Beef & Egg Breakfast Taco24011g12g
Lowfat Milk, 1%907g2g
Coca-Cola, Small230
Salsa Ranch Dressing1201g11g
Carne Guisada Breakfast Taco21013g8g
Build Your Own Bowl, Burrito, and Salad - Chicken11016g3g
Coke Zero, Medium5
Steak & Egg Breakfast Taco25014g12g
Add Sour Cream (3 oz)1603g15g
Kid's Black Beans604g
Pico de Gallo5
Chicken Fajita Skillet168077g62g
Queso Flauta1105g8g
Sopapillas, Large48011g20g
Chicken Cabana Salad61034g35g
Build Your Own Bowl, Burrito, and Salad - Queso1105g8g
Steak Fajita Quesadilla, Large157068g107g
Shredded Cheese1107g9g
Lemon/Lime Juice5
Cheese Quesadilla, Small77026g50g
Chorizo Loaded Queso & Chips57017g39g
Borracho Beans, Regular29018g6g
Steak Fajita13016g8g
Chips and Queso, 4 oz4909g28g
Borracho Beans Skillet27015g6g
Gordo Style Taco807g6g
Salsa Ranch1101g10g
Steak Fajita Nachos with Queso84029g50g
Add Sliced Jalapenos5
Brisket Soft Taco with BBQ Sauce28010g13g
1 Pound Sizzling Skillet Mixed Fajita Steak & Chicken (per serving)77036g26g
Chicken Quesadilla, Large159070g105g
Chicken Crispy Taco20014g9g
Mexican Orange Fanta160
Diet Coke, Kid's
Black Beans, Regular24014g2g
Sweet Tea, Medium390
Tortilla Chips – Small3804g20g
Sprite, Large490
Minute Maid Lemonade, Kid's180
Black Bean Soft Taco2207g5g
Diet Dr Pepper, Medium
Brisket Cabana Salad64025g45g
Potato & Egg Breakfast Taco2208g11g
Dr Pepper, Large510
Ranch Dressing3601g38g
Diet Dr Pepper, Kid's
Chicken Fajita Nachos with Queso82032g46g
Minute Maid Lemonade, Small220
Fanta Strawberry, Kid's200
Apple Juice100
Group Meal Black Beans, Personal Meal Portion24014g2g
Brisket Soft Taco with Peppers & Onions24010g13g
Fanta Apple, Large630
Beef Nachos with Queso85030g50g
Shiner Bock120
1/2 Pound Sizzing Skillet Steak Fajita (per serving)80034g30g
1/2 Pound Sizzing Skillet Side of Black Beans (per serving)805g1g
Fanta Apple, Medium460
Chicken Breast Fajita10017g2g
Shredded Beef Quesadilla71033g41g
Chicken Fajita Soft Taco21018g6g
Diet Dr Pepper, Large
Chicken Breast Fajita Soft Taco18014g5g
1/2 Pound Sizzing Skillet Chicken Fajita (per serving)78039g26g
Chicken Fajita Soft Taco with Bacon, Jalapeno & Cheese30020g14g
1/2 Pound Sizzing Skillet Mixed Fajita Steak & Chicken (per serving)79037g28g
Beef Enchilada Plate117044g58g
Add Onions10
Group Meal Mixed Fajita, Personal170075g62g
Mexicana Breakfast Plate110043g64g
Fanta Apple, Kid's230
Salsa Verde10
NY Cheesecake Slice4605g29g
Barbacoa Plate & Fried Eggs99052g55g
Combo Side of Chips and Queso4909g28g
Diet Dr Pepper, Small
Fanta Strawberry, Small260
Potato, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Taco28011g15g
Beef Super Nachos with Queso, Large147046g89g
Kid's Rice801g2g
Rice, Lettuce, Guacamole & Flour Tortilla Plate4309g12g
Group Meal Borracho Beans, Medium or Large Meal Portion57036g13g
Grilled Shrimp Soft Taco with Peppers & Onions21012g8g
Beef Super Nachos with Shredded Cheese, Personal90036g60g
Minute Maid Lemonade, Large490
1/2 Pound Sizzing Skillet Brisket (per serving)96043g46g
Cheese Enchilada32015g23g
Bacon & Egg Breakfast Taco26014g13g
Steak Fajita Soft Taco with Peppers & Onions21012g7g
Flauta Dip, Sour Cream1603g15g
Add Salsa Verde5
Black Beans, Small1207g1g
Chicken Fajita Cabana Burrito73040g26g
Add Sour Cream (1 oz)501g5g
Beef Loaded Queso and Chips107024g62g
Chicken Super Nachos w/ Queso89035g51g
Diet Coke, Medium
Bean & Cheese Breakfast Taco30010g14g
Chips and Guacamole, 4 oz4906g30g
Coca-Cola, Large500
Minute Maid Light Lemonade, Small10
Cabana Sampler133049g65g
Shredded Beef454g3g
Beef Street Tacos46022g25g
Brisket Quesadilla, Large171068g123g
Chicken Flautas (12)142076g49g
Add Scrambled Egg805g6g
1/2 Pound Sizzing Skillet Shrimp Tampico (per serving)79031g30g
Chicken Enchilada28015g13g
Flour Tortilla2506g5g
Barq's Root Beer, Large550
Steak Fajita Nachos with Shredded Cheese105045g69g
Dulce de Leche for Sopapillas801g1g
Add Table Corn Tortilla602g1g
Dr Pepper, Kid's180
Bean & Cheese Breakfast Burrito73026g35g
Vitaminwater XXX100
Brisket Nachos with Queso87025g56g
Chicken Fajita Quesadilla, Small84037g52g
Group Meal Steak Fajita, Large3480162g137g
Add Shredded Cheese503g5g
Borracho Beans – Small1407g3g
Group Meal Chicken Fajita, Personal167079g58g
Fiesta Style Taco703g5g
Chicken FajitaSoft Taco with Peppers & Onions20014g5g
Beef Cabana Salad81029g57g
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Taco29014g17g
Miller Light801g
Fried Bowl2404g13g
Mexican Coca-Cola150
Sliced Jalapenos5
Carne Guisada Soft Taco21013g8g
Flauta Dip, Guacamole1101g9g
Dr Pepper, Medium370
1 Pound Sizzling Skillet Steak Fajita (per serving)78034g28g
Steak, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Taco30017g17g
Group Meal Mixed Fajita, Medium3220145g116g
Unsweet Tea, Large20
Hi-C Fruit Punch, Large520
Mexican Plate121043g61g
Chips & Queso – Personal4909g28g
Rice, Regular3105g6g
Group Meal Mixed Fajita, Large3220145g116g
Table Corn Tortilla602g1g
Brisket Cabana Bowl78026g48g
Sopapillas, Small2505g8g
Chips & Guacamole – Large105012g66g
Dr Pepper, Small230
Minute Maid Lemonade, Medium350
Build Your Own Bowl, Burrito, and Salad - Flour Tortilla2406g6g
Minute Maid Light Lemonade, Medium20
Flauta Dip, Queso1105g8g
Guacamole Flauta1101g9g
Iceberg Lettuce101g
Seasoned Potatoes1501g9g
Hi-C Fruit Punch, Medium380
Steak Fajita Soft Taco22015g9g
Borracho Beans, Small1409g3g
Unsweet Tea, Kid's10
Steak Fajita Cabana Bowl74034g39g
Sweet Tea, Small240
Happy Hour Margarita290
Dos XX Lager110
Coke Zero, Kid's
Hi-C Fruit Punch, Small240
Build Your Own Bowl, Burrito, and Salad - Black Beans805g1g
Kid's Borracho Beans704g2g
Beef Soft Taco21012g9g
Chips & Guacamole – Personal4906g30g
Add Pico de Gallo5
Chicken Nachos with Shredded Cheese111052g70g
Chicken Soft Taco24015g9g
Add Brisket15010g13g
Group Meal Chicken Fajita, Large3370183g112g
Sour Cream601g5g
Kickin' Beef Nachos146042g87g
Sprite, Medium350
Fanta Strawberry, Medium410
Beef Enchilada20010g11g
Add Lemon or Lime Wedge5
Chorizo & Egg Breakfast Taco2709g17g
Group Meal Chicken Fajita, Medium3180153g107g
Cafe Cabana Coffee51g
Refried Beans2508g13g
Add Tortilla Chips3804g20g
Dulce de Leche1107g
Chocolate Low Fat Milk1507g3g
Chicken Breast Fajita Cabana Bowl72038g34g
Steak Fajita Quesadilla76038g45g
Potato & Egg Breakfast Burrito41015g20g
Bacon & Egg Breakfast Burrito52028g27g
Beef Super Nachos with Queso, Personal74023g45g
Cafe Cabana Decaf Coffee
Add Bacon453g5g
Add The Works (lettuce, tomato, guacamole, sour cream, cheese)803g6g
Add Salsa Ranch354g
Refried Beans w/ Cheese Garnish53018g29g
Coke Zero, Large5
Chicken Flautas (3)36019g12g
Carne Guisada & Cheese Breakfast Taco26017g12g
1/2 Pound Sizzing Skillet, Side of Borracho Beans (per serving)1407g3g
Group Meal Refried Beans with Cheese Garnish, Medium or Large Meal Portion105036g57g
Beef Crispy Taco18011g8g
Chips & Queso4909g28g
Coca-Cola, Kid's180
Powerade Mountain Blast, Large290
Steak Fajita Cabana Salad60032g36g
Grilled Shrimp Soft Taco with Jalapeno Ranch, Lettuce, Pico23012g11g
Chips & Guacamole4906g30g
Unsweet Tea, Medium15
Chicken Fajita Nachos with Shredded Cheese103048g65g
Powerade Mountain Blast, Small130
Build Your Own Bowl, Burrito, and Salad - Chicken Breast Fajita10017g2g
Coca-Cola, Medium360
Brisket & Egg Breakfast Burrito53027g27g
Carne Guisada Plate102050g44g
Kid's Side of Chips & Queso4909g28g
Borracho Beans – Regular27015g6g
Refried Beans Skillet53018g29g
Beef Enchilada (1)26013g17g
Barq's Root Beer, Medium400
Fried Bowl Shell3905g27g
Strawberry Topping40
Chicken Fajita Cabana Salad57036g31g
Add Butter354g
Steak Fajita Nachos w/ Queso81028g49g
Beef Loaded Queso & Chips55017g37g
Barbacoa Breakfast Burrito56032g27g
Group Meal Steak Fajita, Medium3260138g126g
Brisket Nachos with Shredded Cheese108040g75g
Diet Coke, Large5
Potato & Bean Breakfast Taco3107g14g
Migas Breakfast Taco2209g11g
Beef Super Nachos with Shredded Cheese, Large180071g119g
Honey for Sopapillas80
Refried Beans with Cheese Garnish, Small2609g14g
Kid's Chips & Queso4909g28g
Minute Maid Light Lemonade, Large25
Add Guacamole (1 oz)353g
Group Meal Steak Fajita, Personal172071g67g
Bandera Style Taco501g4g
Steak Fajita Cabana Burrito75036g31g
Black Beans Skillet24014g2g
Bean & Cheese Soft Taco30010g14g
Black Beans805g1g
Beef Cabana Burrito98040g47g
Chicken Flauta1206g4g
Bud Light/Coors Light901g
Shredded Chicken Quesadilla70035g39g
Migas Breakfast Burrito40017g20g
Powerade Mountain Blast, Medium210
Add Fresh Flour Tortilla1203g3g
The Works803g6g
Build Your Own Bowl, Burrito, and Salad - Borracho Beans1407g3g
1 Pound Sizzling Skillet, Side of Black Beans (per serving)906g1g
Margarita, No Salt3603g
Add Guacamole (3 oz)1101g9g
Hi-C Fruit Punch, Kid's190
Steak Fajita Quesadilla, Small85035g55g
Ranchero Plate & Scrambled Eggs Breakfast Plate94035g51g
Chorizo, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Taco33013g21g
1 Pound Sizzling Skillet Shrimp Tampico (per serving)76029g27g
Chips and Guacamole, 8 oz105012g66g
Chicken Cabana Burrito77039g30g
Sprite, Small220
Rice, Small1603g3g
Group Meal Black Beans, Medium or Large Meal Portion48029g4g
Brisket Cabana Burrito79029g40g
Bean & Cheese Taco30010g14g
Beef Nachos with Shredded Cheese106046g69g
Chicken Cabana Bowl76036g37g
Salsa Fuego5
1 Pound Sizzling Skillet, Side of Borracho Beans (per serving)1608g3g
Migas Breakfast Plate106043g62g
Romaine Lettuce101g
1 Pound Sizzling Skillet Chicken Fajita (per serving)76038g23g
Fanta Apple, Small290
Kid's Cheese Quesadilla45019g24g
Brisket Soft Taco with Queso & Roasted Jalapeno27012g15g
Chicken Breast Fajita Quesadilla74038g42g
Group Meal Refried Beans with Cheese Garnish, Personal Meal Portion53018g29g
Refried Beans – Small2609g14g
Brisket Quesadilla, Small92036g63g
Powerade Mountain Blast, Kid's100
Steak Fajita Skillet177077g79g
Fanta Strawberry, Large560
1/2 Pound Sizzing Skillet, Side of Refried Beans with Cheese (per serving)2609g14g
Add Salsa Fuego5
Add Fajita Steak506g3g
Beef Cabana Bowl113039g68g
Borracho Beans1407g3g
Refried Beans with Cheese Garnish, Regular53018g29g
Keylime Pie5507g24g
Chips and Queso, 8 oz105022g61g
Sweet Tea, Kid's190
Sweet Tea, Large540
Minute Maid Light Lemonade, Kid's10
Black Beans – Small1207g1g
Brisket Add-On13011g9g
Refried Bean & Cheese Breakfast Taco30010g14g
Add Fajita Chicken Breast457g2g
Barbacoa Breakfast Taco27015g13g
Coke Zero, Small
Chicken Nachos with Queso89036g51g
Black Beans – Regular24014g2g
Barbacoa Plate & Scrambled Eggs96049g53g
Chicken Fajita Quesadilla, Large155071g102g
Brisket, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Taco32016g20g
Sprite, Kid's180
Diet Coke, Small
Rice, Lettuce, Guacamole, Flour Tortillas for Plate4309g12g
Chocolate Chip Cookie2502g12g
Brisket Plate & Fried Eggs93048g52g
Beef Super Nachos w/ Queso89029g55g
Sangria, Red and White140
Barq's Root Beer, Kid's200
Chicken Fajita Soft Taco with Queso & Roasted Jalapeno23016g8g
Add Queso1105g8g
Shredded Beef Nachos w/ Queso80023g48g
Rice – Regular3105g6g
Scrambled Egg805g6g
Build Your Own Bowl, Burrito, and Salad - Rice1202g1g
Chips & Queso – Large105022g61g
Grilled Shrimp Soft Taco19011g8g
Add Salsa Roja5
Chicken Quesadilla, Small85037g54g
Kid's Refried Beans1305g7g
Shredded Beef Skillet176064g78g
Group Meal Borracho Beans, Personal Meal Portion29018g6g
Refried Beans – Regular53018g29g
Roja Salsa5

Taco Cabana Restaurant is a fast food chain which is based in Corpus Christi, Texas. Taco Cabana was opened in 1978. The chain has more than 1,000 restaurants.

The name of the restaurant is inspired by the Mexican tradition of tacos, and cabanas is a type of Mexican-style building which serves as a shelter from the sun.

The concept of the restaurant is based on the American culture. The menu is loaded with various kinds of tacos and burritos. It includes different kinds of tacos and burritos. The restaurant offers a large variety of drinks.

The restaurant is known for its delicious menu and tasty food. The restaurant serves Tex Mex style food with a lot of flavors and mouth watering items. The food is made up of fresh ingredients and is served hot.

What is the history of the restaurant?

In 1978, the founder of the restaurant is Don Eladio Cortez. He is the father of the owner of the restaurant. In 1979, the first Taco Cabana restaurant was opened. The first restaurant was located in a small shopping center.

The early years, the restaurant was not popular. However, it was gaining popularity. It was one of the first chain of restaurants which offered Mexican food.

In the early 1990s, Taco Cabana started expanding in the market. It was the first chain of restaurants to introduce different kinds of Mexican food.

1994, Taco Cabana introduced the concept of the restaurant. It was the first fast food chain to offer different kinds of Mexican food.

How does the restaurant operate?

Taco Cabana operates on the principle of fast food. The restaurant is open from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

The restaurant has a very simple design. It has a counter where the waiters are seated. Customers can sit on the seat provided by the restaurant.

The menu is displayed at the counter. There are several items available. They include tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadillas, and others.

The menu is loaded with various items and has different combinations of items. It includes Tex Mex, Mexican, and Southwestern style food.

Customers can order their favorite food by choosing the item. The customer needs to select the number of the taco or burrito they want.

Then, the customer can add toppings to the taco or burrito. They can also add cheese and sauce.

The restaurant has a friendly service. It is easy to get in touch with the staff.

What are the different items offered by the restaurant?

Taco Cabana offers a lot of items. The items include tacos, burritos, nachos, and others.

They are made up of fresh ingredients. All the items are made up of fresh ingredients and are served hot.

There are different types of tacos, burritos, and nachos. The menu is available for adults and children. The menu is available in English and Spanish.

You will find some items that are not available in all the stores. For example, you can get the chicken fajita burrito and nacho cheese fiesta burrito.

You will find some items which are only available in certain regions. For example, you can get the crispy chicken and beans burrito which is only available in certain regions.

You will find some items that are available only in certain items. For example, you will find the guacamole and salsa chips which is only available in the tacos.

Some of the items are only available in certain stores. For example, you can get the chalupas which is only available in certain stores.


Taco Cabana is a chain of restaurants which offers a wide range of delicious items. You can get the delicious food from the restaurant. It is a great place to eat.