Taco Bueno Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Taco Bueno Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
BC Soft Chicken Taco With Pico De Gallo (no cheese)18012g6g
Small Refried Beans (Available only with Platters)32012g17g
Steak Soft Taco20417g8g
Beef Taco Salad104036g75g
Steak Nacho Salad71328g37g
Chicken Nacho Salad71028g13g
Chicken Salad Bowl49428g30g
Party Taco without Cheddar Cheese1004g7g
Flame-Grilled Steak Fajita Taco23014g11g
Strawberry Smoothie37013g18g
Black Beans, Platter Portion906g
Kids Cheese Quesadilla2208g11g
Beef Bueno Chilada without Queso34014g18g
Tostada without Cheddar Cheese2809g15g
Smoothie Strawberry 20 oz330
Beef Bueno Chilada Platter136740g73g
Sausage Egg Taco25013g15g
Beef Bueno Chilada®52024g32g
Chicken Taco Salad without Cheddar Cheese68021g44g
Combo #8 – Nacho Salad & Crispy Taco91230g52g
Salsa- Original Red151g
Meat Lovers Breakfast Burrito56031g32g
Chicken Potato Burrito without Sour Cream30011g15g
Chicken Mucho Nachos without Sour Cream145056g84g
Beef Muchaco without Refried Beans39014g20g
Chicken Big Ol' Burrito (B.O.B.TM) Without Sour Cream55030g24g
Crispy Chicken Taco without Cheddar Cheese1007g4g
Meat Lovers Taco31016g20g
Chicken Taco RollupTM2208g11g
Chicken Taco Salad without Sour Cream78029g51g
Beef Soft Taco25011g14g
Bacon Egg Breakfast Quesadilla91045g59g
Party Beans46714g32g
Small Mexican Rice2405g6g
Chicken Bueno Chilada48024g26g
Beef Mucho Nachos® without Refried Beans123045g81g
Beef Taco Salad without Chili99033g72g
Refried Beans without Chili58022g31g
Tostada Without Refried Beans23010g16g
Frame-Grilled Chicken Fajita Taco without Cheddar Cheese1407g4g
Chicken Muchaco39017g18g
Beef Big Freak'n Taco41120g27.8g
Steak Fajita Platter140061g65g
Beef Big Ol' Burrito (B.O.B.TM) Without Chili72031g43g
Beef Big 'Ol Burrito (B.O.B.)77033g46g
Beef Crispy Taco without Cheddar Cheese1607g11g
Big Ol' Beef Burrito62428g33g
Black Beans17010g
Chicken Taco Salad without Guacamole78029g52g
Beef Taco Salad without Guacamole99035g70g
Combo #3 – Crispy Tacos58825g35g
Beef Mucho Nachos157057g97g
Steak Mucho Nachos111642g64g
Combination Burrito56023g29g
Beef Mucho Nachos® without Chili140050g87g
Beef Big 'Ol Burrito (B.O.B.) without Sour Cream72032g40g
Combo #5 – MexiDips, Chips & Muchaco153436g92g
Chicken Big 'Ol Burrito (B.O.B.) without Cheddar Cheese45022g17g
Chicken Nacho Salad without Cheddar Cheese63024g37g
Chicken Tortilla Soup - Cup without Tortilla Strips & Cheese6016g2g
Beef Big Ol' Burrito (B.O.B.TM) Without Sour Cream72032g40g
Steak Taco Salad98747g63g
Chicken Big Ol' Burrito (B.O.B.TM) Without Cheddar Cheese45022g17g
Sour Cream601g6g
Tostada Without Chili35013g21g
Bacon Egg Breakfast Burrito49026g26g
Beef Big 'Ol Burrito (B.O.B.) without Cheddar Cheese62024g33g
Combo #2 – Big Freak'n Tacos & Bueno Burrito145364g87g
Beef Quesadilla82038g51g
Steak Muchaco51224g26g
Refried Beans Without Cheddar Cheese56020g28g
Bacon Egg Quesadilla91045g59g
Cilantro Lime Rice, Side Portion2805g0.5g
Beef Big Ol' Burrito (B.O.B.TM)77033g46g
Beef Bueno Burrito63123g32g
Beef Taco Salad without Cheddar Cheese89027g62g
Beef Mucho Nachos®157057g97g
Bean Burrito without Chili55019g26g
Veggie Salad Bowl38711g27g
Small Mexican Rice (Available only with Platters)2405g6g
Beef Muchaco Platter151142g85g
Beef Mucho Nachos® without Cheddar Cheese149052g91g
Beef Big 'Ol Burrito (B.O.B.) without Chili72031g43g
Chicken Crispy Taco Without Cheddar Cheese1007g4g
Chicken Tex-Mex Bowl94130g45g
Potato Egg Breakfast Burrito46017g22g
Beef Big 'Ol Burrito (B.O.B.™)77033g46g
Cheddar Cheese804g6g
Beef Tex-Mex Bowl97425g52g
Party Nachos4357g23g
Chicken Tortilla Soup - Cup12018g6g
Beef Mucho Nachos without Cheddar Cheese149052g91g
Beef Bueno Chilada® without Chili41019g25g
BC Vegetarian Black Bean Burrito Without Sour Cream and cheese44015g10g
MexiDips & Chips without Cheddar Cheese105027g59g
Chicken Bueno Chilada without Chili37019g20g
Cilantro Lime Rice, Platter Portion1403g
Chicken Mucho Nachos151057g90g
Steak Burrito Bowl38734g10g
Chicken Big 'Ol Burrito (B.O.B.) without Sour Cream55030g24g
Chips & Guac4807g30g
Beef Crispy Taco21013g12g
Chicken Mucho Nachos without Cheddar Cheese143053g83g
Beef Big 'Ol Burrito (B.O.B.™) without Chili72031g43g
Beef Potato Burrito without Queso3109g17g
Combo #4 – Bueno Burrito & Crispy Taco82732g44g
Chicken Bueno Chilada Platter131848g64g
MexiDips & Chips109029g62g
Beef Taco Platter120435g66g
Beef Soft Taco without Cheddar Cheese2109g11g
Combo Burrito50219g26g
Chicken Taco Rollup18011g7g
Unsweet Tea5
Cinnamon Chips3604g16g
Beef Potato Burrito36011g21g
Beef Muchaco® without Refried Beans39014g20g
Flame-Grilled Steak Fajita Taco without Pepper Jack Cheese1609g5g
Beef Burrito Without Cheddar Cheese43019g22g
BC Chicken Fajita Taco With Pico De Gallo (no cheese)19014g6g
Bacon Egg Taco24012g13g
Beef Taco Rollup19010g9g
MexiDips & Chips without MexiDips Bowl97027g57g
Beef Wholotta Platter209962g119g
Bacon Egg Burrito49026g26g
Mexican Rice47010g12g
Beef Burrito without Chili46020g25g
Southwest Empanada2007g8g
Combo Fajita Platter136255g62g
Cheese Quesadilla71030g42g
Beef Burrito51023g29g
Combination Burrito without Refried Beans44018g23g
Crispy Chicken Taco17012g9g
Frame-Grilled Chicken Fajita Taco21015g8g
Cilantro Lime Rice1002g
Potato Egg Burrito46017g22g
Chicken Soft Taco without Cheddar Cheese1508g5g
Beef Taco RollupTM130
Party Quesadilla39820g25g
BC Soft Beef Taco With Pico De Gallo (no cheese)20011g9g
Chicken Tortilla Soup - Bowl24020g11g
Chicken Potato Burrito without Queso2709g14g
Combination Burrito without Cheddar Cheese49018g23g
Combo #7 – Mucho Nachos & Crispy Taco131741g80g
Chicken Tortilla Soup - Bowl without Tortilla Strips & Cheese15017g6g
Chicken Nacho Salad without Chili60024g36g
Steak Tex-Mex Bowl96934g47g
Black Bean Burrito49018g15g
Chicken Soft Taco18010g8g
Beef Mucho Nachos without Refried Beans123045g81g
Smoothie Strawberry 12 oz200
Chicken Mucho Nachos without Chili134050g80g
Chicken Big 'Ol Burrito (B.O.B.)61031g30g
Chicken Big Freak'n Taco36228g18g
Chicken Tortilla Soup - Cup Without Tortilla Strips and Cheese6016g2g
Steak Big Freak'n Taco40334g21g
Chicken Potato Burrito33011g18g
BC Steak Fajita Taco With Pico De Gallo (no cheese)21013g9g
Chicken Taco Salad without Tortilla Bowl36022g26g
Bean Burrito60022g29g
Chicken Muchaco Platter150553g82g
Chicken Bueno Burrito59829g26g
Chicken Taco Platter116744g56g
Beef Mucho Nachos without Sour Cream151056g91g
MexiDips & Chips Without MexiDip Bowls97027g57g
BC Crispy Beef Taco With Pico De Gallo (no cheese)17010g9g
Bean Burrito without Cheddar Cheese53017g23g
Small Refried Beans32012g17g
Combination Burrito without Chili51020g26g
Steak Crispy Taco19216g8g
Sausage Egg Burrito44021g23g
Steak Quesadilla95066g53g
Chicken Fajita Platter132549g60.2g
Party Burrito without Chili35012g16g
Beef Burrito without Cheese43019g22g
Beef Big Ol' Burrito (B.O.B.TM) Without Cheddar Cheese62024g33g
Chicken Big Ol' Burrito (B.O.B.TM)61031g30g
Beef Muchaco®50017g25g
Big Ol' Steak Burrito61445g25g
Cheesecake Chimichangas1924g9g
Refried Beans wthout Cheddar Cheese56020g28g
BC Chicken Tortilla Soup- Cup Without Tortilla Strips and cheese6016g2g
Beef Taco Salad without Sour Cream99035g70g
Beef Nacho Salad without Cheddar Cheese68024g42g
Black Beans, Side Portion18012g
Chicken Burrito Bowl34928g8g
Small Refried Beans without Cheddar Cheese28010g14g
Beef Bueno Chilada52024g32g
Combo #1 – Muchaco, Crispy Taco & Bean Burrito122742g68g
Party Tostada35412g22g
Mucho Tostada40518g26g
Chicken Wholatta Platter206670g105.2g
Chips & Queso4357g23g
Chicken Bueno Chilada without Queso29014g12g
Tostada without Chili 2.5 oz23010g16g
Pico de Gallo5
BC Crispy Chicken Taco With Pico De Gallo (no cheese)15011g6g
Party Taco1407g10g
Chicken Quesadilla76038g44g
Beef Taco Salad without Tortilla Bowl56028g45g
Corn Tortilla Chips2203g11g
Beef Bueno Chilada® without Queso34014g18g
Chicken Mucho Nachos without Refried Beans117045g73g
Flame-Grilled Chicken Fajita Taco Without Cheddar Cheese1407g4g
Steak Bueno Burrito62633g27g
Party Burrito without Cheddar Cheese34011g14g
Steak Salad Bowl53134g33g
Beef Muchaco® without Cheddar Cheese46015g22g
Beef Mucho Nachos without Chili140050g87g
Combo #6 – Chicken Quesadilla & Crispy Taco106861g64g
Refried Beans63024g34g
Potato Egg Taco2309g10g
Tostada without Chili 2.9 oz35013g21g
Beef Nacho Salad76028g48g
Flame-Grilled Chicken Fajita Taco21015g8g
Chicken Muchaco without Cheddar Cheese35015g14g
Beef Muchaco without Cheddar Cheese46015g22g
Beef Mucho Nachos® without Sour Cream151056g91g
BC Chicken Tortilla Soup- Bowl Without Tortilla Strips and cheese15017g6g
Beef Big 'Ol Burrito (B.O.B.™) without Sour Cream72032g40g
Small Refried Beans without Chili29011g16g
Chicken Taco Salad84030g57g
Potato Stix2802g22g
Chicken Crispy Taco17012g9g
Potato Stix Breakfast Burritos2802g22g
Meat Lovers Burrito56031g32g
Mini Cheese Quesadilla27011g15g
Big Ol' Chicken Burrito56637g22g
Beef Muchaco50017g25g
Party Burrito37013g18g
Cheese Nachos57018g35g
Chicken Tortilla Soup - Bowl Without Tortilla Strips and Cheese15017g6g
Beef Potato Burrito without Sour Cream33011g18g
Beef Big 'Ol Burrito (B.O.B.™) without Cheddar Cheese62024g33g
Cheesecake Chimichanga2104g11g
Sausage Egg Breakfast Burrito44021g23g
Beef Bueno Chilada without Chili41019g25g
Beef Nacho Salad without Chili65024g41g

Are you looking for the perfect place to eat food? If yes, then there are a lot of restaurants that provide delicious food to the people. Among those restaurants is Taco Bueno, the most popular restaurant is located in California.

Taco Bueno is the first Mexican fast-food chain and its slogan is “Taco Bueno: Good Food Fast.” The restaurant provides the best Mexican dishes which are made with high quality ingredients. They have almost 40 locations across the United States and it has been providing the best experience to the people.

If you are not aware of the history of Taco Bueno, then here is the detailed information about the history.

The history of Taco Bueno

In 1983, the Taco Bueno was started by the founder, Armando Valencia. He was a Mexican entrepreneur and he had started a restaurant called “Buenavista”. Buenavista was the most popular restaurant in Los Angeles and it had a large number of fans. So, he decided to expand his business in the United States and he started his restaurant in the year 1987.

In 1993, the Taco Bueno was acquired by a company called “Kroger” and the restaurant name changed to “Taco Bueno”. Kroger is the third largest food retailer in the world and they also own the brands like “Armadillo”, “Carls Jr.”, “Ralphs”, etc.

Now let’s see some of the best things that you can try at Taco Bueno restaurant.

What are the best things you can try at Taco Bueno?

Taco Bueno is the best restaurant in Los Angeles and it provides the best food. So, if you want to taste the best dishes then Taco Bueno is the best choice for you. If you are a fan of Mexican cuisine then this is the best place for you to visit.

The best thing that you can try is the “Chalupa”. This is the best thing that you can try in the whole restaurant because it is filled with meat. If you are looking for the authentic Mexican food then this is the best thing that you can try.

Taco Bueno is the best place for you to visit if you are looking for the best food. It is one of the best places to visit in Los Angeles and it is located in the heart of Hollywood.

The price of food is affordable and the quality is excellent. If you are a fan of Mexican cuisine and want to taste the best dishes, then you should visit the Taco Bueno.