Buddy’s Bar-b-q Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Buddy’s Bar-b-q Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Turkey Sandwich, Regular22018g4g
Smoky Wings (8)80064g56g
Sweet Iced Tea, Small120
Ham Sandwich, Large42023g11g
Pulled Chicken Dinner38046g14g
Vanilla Milk Shake, Regular56015g14g
Sweet Iced Tea, Large210
Pork Sandwich, Regular29023g6g
Beef Sandwich, Large52046g10g
Chicken Sandwich, Large51041g12g
Baked Beans1504g3g
Lemonade, Small60
I.B.C. Root Beer160
Big Hawg With Chicken94044g45g
Strawberry Milk Shake, Regular56015g14g
Hawg Back With Butter & Sour Cream4807g19g
Ham Dinner29024g14g
Chocolate Milk Shake, Large71017g16g
Beef Dinner40054g12g
Potato Salad2202g16g
Chocolate Milk Shake, Regular57015g14g
Pork Dinner26032g6g
Lamuriel's Lemon Ice Box Pie3206g12g
Big Hawg With Beef94049g44g
Lemonade, Medium70
Hot Fudge Sundae4208g12g
Fries, Large4505g21g
Smokey Dawg Sandwich38016g21g
Hot Fudge Cake Jr.2405g38g
Combo Dinner - Pork, Chicken & Ribs68079g30g
Turkey Sandwich, Large34026g4g
Hawg Back With Chili & Cheese85030g43g
Ribs Dinner62070g28g
Big Hawg With Pork87038g41g
Regular Potato Chips1602g10g
Fries, Small3203g15g
Chicken Dinner, 1/2 Bone-In43040g21g
Lemonade, Large100
Pork Sandwich, Large45034g7g
Corn On The Cob602g
Green Beans40
Chicken Sandwich, Regular36030g10g
Ham Sandwich, Regular29016g9g
Baked Potato Chips1302g2g
Strawberry Milk Shake, Large68017g16g
Hot Fudge Cake5209g17g
Vanilla Milk Shake, Large68017g16g
Sweet Iced Tea, Medium150
Soft Ice Cream, Bowl2306g6g
Beef Sandwich, Regular37064g9g
Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookie1702g8g

What is Buddy’s Bar-b-Q Restaurant?

Did you know that Buddy’s Bar-b-Q Restaurant is one of the most famous barbeque restaurants in Houston Texas? Not only that, but it is also one of the top-ranked BBQ restaurants in Houston.

It is owned by John E. Smith, who is known as John Q. Smith. The name of the restaurant was derived from his surname and he is known as the Quester of Questers. He is also the author of the popular book on the Quester of Questers.

So, Buddy’s Bar-b-Q Restaurant is a great place to get a delicious and mouth-watering meal.

What are the benefits of Buddy’s Bar-b-Q Restaurant?

Buddy’s Bar-b-Q is the best place to enjoy some amazing food. Here are some of the benefits of eating at Buddy’s Bar-b-Q Restaurant.

The taste is delicious

As the name suggests, Buddy’s Bar-b-Q Restaurant offers delicious and mouth-watering meals. Their menu includes a wide variety of different types of BBQ sauces, ribs, pulled pork, chicken, brisket, beans, and salads.

The menu is varied

Buddy’s Bar-b-Q Restaurant offers a wide variety of different foods. You can choose from all sorts of meats and sides, including chicken, ribs, brisket, pulled pork, beans, baked beans, potato salad, and corn on the cob.

They are famous for their catering services

Buddy’s Bar-b-Q Restaurant has a special menu for the different types of parties. They provide the best barbecue catering and catering services. They have a team of chefs who specialize in cooking the perfect barbecue.

They are famous for their family-friendly environment

At Buddy’s Bar-b-Q Restaurant, you can enjoy a fun and memorable dining experience with your family and friends.


So, these were the benefits of eating at Buddy’s Bar-b-Q Restaurant. If you are looking for the best and most delicious BBQ restaurant in Houston Texas then Buddy’s Bar-b-Q is the perfect place for you.