Bento Sushi Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Bento Sushi Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Nigiri Combo37019g4.5g
Figi Combo59024g15g
Maple Salmon Roll39016g15g
Tempura Shrimp3006g24g
Philadelphia Roll36014g12g
Butter Chicken Rice Bowl48022g4.5g
Green Dragon Roll3409g8g
Fuji Combo37010g7g
Sashimi Tuna Salad16015g5g
Tuna & Salmon Sashimi18024g8g
Honey Garlic Chicken Rice45020g9g
Cali Shogun Combo47019g5g
Salmon Samurai Combo38018g9g
Sunrise Dragon Roll39020g12g
Vegetable Crunch Roll4008g14g
Alaska Roll36014g5g
California Nigiri Combo48014g11g
Teriyaki Chicken Roll35017g4.5g
Salmon Tsunami Sushi Burrito64024g30g
Mini Vegetable Roll2508g2.5g
California Roll Combo3007g9g
Mego Maki Roll Platter36012g7g
Spicy California Crunch Roll4509g16g
Crazy Combo78019g27g
Tuna Poke Bowl56037g4g
Tropical Tuna Crunch Roll34014g12g
California Inari Combo4009g9g
Colossal Cali Sushi Burrito65011g30g
Inari Pack2605g7g
Shrimp Pad Thai Noodle Bowl47014g8g
Angel Combo33014g3g
Red Dragon Roll35014g8g
Tuna Avocado Roll31018g4.5g
Pickled Ginger10
Orange Chicken Bowl71019g22g
Rainbow Roll35015g7g
Rice Paper Vegetarian Wrap2502g13g
Salmon Volcano Roll40015g13g
California Roll2808g4.5g
Brown Rice Spicy California Roll3508g13g
Japanese Vegetable Curry Bowl4707g6g
Maki Combo3007g6g
Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl46021g2.5g
Atlantic Salmon Maki Combo49020g12g
Spicy Mango California Mango Crunch Roll4008g13g
Assorted Maki Roll Platter3108g6g
Mega Maki Roll & Nigiri Platter36015g8g
Big Tuna Sushi Burrito50026g12g
Brown Rice California Roll2708g5g
Tofu Donburi Bowl58011g9g
Vegetable Green Dragon Crunch Roll3006g5g
Fried Chicken Rice Bowl62017g12g
Karaage Chicken22012g13g
Dragon Boat2908g6g
Crunch Combo74017g23g
Pork Gyoza1806g3.5g
Made to Order Poke56037g4g
Tuna Samurai Combo34021g2.5g
Cucumber Roll2006g0.5g
Spicy Salmon Roll36014g10g
Quinoa California Roll27010g8g
Inari Dragon Crunch Roll37012g13g
California Family Pack3107g7g
Salmon Avocado Roll34016g9g
Salmon Sashimi Salad19013g10g
Spicy Tuna Roll34016g6g
Smoked Salmon Spring Roll30013g6g
Deluxe Combo44024g4.5g
Tropical Rainbow Roll37015g13g
Shrimp Spring Roll3009g13g
Vegetable California Roll2807g7g
Salmon Boat58026g12g
Avocado Roll2807g6g
Spicy California Spring Roll3309g8g
Spicy Shrimp Mango Roll28010g6g
Beef Donburi Bowl54018g6g
Festive Crunch Family Pack50011g16g
Sashimi Rainbow Salad17013g7g
Wild Pink Salmon Teriyaki Rice Bowl56021g2.5g
Brown Rice Vegetable California Roll3107g11g
Seaweed Salad901g3g
Honey Garlic Chicken Noodle Bowl45020g9g
Vegetable Spring Roll2607g2g
Spicy Spring Roll & Sushi Combo52013g14g
Salmon Teriyaki Rice Bowl45019g2.5g
Dynamite Roll39011g10g
Kamikaze Roll30011g11g
Salmon Poke Bowl65032g17g
Tempura Shrimp Udon Soup47017g8g
Dynamite Crunch Roll53012g21g
Salmon Lovers Combo57026g12g
Assorted Maki Boat57015g10g
Spicy California Roll3608g12g
Ramen Chasu w/ Tonkotsu106045g29g

What is Bento Sushi Restaurant?

We all know Bento is a Japanese word that means a box with ingredients and ingredients should be in separate boxes. Bento is the most famous sushi restaurant in Japan and it was established in 1930. There are many types of Bentos, but the most popular is a bento box with sushi and rice. Let’s know what is Bento Sushi Restaurant.

The history of Bento

Bento was first introduced in the 1930s when Japanese people were searching for new food which is not only tasty but also healthy. People used to eat raw fish and rice and it was considered a normal meal for the people. As time passed by, the Japanese people came up with the idea of creating new food. So, they started preparing rice in different shapes and sizes and they named it Bento.

Benefits of Bento

As I said earlier, Bento is the new way of preparing rice. The benefits of Bento are as follows:

1. It saves money

Bento is the best way to save your money. If you prepare a bento box and you can feed the whole family for less than 50 dollars, then you will find that it is the best option.

2. Bento helps to reduce the amount of waste

Bento is a way to reduce the amount of waste and it can be used for different occasions. So, we can use it to feed our kids and we can use it for a special occasions.

3. It is very convenient

Bento is the most convenient way to prepare food. You just have to choose the best ingredients and prepare it and you are done. You don’t need to add any seasoning or sauce because it is ready to eat.

4. Bento is a healthy way of eating

There are many benefits of Bento, one of them is that it is a healthy way of eating. If you eat Bento, you can avoid overeating because there is no room for extra ingredients. It is a complete meal which will keep you full and you can eat it as a meal.


Bento is a very popular dish in Japan and it is a great way to save money. If you are planning to visit Japan, then you should try Bento Sushi and enjoy the best food ever.