Bobby’s Burger Palace Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Bobby’s Burger Palace Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Dallas Turkey Burger with Bun65046g35g
Palace Classic Beef Burger, Topless61036g47g
Bobby Blue Chicken Burger with Bun57054g26g
Kid's Cherry Coke160
Honey Mustard Horseradish Sauce15013g
Brunch Turkey Burger with Bun77058g47g
Crunch Chicken Burger with Bun48044g20g
LA Chicken Burger, Topless37030g25g
Kid's Apple Juice100
Add Turkey Patty30031g20g
Crunch Turkey Burger with Bun66047g38g
Palace Classic Turkey Burger with Bun62047g35g
Kid's Iced Tea51g
Kid's Chocolate Milk2309g9g
Philadelphia Chicken Burger, Topless w Whiz51034g32g
Ginger Ale130
Kid's Milk1508g8g
Kid's Beef Burger with Bun48039g24g
LA Beef Burger with Bun55040g30g
Balsamic Dressing16017g
Iced Tea51g
Bobby Blue Beef Burger with Bun74055g43g
Carolina Beef Burger, Topless54030g40g
Add Beef Patty31029g20g
Brunch Beef Burger, Topless76048g59g
Palace Classic Turkey Burger, Topless61037g47g
Miami Turkey Burger, Topless58034g48g
Kid's Turkey Burger with Bun and Cheese58047g33g
LA Beef Burger, Topless54031g42g
Sweet Potato Fries6803g41g
Shake, Strawberry89013g37g
LA Chicken Burger with Bun38039g12g
Kale Salad without Dressing27012g15g
Shake, Malt902g2g
Palace Quinoa Salad with Dressing52014g33g
Diet Coke
Spiked Shake, Vanilla Caramel Bourbon68010g34g
Carolina Chicken Burger, Topless37029g22g
Red Wine Vinaigrette1109g
Miami Beef Burger, Topless58033g47g
Kid's Coke Zero
French Fry16018g
Crunch Beef Burger with Bun65046g37g
Philadelphia Beef Burger with Bun w Whiz68045g37g
Brunch Chicken Burger with Bun60056g29g
Shake, Black & White84013g37g
Onion Rings5408g38g
Philadelphia Turkey Burger, Topless w Whiz68036g50g
Mesa Margarita230
Shake, Whipped Cream252.5g
Kid's Lemonade170
Crunch Beef Burger, Topless64036g50g
Spiked Shake, Mocha Vodka87010g34g
Philadelphia Chicken Burger with Bun w Prov45044g15g
Vitamin Water100
Palace Classic Chicken Burger with Bun45044g16g
Philadelphia Turkey Burger with Bun w Whiz69046g37g
Miami Beef Burger with Bun55039g31g
Crunch Chopped Salad without Dressing25012g13g
Dallas Beef Burger, Topless64036g47g
Sierra Nevada1802g
Add Grilled Chicken14028g3g
Red Wine170
Mustard BBQ Sauce702.5g
Kid's Vitamin Water70
Samuel Smith Pure Brewed Organic Lager Beer1702g
Cherry Zero
Brunch Chicken Burger, Topless59046g42g
LA Turkey Burger with Bun55041g30g
Buckler Non-Alcoholic Beer801g
Bobby Blue Turkey Burger, Topless72048g55g
Brunch Beef Burger with Bun77057g46g
Samuel Adams Boston Lager1802g
Griddled Cheese79026g53g
Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette13013g
Kid's Diet Coke
Philadelphia Turkey Burger, Topless w Prov62037g46g
New Mexico Turkey Burger with Bun57044g30g
Cheese French Fries72017g44g
Palace Classic Beef Burger with Bun62046g34g
Kid's Griddled Cheese79026g53g
Spiked Shake, Coconut Pineapple Rum9109g35g
Shake, Mocha80014g38g
New Mexico Chicken Burger with Bun40042g12g
Miami Chicken Burger with Bun38038g14g
Cherry Coke210
Carolina Beef Burger with Bun55039g27g
Kid's Ginger Ale100
Crunch Chicken Burger, Topless47035g33g
Shake, Dark Chocolate97017g39g
Carolina Turkey Burger, Topless54031g41g
Philadelphia Beef Burger with Bun w Prov62045g32g
LA Turkey Burger, Topless55032g43g
Palace Quinoa Salad without Dressing41014g24g
Bobby Blue Turkey Burger with Bun73057g42g
New Mexico Chicken Burger, Topless39043g25g
Bacon Cheese French Fries81024g51g
Shake, Blue Pom88013g37g
Miami Chicken Burger, Topless41031g30g
Shake, Coconut88013g40g
Kid's Coke150
Dallas Turkey Burger, Topless64037g48g
Shake, Mint Chocolate Chip87015g42g
Corona Extra1501g
Shake, Vanilla78013g38g
Carolina Chicken Burger with Bun38038g10g
BBQ Sauce500.5g
Philadelphia Beef Burger, Topless w Prov61036g45g
Cactus Pear Margarita Mix230
Kid's Chicken Burger with Bun31038g7g
Bobby Blue Chicken Burger, Topless56045g39g
Bobby Blue Beef Burger, Topless73046g56g
Kid's Fresca
Philadelphia Chicken Burger with Bun w Whiz52043g19g
Carolina Turkey Burger with Bun55041g28g
Dallas Beef Burger with Bun65045g34g
Dallas Chicken Burger, Topless47034g30g
New Mexico Turkey Burger, Topless56035g43g
Crunch Turkey Burger, Topless65037g51g
Blue Moon1702g
Kid's Chicken Burger with Bun and Cheese42044g16g
Kid's Beef Burger with Bun and Cheese59045g34g
Kid's Turkey Burger with Bun47041g24g
Philadelphia Beef Burger, Topless w Whiz67035g49g
Kid's French Fries2803g19g
Brunch Turkey Burger, Topless76049g60g
Palace Classic Chicken Burger, Topless44035g29g
Shake, Pistachio117023g70g
Chipotle Ketchup15
Miami Turkey Burger with Bun55040g32g
Shake, Coffee74014g39g
New Mexico Beef Burger, Topless56034g42g
The Undecided117010g83g
Philadelphia Turkey Burger with Bun w Prov63046g33g
Philadelphia Chicken Burger, Topless w Prov44035g28g
Dallas Chicken Burger with Bun48044g17g
Kale Salad with Dressing40012g29g
French Fries57017g38g
White Wine170
Crunch Chopped Salad with Dressing36012g22g
New Mexico Beef Burger with Bun56043g29g

What is Bobby’s Burger Palace Restaurant?

Who doesn’t want to eat the best food in town? We all dream of a restaurant where we can eat delicious food, have a great ambiance, and enjoy our meals in a comfortable atmosphere. One of the best restaurants in India is Bobby’s Burger Palace.

It is located in Noida, India, and has an amazing concept that no one else can offer. It is a burger bar with unlimited varieties of burgers and sandwiches.

The idea of this restaurant is to provide you with the best of burgers, sandwiches, and burgers. The chefs of this restaurant prepare only the best quality ingredients and they cook the food in their own kitchen.

Bobby’s Burger Palace is famous for its hamburgers. They use the best quality meats and spices to prepare the burgers. You can order a burger and drink and you can also order a sandwich and a shake.

There are two different types of shakes available at this restaurant. You can choose the milkshake or the creamy shake.

Here is a quick video of the restaurant. Watch it to get an idea of how the restaurant works.

The ambiance of this restaurant is fun and relaxing. The restaurant has a wide selection of modern furniture and décor. There are some comfortable chairs and tables available in the restaurant.

If you are a vegetarian then you can also order a salad and a sandwich.

Some of the famous dishes that are served here are the cheeseburger, the Philly cheesesteak sandwich, the grilled chicken sandwich, and the chicken poutine.

This restaurant offers fast and delicious service. You can place your order online or you can call the restaurant to place your order.


Bobby’s Burger Palace is a popular restaurant in India. You can find a large variety of different dishes at this restaurant. If you love burgers and you want to enjoy your meal in a fun and relaxing environment, then you should visit this restaurant.