Burger Meister Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Burger Meister Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Asian Sesame Dressing2401g
Tropical (Mango) Burger 1/2 pound98047g
Iced Tea 22 oz240
San Francisco Burger with Grilled Portobello89016g
Fish and Chips127071g
Buffalo Wings 24 pieces2980143g
Western Burger 1/3 pound118044g
Sauteed Mango301g
Dr. Pepper 22 oz280
Tropical Burger with Grilled Portobello and Pineapple58013g
Tropical Burger with Grilled Portobello and Mango57013g
Meister Salad (large)5307g
Ceasar Salad19076g
San Diego Burger 1/2 pound125067g
French Fries5306g
Grilled Portobello1705g
San Francisco Burger with Garlic Chicken Breast94056g
Dr. Pepper 32 oz400
Teriyaki Burger with Turkey Patty67031g
Philly Kobe Beef Cheeseteak Sandwich101067g
Seasoned Curly Fries5706g
Pink Lemonade 32 oz400
Tropical Burger (Pineapple) 1/3 pound78035g
Quarter Pound Coney Island Dog (1/2 pound)122063g
Half - pound Dog on French Roll84042g
Grilled Onions901g
Chopped Asian Salad (large)234083g
Tropical Burger with Turkey Patty and Pineapple56030g
Chopped Cobb Salad (large)90064g
Avocado (1/2 medium)1602g
Chocolate Shake85015g
San Diego Burger with Garlic Chicken Breast75063g
Pepper Jack17011g
California Burger 1/2 pound130062g
Ceasar Salad (large)40018g
Western Burger 1/2 pound143060g
Whole Wheat1707g
Classic Burger with Grilled Portobello52013g
Meister Salad with Chicken43049g
San Francisco Burger 1/2 pound128055g
San Diego Burger with Turkey Patty68040g
San Francisco Burger with Turkey Patty87033g
Garlic Chicken23045g
San Francisco Burger 1/3 pound109037g
Cheeseburger 1/2 pound with Niman Ranch Beef115060g
Meister Burger with Veggiemeister Patty105035g
Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich1220123g
Chocolate Malt94017g
Classic Burger with Turkey Patty51030g
French Roll32010g
Caesar Salad with Chicken (large)62063g
Strips and Chips110045g
Teriyaki Burger with Veggiemeister Patty62013g
Iced Tea 32 oz640
San Francisco Dog (1/2 pound)126064g
San Francisco Dog100048g
Teriyake Burger 1/2 pound116048g
Meister Burger 1/2 pound156071g
Chili Hot Dog Topping3524g
Strawberry Shake81014g
Pink Lemonade 22 oz280
Onion Rings1602g
Western Burger with Grilled Portobello97031g
BBQ Sauce501g
Mountain Dew 32 oz430
Teriyake Burger 1/3 pound88034g
Pepsi 32 oz400
Classic Burger 1/3 pound with Niman Ranch beef73033g
Cheeseburger with Turkey Patty68030g
Classic Burger with Garlic Chicken Breast58053g
Cheeseburger 1/3 pound with Niman Ranch Beef90044g
Peppercorn Steak Dip151g
San Diego Burger with Veggiemeister Patty64022g
Rasberry Iced Tea 32 oz360
Cheeseburger with Garlic Chicken Breast75063g
BBQ Ribs3980216g
Tropical (Mango) Burger 1/3 pound77035g
Grilled Onions Hot Dog Toppings901g
Chicken Strips38026g
Quarter - pound dog with French Roll58026g
Grilled Cheese45021g
Western Burger with Garlic Chicken Breast103071g
Sierra Mist 32 oz400
Cheeseburger with Grilled Portobello69023g
Colossal Burger1940113g
Bacon Hot Dog Topping906g
Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich71088g
Caesar Salad with Chicken40052g
Chopped Asian Salad142066g
Patty 1/2 lb beef57038g
BBQ Chicken Sandwich82057g
Mug Root Beer 22 oz280
Quarter Pound Manhattan Dog69039g
Mango Salsa151g
Sauteed Mushrooms802g
Rasberry Iced Tea 22 oz250
Non Fat Mango Dressing101g
Meister Burger with Garlic Chicken Breast116074g
California Burger with Grilled Portobello85025g
Kobe Steakhouse Salad114049g
BBQ Ribs - Half Rack1840108g
Patty 1/3 lb beef38026g
San Diego Burger 1/3 pound90044g
Chopped Cobb Salad76063g
Quarter Pound Chicago Dog (1/2 pound)94044g
California Burger 1/3 pound106046g
Meister Salad with Chicken (large)75053g
Western Burger with Veggiemeister Patty92030g
Tropical Chicken Salad (large)39049g
Blue Cheese Dressing 1 oz801g
Spicy Hot Link on French Roll49017g
Mountain Dew 22 oz300
Quarter Pound Chicago Dog68028g
Meister Burger with Turkey Patty110051g
Root Beer Float88010g
Sweet Potato Fries5306g
Meister Sliders89046g
Cheeseburger with Veggiemeister Patty64022g
Strawberry Malt90016g
Blue Cheese Dressing 2 oz1603g
Teriyaki Burger with Garlic Chicken Breast96054g
San Diego Burger with Grilled Portobello69023g
Chicken Strip Sandwich112050g
Vanilla Shake76014g
Mug Root Beer 32 oz400
Western Burger with Turkey Patty96048g
Cheddar Cheese23014g
Meister Salad2202g
Balsamic Dressing110
Sierra Mist 22 oz280
Roasted - Garlic French Fries5707g
Quarter Pound Manhattan Dog (1/2 pound)95055g
Buffalo Wings 12 pieces149071g
Steakhouse Chili1306g
Red Pepper Aioli1101g
BLT Sandwich61030g
Tropical Burger with Garlic chicken Breast and Mango62043g
Roasted - Garlic Seasoned Curly Fries5707g
Pepsi 22 oz280
Onion Rings Sides and Snacks3704g
Classic Burger 1/2 pound with Niman Ranch beef92046g
San Francisco Burger with Veggiemeister Patty83016g
Ranch Dressing1201g
California Burger with Turkey Patty84042g
Quarter Pound Hit Dog48023g
Classic Burger with Veggiemeister Patty47012g
Tropical Burger with Turkey Patty and Mango55030g
Tropical Burger (Pineapple) 1/2 pound99047g
Clam Powder45015g
Veggiemeister (Patty only)30011g
Teriyaki Burger with Grilled Portobello68014g
Quarter Pound Coney Island Dog96047g
Meister Burger 1/3 pound132055g
Steak Sandwich86072g
California Burger with Veggiemeister Patty79024g
California Burger with Garlic Chicken Breast90065g
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich86070g
Tropical Chicken Salad34047g
Tropical Burger with Garlic chicken Breast and Pineapple63043g
Meister Burger with Grilled Portobello111034g
Vanilla Malt85016g

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