BurgerFi Calories and Nutrition Facts

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BurgerFi Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Cry & Fries101016g56g
Vanilla Cup Regular5409g27g
BurgerFi Burger, Single47024g21g
Kid's Single Burger47624g23g
Kids Fries3204g16g
Kids Grilled Cheese36015g15g
Colored Sprinkles1104g
Boylan Black Cherry170
Conflicted Burger87140g50g
Real Fanta Orange160
Hot Sauce
Burgerfi Chili804g6g
Oreo Cookies701g3g
Alternative Style Fry Topping2809g23g
Whipped Cream151g
Breakfast All Day Burger73039g41g
Chocolate Sprinkles1101g5g
Kids Single Cheeseburger55028g29g
Boylan Ginger Ale140
Cheese Sauce Fry Topping805g
Black & White Shake88012g37g
Cheese Sauce403g
Kids Single Burger48028g22g
Strawberry Shake75012g37g
BurgerFi Chili, Fry Topping1609g12g
The CEO94954g62g
Texas Style Hot Dog45620g27g
Bacon Cheeseburger90655g55g
Key Lime Pie902g3g
Red Velvet Cake401g2g
Onion Ring, Regular61010g37g
BurgerFi Single Bacon Cheeseburger58034g29g
Garlic Aioli12013g
New York Style Dog34017g17g
Key Lime Concrete90015g42g
White Cheddar Cheese805g6g
Fresh Lemonade160
Fries, Regular65010g33g
Add Urban Style3208g34g
Boylan Creme160
Oh My Chocolate Concrete144026g90g
Coffee Mocha Shake91013g37g
Chicken Sandwich48135g17g
Boylan Orange170
Add Malt to Shake903g2g
Brownie Chunks901g5g
Texas Style Dog46020g27g
Chili Fry Topping1609g12g
Kid's Fries3204g16g
Grilled Diced Onions5
Blue Cheese352g3g
BurgerFi Chili & Cheese1204g8g
Burgerfi Sauce404g
Red Velvet Concrete87015g41g
Coke Float4106g17g
Beyond Burger73033g51g
Onion Ring, Large98015g60g
Diced Onions5
Peanut Butter Shake106024g73g
Burgerfi Chili + Cheese Fry Topping1204g8g
Real Coca Cola150
BurgerFi Chicken Sandwich53031g18g
Cajun Seasoning
American Cheese704g6g
Onion Ring1202g7g
Oreo Shake75013g42g
Alternative Style1204g10g
Urban Style Fry Topping3228g34g
Onion Rings61010g37g
Single Cheeseburger70136g41g
Real Sprite160
Jalapeno Peppers
Chocolate Cup Regular5409g27g
Cajun Seasoning Fry Topping
Boylan Birch Beer170
Chocolate Cup3606g18g
Salt & Vinegar Fry Topping
Bacon Tomato Jam904g6g
Kids Applesauce50
Add New York Style702g
Chili & Cheese Fry Topping1204g8g
A-1 Steak Sauce5
Kids Vienna Beef Dog31014g17g
Grilled Mushrooms401g3g
Black + White Shake88012g37g
Dijon Mustard903g
Red Velvet Shake74014g37g
Honest Kids Fruit Punch40
Salt & Vinegar
Vienna Beef Dog31014g17g
O.M.C! (Oh My Chocolate!) Concrete144026g90g
Single Bacon Cheeseburger71638g42g
Fried Egg906g7g
Boylan Root Beer170
Burgerfi Burger51037g29g
Root Beer Float4306g17g
Cry + Fry101016g56g
BurgerFi Bacon Cheeseburger84055g48g
Burgerfi Cheeseburger65045g41g
Vanilla Shake88012g37g
Add Chicago Style451g1g
Fries, Large122019g63g
Single Burger52124g27g
Kid's Single Cheeseburger54628g29g
Chocolate Syrup1001g
VegeFi Burger58119g30g
New York Style Hot Dog34117g17g
BurgerFi Chili, Burger Topping804g6g
Kid's Vienna Beef Dog31014g17g
Caramel Sauce1301g
Boylan Grape180
Vanilla Cup5409g27g
Swiss Cheese504g4g
BBQ Sauce10
Truffle Aioli19020g
Peanut Butter1906g18g
Kid's Applesauce50
Burgerfi Chili Fry Topping1609g12g
Chocolate Shake88012g37g
Add Texas Style1504g11g
BurgerFi Cheeseburger, Single54028g27g
Vanilla Syrup100
Fries, Bucket229036g117g
Banana Shake72013g37g

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Burgerfi is the best burger place in the city. It provides a delicious and mouth-watering burger. The taste of the burger is simply delicious. So, if you are looking for the best burger place, then you must visit the BurgerFi restaurant.