Bento Nouveau Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Bento Nouveau Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Vegetable Spring Roll2503g3g
Sweet & Spicy Shrimp Inari35012g16g
Maple Atlantic Salmon Roll44016g19g
Coconut Shrimp Roll5409g17g
Rainbow Roll27012g7g
Spicy Tuna & Nigiri Combo48028g4.5g
Green Dragon Roll3308g8g
Tuna Family Pack74042g9g
Simply Shrimp Roll61014g24g
Seaweed Salad1001g4g
Spicy Brown Rice California Roll3608g12g
Chicken Pad Thai Noodle Bowl49012g10g
Shrimp Tempura Roll37010g8g
Spicy Cali Mango Crunch Roll4107g13g
Atlantic Salmon Crunch Roll36011g16g
Pork Shuma27012g17g
Japanese Pork Dumplings1507g5g
Spicy California Roll3708g12g
Brown Rice California Roll2708g4g
Spicy Spring Roll & Sushi Combo5309g16g
Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl51015g6g
Japanese Vegetable Dumplings1706g6g
Japanese Chicken Dumplings1509g4.5g
Large Maki Platter205052g43g
Inari Dragon Crunch Roll35012g12g
Vegetable California Roll2606g4g
Assorted Maki Boat Combo60013g14g
California Crunch Roll4007g13g
California Roll2807g4g
Sesame Shrimp Avocado Roll34012g14g
Crunch Combo72015g23g
Deluxe Combo43023g6g
Vegetable Green Dragon Crunch Roll3106g6g
Tropical Tuna Crunch Roll34013g12g
Cucumber & Avocado Mini Vegetable Roll2507g2.5g
Beef Rice Bowl48017g5g
Volcano Roll & Nigiri Combo60024g17g
Spicy Shrimp Volcano Roll42018g15g
Teriyaki Chicken Spring Roll3109g5g
Spicy Shrimp Roll38011g14g
Supreme Family Pack86032g21g
Atlantic Salmon Avocado Roll36015g11g
Atlantic Salmon Avocado & Nigiri Combo39018g10g
Red Dragon Roll33014g6g
Cali Roll & Nigiri Combo45017g6g
Tuna Avocado Roll31017g4.5g
Philadelphia Roll35013g11g
Tuna Samurai Combo33021g2.5g
Tuna Lovers Combo51030g5g
California Family Pack90020g21g
Large Nigiri Maki Platter223086g56g
Nigiri Combo37017g5g
Crazy Combo82018g35g
Spicy Tuna Roll34015g8g
Atlantic Salmon Lovers Combo60026g15g
Shrimp Pad Thai Noodle Bowl41010g6g
Teriyaki Chicken Roll35013g7g
Brown Rice Vegetable California Roll2506g4g
Nigiri Maki Platter139056g26g
Spicy California Spring Roll3205g9g
Spicy Atlantic Salmon Roll39014g13g
Classic Maki Roll Platter124028g25g
Cucumber & Mango Mini Vegetable Roll2306g1g

Bento Nouveau Restaurant

Bento is a Japanese food made of rice, meat, vegetables, and seafood. Bento is usually served in a box or bento box. The name of the restaurant is Bento Nouveau. Bento Nouveau is a trendy restaurant that serves authentic Japanese food.

This restaurant is famous for its delicious and innovative Bentos. Bento Nouveau provides bento boxes for the visitors to fill their box with the desired items and take it home.

How does it work?

At Bento Nouveau, you can buy a bento box for Rs. 300. On the day of your visit, you can eat your lunch and dinner at the restaurant. After that, you can choose the items that you want to place in the bento box and place them in the bento box.

The restaurant is a bit expensive but this is because of the quality of the food. They have a chef who is known for making delicious food.

They serve sushi, noodles, tempura, soups, and rice bowls. The bento boxes are designed in a unique way. The bento boxes are made up of cardboard and glass.

What is Bento Nouveau’s specialty?

Bento Nouveau is famous for its bento boxes. They are designed in a way that will attract customers. The bento boxes come with a unique design. The bento boxes are designed in a way that will make the customers happy.

Bento Nouveau is also famous for its Bentos. You can buy a bento box and fill it with the items that you want.


Bento Nouveau is one of the best restaurants in Mumbai. I visited the restaurant and I loved the ambiance and the interior. They provide great service and delicious food. They have a large variety of Bento’s. You can go to Bento Nouveau restaurant and enjoy the delicious food.