Buddy Fruits Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Buddy Fruits Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Apple Orchard Blended Fruits45
Peach, Carrot & Apple Blended Fruits & Veggies45
Apple, Spinach & Pear Blended Fruits & Veggies50
Apple & Cinnamon Blended Fruits45
Blueberry & Apple Blended Fruits45
Strawberry & Apple Blended Fruits45
Banana & Apple Blended Fruits50
Banana, Passion & Mango Blended Fruits60
Multifruit & Apple Blended Fruits50
Apple, Sweet Potato & Blueberry Blended Fruits & Veggies50

5 Reasons Why Buddy Fruits Restaurant is the Best

Are you looking for the best healthy food restaurant? Do you want to try the best healthy food options available in your city? Well, Buddy Fruits is the best healthy food restaurant where you can enjoy all the healthy food options.

I am sure that you must have heard about Buddy Fruits before reading this article, but I will share the basic details about this restaurant. Buddy Fruits is a restaurant that offers only healthy food options to its customers. The restaurant has a great variety of dishes that are prepared according to the customer’s needs.

It has become very popular among all the customers and people because it provides only healthy food options.

Here are some reasons why you should visit this healthy food restaurant


The taste of the dishes is the main thing that people look for in a restaurant. Buddy Fruits provides the best tasting healthy food options and makes the experience more enjoyable for its customers. You will get all the required nutrients in the dishes which will keep you away from many diseases.


If you are visiting this restaurant for the first time then you must be curious to know about the variety of dishes. There is a huge variety of dishes, you can choose from different cuisines. It is one of the reasons why the customers are attracted to this restaurant.

Healthy Food

This is the most important reason why people prefer this restaurant. You will get a wide range of healthy food options. Buddy Fruits is one of the few restaurants where you can find healthy food options. You will get only healthy food options and will be free from many diseases.


Buddy Fruits offers amazing deals and discounts to its customers. They offer a number of discount packages which will help you save money. They also offer some amazing coupons and offers to their customers. It is one of the best ways that you can save money.


If you are planning to visit this restaurant, then you must be looking for the nearest location. Buddy Fruits is located in Delhi, so you don’t need to go to any other place. You can easily find the nearest Buddy Fruits restaurant from your home.


I hope you liked this post about the best healthy food restaurant. I know that you have already visited this restaurant, but this post will help you to explore new places.