Belfonte Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Belfonte Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Mama's Choice Ice Cream – Pistachio Nut1504g8g
Mama's Choice Ice Cream – Peach Cobbler1402g7g
Premium Ice Cream – Caramel Cone Sundae1602g7g
Premium Ice Cream – Sinfully Chocolate1902g10g
Ice Cream Pail – Chocolate1402g7g
Sour Cream & Chives601g6g
Ice Cream Squares – Neapolitan1402g8g
Ice Cream Squares – French Vanilla1402g7g
Nonfat Yogurt – Black Cherry708g
Lowfat Yogurt – Hawaiian Delight1606g1g
Ice Cream Pail – Neapolitan1302g5g
Sour Cream601g5g
Premium Ice Cream – Vanilla Bean2103g10g
Greek Nonfat Yogurt – Strawberry15014g
Nonfat Yogurt – Red Velvet Cake908g
Nonfat Yogurt – Blackberry & Creme808g
Greek Nonfat Yogurt – Pineapple14014g
Lime Sherbet1501g1.5g
Ice Cream Squares – Black Walnut1503g9g
Premium Ice Cream – Homestyle Strawberry2003g9g
Lowfat Yogurt – Birthday Cake1606g1g
Ice Cream Squares – Vanilla1302g7g
Low Fat Chia Yogurt – Peach1706g2g
Mama's Choice Ice Cream – Xtreme Death by Chocolate1402g7g
Chocolate Milk – Fat Free1308g
Lowfat Yogurt – Plain1408g1g
Lite Ice Cream – Vanilla1403g3.5g
Lite Sour Cream351g2.5g
Lowfat Yogurt – Apple Cobbler1606g1g
Ice Cream Squares – Strawberry1302g6g
Orange Juice1102g
Low Fat Chia Yogurt – Key Lime Coconut1706g2.5g
Frozen Yogurt – Simply Vanilla1203g2.5g
Jalapeno Fiesta Dip601g5g
Lowfat Cottage Cheese – 2% Small Curds9012g2.5g
Premium Ice Cream – Chocolate Peanut Butter1604g10g
Premium Ice Cream – Chocolate to Die For1603g9g
Premium Ice Cream – Strawberry Cheesecake1602g6g
Ice Cream Squares – Cookies 'n' Cream1402g7g
Lowfat Yogurt – Red Raspberry1606g1g
Nonfat Yogurt – Honey Almond Cream807g
Mama's Choice Ice Cream – Berries 'n Cream1602g7g
Greek Nonfat Yogurt – Raspberry14014g
All Natural Sour Cream601g5g
Premium Ice Cream – Rocky Road1703g10g
Low Fat Chia Yogurt – Red Raspberry1606g2g
Low Fat Chia Yogurt – Strawberry1606g2g
Greek Nonfat Yogurt – Vanilla13015g
Ice Cream Squares – Homestyle Vanilla2103g10g
Nonfat Yogurt – Sea Salt Caramel707g
Nonfat Yogurt – Boston Cream Pie707g
Lowfat Yogurt – Red Velvet Cake1606g1g
Lowfat Yogurt – Cherry Vanilla1606g1g
Ice Cream Squares – Chocolate1608g9g
Ice Cream Squares – Rocky Road1703g10g
Ice Cream Pail – Vanilla1302g7g
Lowfat Yogurt – Blueberry1606g1g
Nonfat Yogurt – Red Raspberry707g
Nonfat Yogurt – Pomegranate Blueberry907g
Lowfat Yogurt – Strawberry Cheesecake1606g1g
Premium Ice Cream – Cafe Caramel Macchiato1703g8g
Lowfat Yogurt – Vanilla1606g1g
Ice Cream Squares – Vanilla Orange Tango1402g4g
Nonfat Yogurt – Strawberry Cheesecake808g
Nonfat Yogurt – Key Lime Pie808g
Mama's Choice Ice Cream – Cake Batter1802g10g
Premium Ice Cream – Butter Brickle1502g9g
Premium Ice Cream – Chocolate1602g9g
Lowfat Yogurt – Boston Cream Pie1606g1g
Premium Ice Cream – Butter Pecan1502g9g
Lowfat Yogurt – Banana Split1606g1g
Ranch Dip401g3g
Nonfat Yogurt – Banana Creme Pie907g
Lowfat Yogurt – Sea Salt Caramel1706g1.5g
Lowfat Yogurt – Peach1606g1g
Pineapple Sherbet1501g1.5g
Frozen Yogurt – Cuckoo 4 Cookie Dough1403g4.5g
Nonfat Yogurt – Orange Tango808g
Mama's Choice Ice Cream – Monkey Business1802g9g
Nonfat Yogurt – Cinnamon Roll908g
Greek Nonfat Yogurt – Blueberry14014g
Lowfat Yogurt – Blackberry & Cream1606g1.5g
Ice Cream Squares – Lemon Crumb Cake1802g7g
Lowfat Yogurt – Key Lime Pie1606g1g
Lowfat Cottage Cheese – Lite 1% Small Curds8012g1.5g
Lowfat Yogurt – Cinnamon Roll1606g1g
Ice Cream Pail – Chocolate Chip1402g8g
Greek Nonfat Yogurt – Plain10018g
Premium Ice Cream – Bear Claw1802g8g
Lowfat Yogurt – Strawberry1606g1g
Frozen Yogurt – Sea Salt Caramel Craze1403g2.5g
Lowfat Yogurt – Pomegranate Blueberry1606g1.5g
Rainbow Sherbet1501g1.5g
Lowfat Yogurt – Cotton Candy1606g1g
Ice Cream Squares – Home Run Sundae1703g10g
Ice Cream Pail – French Vanilla1402g7g
Greek Nonfat Yogurt – Peach15014g
Mama's Choice Ice Cream – Peppermint Stick1402g7g
French Onion Dip601g5g
Nonfat Yogurt – Cherry Vanilla707g
Ice Cream Pail – Cookies 'n' Cream1402g7g
Nonfat Yogurt – Pomegranate Cherry907g
Nonfat Yogurt – Apple Cobbler907g
Ice Cream Squares – Chocolate Chip1402g7g
Premium Ice Cream – Chocolate Almond1903g11g
Orange Sherbet1501g1.5g
Nonfat Yogurt – Lemon707g
Nonfat Sour Cream151g
Greek Nonfat Yogurt – Black Cherry14014g
Nonfat Yogurt – Plain130
Premium Ice Cream – Cookie Dough1402g7g
Premium Ice Cream – Moose Tracks1902g12g
Premium Ice Cream – Black Walnut1503g9g
Lowfat Yogurt – Black Cherry1606g1g
Cottage Cheese – 4% Large Curd10012g4.5g
Premium Ice Cream – Sea Salt Caramel1603g8g
Nonfat Yogurt – Birthday Cake908g
Ice Cream Squares – Tin Roof Sundae1502g7g
Raspberry Sherbet1501g1.5g
Lowfat Yogurt – Strawberry Banana1606g1.5g
Premium Ice Cream – Homestyle Chocolate Chip1802g10g
Ice Cream Pail – Vanilla Fudge1302g6g
Premium Ice Cream – Neapolitan1602g6g
Premium Ice Cream – Vanilla1302g7g
Cottage Cheese – 4% Small Curd12013g5g
Nonfat Yogurt – Strawberry707g
Ice Cream Squares – Vanilla Bean2103g10g
Premium Ice Cream – Extreme Moose Tracks2103g13g
Premium Ice Cream – Chocolate Silk1902g10g
Premium Ice Cream – French Vanilla1402g7g
Low Fat Chia Yogurt – Mixed Berry1706g2g
Premium Ice Cream – Green Mint Chip1702g10g
Nonfat Yogurt – Peach707g
Chocolate Milk2208g8g
Nonfat Yogurt – Blueberry707g
Nonfat Cottage Cheese8012g
Low Fat Chia Yogurt – Blueberry1606g2g
Frozen Yogurt – Wild Cherry Choco Chip1203g1.5g
Nonfat Yogurt – Coconut Creme Pie808g
Lowfat Yogurt – Lemon1606g1g
Ice Cream Squares – Butter Brickle1402g7g
Premium Ice Cream – Spumoni1502g8g
Nonfat Yogurt – Strawberry Banana707g
Nonfat Yogurt – Vanilla807g
Nonfat Yogurt – White Chocolate Cherry808g
Premium Ice Cream – Homestyle Vanilla2003g9g

Belfonte Restaurant: The Best Italian Restaurant In Dubai

Belfonte Restaurant is a perfect place for Italian food lovers who want to enjoy authentic Italian food in Dubai. This is one of the most famous Italian restaurants in Dubai. It has been there since 1993. I used to go for Italian food but later I started eating Indian food and I still remember that I loved the Indian food, it was different and full of flavors.

Now, if you are looking for the best Italian restaurant in Dubai then this is the right place for you. It has the best and the most authentic Italian cuisine in Dubai. The owners of the restaurant have more than 25 years of experience and they have brought the most delicious Italian food in the UAE. They have imported the best ingredients and served them in the most elegant and the most beautiful surroundings.

The restaurant is known for its amazing food, and the staff is well trained and talented. They have been trained by the best chefs in Italy, so you will get the most delicious food in the most authentic Italian style. If you are looking for the best Italian restaurant in Dubai then this is the place for you.

Here are some of the reasons why you should visit the best Italian restaurant in Dubai.

Authentic Italian cuisine

They have a menu of authentic Italian dishes which is prepared by the best chefs in Italy. The food is prepared fresh and the best ingredients are used to make the dish. All the dishes are prepared by the most talented chefs in the country and that is the reason why the taste of the food is so delicious.

The best ingredients

They use the best ingredients to make their dishes. The most popular dishes are spaghetti and lasagne. They use the best ingredients to make the pasta and they use the fresh vegetables to make their lasagna. There are many Italian dishes which you will love and you will never be disappointed.

The ambiance

They have an amazing ambiance in the restaurant. You will feel like you are dining in Italy. The decor is very beautiful and it is decorated by the best designers in the country. The ambiance is very classy and it is a perfect place for your family and for your friends.

The service

They have a friendly and well-trained staff. They will greet you and they will serve you the best food. They will take care of your needs and they will help you to enjoy your food. They will be your best companions and you will enjoy your food.

The wine

They have the best wine selection in the restaurant. You can choose any type of wine and you can ask for the best wine in the restaurant. If you like red wine then you can ask for a bottle of red wine. They will make the selection for you and you can order whatever you want.


I am sure that you will love their food and you will love the ambiance and the service of the restaurant. You can also enjoy their wine selection. If you are looking for the best Italian restaurant in Dubai then I would suggest you to visit Belfonte restaurant.