Bad Ass Coffee Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Bad Ass Coffee Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Lava Java Mocha Blended Latte2403g7g
Sugar Free Iced Dark Choc Mocha Latte19010g10g
Sugar Free Nutty Irishman Latte1709g9g
Sugar Free Lava Java Mocha1709g9g
Cafe Latte1709g9g
Menehune Mocha Latte22010g10g
Sugar Free Iced Nutty Irishman Latte19010g10g
Iced Haole's Memehune26010g11g
Hot or Iced Au Lait804g4g
Grasshopper Blended Latte2002g7g
Iced Black Forest Latte25011g11g
Iced Vanilla Nut31010g10g
Mango Smoothie3001g
Jitter Juice, Whole Milk24010g10g
Hawaiian Sunrise Blended Latte2303g7g
Toffee Bar, Whole Milk23010g9g
Sugar Free Iced Caramel Wave19010g10g
Iced Toffee Bar25011g10g
Pecan Pie Latte3109g9g
Iced Apple Pie28010g10g
Iced Snickerlicious Latte27011g10g
Monkey Mocha Blended Latte2303g7g
Iced Grasshopper28010g10g
Kreme De Kona Latte27010g10g
Italian Soda150
Almond Mocha, 2% Milk26010g9g
Sugar Free Iced Bad Ass Mocha Latte19010g10g
Sugar Free Memehune Mocha1709g9g
Sugar Free Haole's Memehune1709g9g
Sugar Free Iced Caramel Vanilla Latte19010g10g
Caramel Kreme De Kona Blended Latte2804g8g
Koffee Kooler1902g8g
Ghirardelli White Chocolate Powder301g
Sugar Free Iced Kreme De Kona19010g10g
Coffee, Decaf, Brewed
Oodalolly Blended Latte2703g8g
Apple Pie Blended Latte2202g7g
Caramel Vanilla Latte44013g12g
Monkey Mocha2303g7g
Iced Hawaiian Sunrise Latte24011g11g
Sugar Free Jitter Juice Latte1709g9g
Haole's Memehune Blended Latte2604g8g
Iced Snickerlicious27011g10g
Black Widow5
Menehune Mocha, Whole Milk22010g10g
Sugar Free Iced Caramel Wave Latte19010g10g
Apple Pie2202g7g
Haole's Revenge Latte2609g10g
Iced Lava Java Mocha25011g11g
Haole's Revenge2704g8g
Caramel Wave, Whole Milk32010g10g
Iced Caramel Kreme De Kona Latte28011g12g
Haole's Menehune, Whole Milk2409g10g
Haole's Menehune Latte2409g10g
Espresso, Decaf, Brewed
Espresso Conpana 1 Ristretto Shot
Sugar Free Jitter Juice1709g9g
Sugar Free Iced Memehune Mocha19010g10g
Sugar Free Iced Snickerlicious Latte19010g10g
Cream, Half And Half401g3g
Cubano 1 Ristretto Shot20
Polar Bear, Iced24010g12g
Toffee Bar Latte23010g9g
Monkey Mocha, Whole Milk22010g10g
Cafe Latte, Iced18010g10g
Toffee Bar2503g7g
Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Mocha1709g9g
Iced Kreme De Kona29011g11g
Iced Black Forest25011g11g
Caramel Wave2402g7g
Lava Java Mocha Latte23010g10g
Hawaiian Sunrise, Whole Milk22010g10g
Iced Cafe Latte Breve39010g30g
Monin Sauce, Dark Chocolate1001g1g
Vanilla Nut2302g7g
Polar Bear2309g11g
Eye Opener5
Iced or Hot Frosted Kona701.5g
Iced Onolicious Mocha28011g10g
Caramel Wave Blended Latte2402g7g
Sugar Free Caramel Vanilla Latte1709g9g
Sugar In The Raw20
Caramel Kreme De Kona Latte26010g11g
Bad Ass Mocha Latte21010g10g
Iced Oodalolly31010g11g
Coconut Mocha2703g7g
Jitter Juice2403g7g
Nutty Irishman Latte2909g9g
Onolicious Mocha Blended Latte2603g8g
Bad Ass Koffee Kooler1902g8g
Wild Berry2901g
Bad Ass Mocha2503g8g
Iced Eggnog Latte31012g17g
Sugar Free Iced Dark Choc Mocha19010g10g
Grass Hopper Latte2609g9g
Iced Caramel Vanilla Latte16014g13g
Iced Nutty Irishman Latte31010g10g
Iced Memehune Mocha24011g11g
Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Mocha Latte1709g9g
Caramel Kreme De Kona2804g8g
Sugar Free White Chocolate Mocha Latte1709g9g
Haole's Revenge, Whole Milk2609g10g
Sugar Free Snickerlicious Latte1709g9g
Hawaiian Sunrise Latte22010g10g
Vanilla Nut Latte2909g9g
Sugar Free Iced Kreme De Kona Latte19010g10g
Sugar Free Iced Bad Ass Mocha19010g10g
Kreme De Kona2603g8g
Iced Toffee Bar Latte25011g10g
Iced Kreme De Kona Latte29011g11g
Sugar Free Nutty Irishman1709g9g
Onolicious Mocha2603g8g
Chamomile Tea
Iced Macaroon31010g10g
Black Tea Decaf
Slammer 2 Ristretto Shots902g3.5g
Sugar Free Iced Vanilla Nut19010g10g
Hot Chocolate22010g11g
Sugar Free Caramel Wave Latte1709g9g
Hot or Iced Con Leche704g4g
Sugar Free Iced Lava Java Mocha19010g10g
Iced Lava Java Mocha Latte25011g11g
Caramel Kreme De Kona, Whole Milk26010g11g
Sugar Free Onolicious Mocha1709g9g
Sugar Free Caramel Kreme De Kona1709g9g
Italian Soda Cremosa, Sugar Free401g3g
Sugar Free White Chocolate Mocha1709g9g
Sugar Free Caramel Wave1709g9g
Apple Cider Powder Mix110
Sugar Free Iced Memehune Mocha Latte19010g10g
Caramel Wave Latte32010g10g
Sugar Free Iced Lava Java Mocha Latte19010g10g
Lava Java Mocha, Whole Milk23010g10g
Iced Coconut Mocha Latte26011g11g
Black Tea
Sugar Free Kreme De Kona Latte1709g9g
Hawaiian Sunrise2303g7g
Sugar Free Iced Caramel Kreme De Kona19010g10g
Cafe Latte Breve3509g27g
Sugar Free Vanilla Nut Latte1709g9g
Iced Jitter Juice26011g11g
Sugar Free Iced Vanilla Nut Latte19010g10g
Iced Almond Mocha Latte27011g10g
Espresso 1 Ristretto Shot
Caramel Vanilla Blended Latte4406g10g
Sugar Free Haole's Memehune Latte1709g9g
Iced Memehune Mocha Latte24011g11g
Iced Apple Pie Latte28010g10g
Iced Pecan Pie33010g10g
Stawberry Banana Smoothie2801g
Bad Ass Coffee Smoothie Mix301g1g
Eggnog Latte29011g16g
Iced Caramel Wave Latte34011g11g
Macaroon, Whole Milk2909g9g
Haole's Memehune2604g8g
Iced Hawaiian Sunrise24011g11g
Snickerlicious, Whole Milk25010g9g
Iced Haole's Revenge28010g11g
Iced Grasshopper Latte28010g10g
Coconut Mocha Latte24010g10g
Sugar Free Onolicious Mocha Latte1709g9g
Apple Pie Latte2709g9g
Chai Latte2706g6g
Iced Monkey Mocha Latte24011g11g
Espresso, Regular, Brewed
Sugar Free Snickerlicious1709g9g
Peach Smoothie3401g
Sugar Free Iced Onolicious Mocha19010g10g
Caramel Vanilla Latte, Whole Milk44013g12g
Sugar Free Iced Caramel Kreme De Kona Latte19010g10g
Monkey Mocha Latte22010g10g
Milk, Skim808g
Iced Haole's Revenge Latte28010g11g
Iced Coconut Mocha26011g11g
Sugar Free Iced Jitter Juice19010g10g
Onolicious Mocha, Whole Milk26010g9g
Wild Berry Smoothie2901g
Bad Ass Mocha Blended Latte2503g8g
Iced Jitter Juice Latte26011g11g
Oodalolly Latte2909g10g
Jitter Juice Latte24010g10g
Black Forest2403g7g
Sugar Free Kreme De Kona1709g9g
Monin Sauce, Caramel1102g1.5g
Iced Caramel Wave34011g11g
Chai Latte, Blended1801g1g
Milk, Soy13011g5g
Memehune Mocha Blended Latte2303g7g
Nutty Irishman Blended Latte2202g7g
Vanilla Nut, Whole Milk2909g9g
Sugar Free Iced Snickerlicious19010g10g
Kreme De Kona, Whole Milk27010g10g
Black Forest Blended Latte2403g7g
Iced Nutty Irishman31010g10g
Toffee Bar Blended Latte2503g7g
Sugar Free Caramel Kreme De Kona Latte1709g9g
Ghirardelli Chocolate Powder251g0.5g
Sugar Free Iced Jitter Juice Latte19010g10g
Snickerlicious Blended Latte2403g7g
Cream, Heavy Whipped2601g10g
Hot or Iced Brew Coffee Decaf
Herbal Tea
Coffee, Regular, Brewed
Sugar Free Iced Onolicious Mocha Latte19010g10g
Strawberry Smoothie2701g
Oodalolly, Whole Milk2909g10g
White Chocolate Mocha Latte19010g10g
Italian Soda Cremosa1901g3g
Monin Sauce, White Chocolate1102g1.5g
Milk, Whole1508g8g
Iced Onolicious Mocha Latte28011g10g
Almond Mocha Latte26010g9g
Iced Almond Mocha27011g10g
Grass Hopper, Whole Milk2609g9g
Haole's Revenge Blended Latte2704g8g
Lava Java Mocha2403g7g
Black Forest, Whole Milk23010g10g
Iced Haole's Memehune Latte26010g11g
Sugar Free Lava Java Mocha Latte1709g9g
Cappuccino, Dry201g1g
Sugar Free Bad Ass Mocha Latte1709g9g
Snickerlicious Latte25010g9g
Coconut Mocha, Whole Milk24010g10g
Sugar Free Vanilla Nut1709g9g
Macchiato 2 Ristretto Shot51g0.5g
Sugar Free Iced Haole's Memehune Latte19010g10g
Sugar Free Iced Haole's Memehune19010g10g
Kreme De Kona Blended Latte2603g8g
Iced Vanilla Nut Latte31010g10g
Iced Monkey Mocha24011g11g
Jitter Juice Blended Latte2403g7g
Pecan Pie, Whole Milk3109g9g
Memehune Mocha2303g7g
Nutty Irishman2202g7g
Coconut Mocha Blended Latte2703g7g
Sugar Free Iced Nutty Irishman19010g10g
Pecan Pie Blended Latte2302g7g
Pecan Pie2302g7g
Iced Caramel Kreme De Kona28011g12g
Apple Pie, Whole Milk2709g9g
Onolicious Mocha Latte26010g9g
Iced Macaroon Latte31010g10g
Iced Bad Ass Mocha23011g11g
Almond Mocha Blended Latte2403g7g
Vanilla Nut Blended Latte2302g7g
Iced Oodalolly Latte31010g11g
Stawberry Banana2801g
Nutty Irishman, Whole Milk2909g9g
Iced Bad Ass Mocha Latte23011g11g
Macaroon Latte2909g9g
Iced Pecan Pie Latte33010g10g
Almond Mocha2403g7g
Macaroon Blended Latte2302g7g
Monin Syrups, Regular100
Sugar Free Memehune Mocha Latte1709g9g
Black Forest Latte23010g10g
Bad Ass Mocha, Whole Milk21010g10g
Sugar Free Bad Ass Mocha1709g9g
Chai Latte, Iced2807g7g

Bad Ass Coffee Restaurant Review

A coffee restaurant is a place where you can enjoy the aroma of coffee and food. There are many different types of coffee restaurants, and you can choose one according to your taste.

Bad Ass Coffee is one of the most famous coffee restaurants, and it is very popular among people who want to get an amazing coffee experience.

Bad Ass Coffee is a small restaurant located in Toronto, Canada. It is owned by Paul Tepas, and it was opened on May 25, 2017. It is very famous among the people because it serves the best coffee and the most delicious food.

Coffee is the most important element for any coffee restaurant and badass coffee is no exception. They serve coffee of great quality, and you can easily smell the aroma of coffee while walking to the restaurant.

It is a small restaurant with just two seats, and it has a big dining area. The walls of the dining area are decorated with many pictures of coffee beans and coffee cups. It is a unique coffee restaurant, and you can easily enjoy your coffee here.

There is no menu available at the restaurant, and you need to call the restaurant for ordering. It is the only coffee restaurant where you can order directly from the counter and the staff will deliver the food and coffee.

If you want to enjoy the experience of the coffee, then you should go to the restaurant and try its food and coffee. The menu is very simple, and you will have a great time.


I hope you liked this review of Bad Ass Coffee, and I am sure you will love the food and coffee. It is a small coffee restaurant, but it serves the best coffee and food in Toronto. So, if you are in Toronto, then don’t forget to visit Bad Ass Coffee.