Beetnik Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Beetnik Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Organic Thai Style Grass Fed Beef w/ Coconut Rice33012g11g
Organic Chicken Chili Verde20016g4.5g
Organic Lemongrass Chicken25018g10g
Organic Chicken Meatballs9014g2g
Organic Grass Fed Beef Meatballs30014g21g
Organic Beef Chili & Sweet Potato33018g16g
Organic Shepherd's Pie w/ Grass Fed Beef33019g15g
Organic Lemon Chicken w/ Cauliflower Rice17021g3.5g
Organic Sesame Ginger Chicken27018g4.5g
Organic Fire Roasted Pepper Steak w/ Whipped Potato24016g9g
Organic Peruvian Chicken Stew20022g6g

What is Beetnik Restaurant?

The famous Beetnik restaurant has opened its doors in New Delhi. It is located in the heart of the capital city. The restaurant serves the best Italian dishes. It was established in 2011 and started as a home-based business. Now it has expanded and the owner is planning to open restaurants all over India.

Beetnik Restaurant

It has been a dream of the owners to provide the best Italian food to the people in the capital. It has a team of well-trained chefs who prepare the Italian dishes. The menu consists of a variety of dishes like pasta, risotto, pizza, meatballs, salads, and desserts.

Beetnik Restaurant Menu

It is the best place to have Italian food in the capital. The dishes are prepared in a way that will make you feel the flavors of the food. The restaurant has a modern and classy look and the ambiance is amazing.

Beetnik Restaurant Location

It is a cozy place and you will love to spend time with your family. It has a wide range of small, large, and medium seating options. You can enjoy the delicious food along with your friends and family. The service is amicable and the staff members are helpful.

Beetnik Restaurant Menu

The food is served in a timely manner and you won’t have to wait for a long time. There is a good selection of wines and cocktails to choose from. The prices are moderate and the food is reasonably priced.

Beetnik Restaurant Services

There is a free Wi-Fi facility and the staffs are available round the clock. You can also order online and enjoy your favorite dishes without wasting your time. The restaurant is also available for private parties and you can book a table online.

Beetnik Restaurant Cost

The cost of the meal depends on the number of guests that you want to invite. It is affordable and you can save a lot of money. The bill includes the taxes and service charges.

Beetnik Restaurant Tips

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner from 11 AM to 3 PM. The minimum order size is Rs. 500 and the maximum is Rs. 1000.


I hope you liked the article. It is one of the best places to have Italian food in Delhi. The price of the meal is reasonable and you will definitely enjoy the food.