Back Yard Burgers Calories and Nutrition Facts

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Back Yard Burgers Calories and Nutrition Menu

FoodCaloriesProteinTotal Fat
Turkey Club76943g49g
BYB Chicken Tender Combo62034g34g
Tropicana Twister, Fruit Punch, Regular, 20 oz.180
Pepsi, Regular, 20 oz.250
Sweet Tea, Kids, 12 oz.120
Garden Fresh Salad1004g2g
Chili Cheese Fries - Large (using waffle fries)75015g52g
Strawberry Lemonade, Kids, 12 oz.220
BYB Pepsi, Diet, 20 oz.
BYB Back Yard Classic Bleu Cheeseburger70037g44g
Peach Cobbler3503g11g
2/3 lb. Pepper Jack Cheeseburger119070g82g
Junior Swiss Cheeseburger64034g36g
1/3 lb. Pepper Jack Cheeseburger74039g45g
BYB Backyard Salad with Chicken Tenderloins68036g41g
Light Mayo404g
Pepsi, Kids, 12 oz.150
BYB Mushroom Swiss Burger76042g50g
Margarine Cup506g
Junior Hamburger53026g27g
Back Yard Chili37020g23g
Sweetened Tea180
Classic Turkey Burger54030g28g
Chipotle Burger100041g67g
BYB Mountain Dew, 20 oz.280
BYB Back Yard Double Classic Swiss Cheeseburger126076g88g
BYB Blackberry Cobbler2903g8g
BYB Black Jack Chicken Club67038g43g
1/3 lb. Cheddar Cheeseburger79043g48g
Waffle Fries, prepared, 8 oz., Large11008g75g
Strawberry Lemonade, Large, 32 oz.6001g
Ice Cream, A La Carte1502g8g
Crispy Chicken Sandwich59025g26g
Tropicana Twister, Orange, Large, 32 oz.510
Vanilla Milkshake62011g28g
BYB Back Yard Double Classic American Cheeseburger124071g88g
BYB Bacon Cheddar Burger84044g57g
Sobe Lifewater, Yumberry, Large, 32 oz.
Junior Burger40023g15g
BYB Grilled Chicken Sandwich36029g12g
BYB Mug Root Beer, 20 oz.250
Back Yard Dog32010g18g
Loaded Baked Potato42013g21g
Black Jack Chicken Club70047g37g
Sierra Mist, Kids, 12 oz.150
Picnic Burger Bundle89026g54g
Chili Cheeseburger Bundle98031g60g
Sweet Tea, Regular, 20 oz.210
Grilled Chicken Salad22027g4g
BYB Cherry Cobbler3503g12g
BYB Cherry Cobbler A La Mode5005g20g
BYB Back Yard Chili Cheese Dog64025g45g
BYB Lemonade, 32 oz.390
BYB Chicken Tender Basket46025g25g
Junior American Cheeseburger58029g32g
Wild Cherry Pepsi, Kids, 12 oz.150
Tropicana Twister, Fruit Punch, Kids, 12 oz.110
Lemonade, Kids, 12 oz.210
Black & Bleu Burger94042g65g
Mountain Dew, Large, 32 oz.440
BYB Shake, Chocolate Oreo78012g36g
Pecan Cobbler A La Mode89011g33g
Peach Cobbler A La Mode4805g18g
Unsweet Tea, Regular, 20 oz.
Shake, Peanut Butter83016g51g
Creamy Cole Slaw2001g16g
Sobe Lifewater, Yumberry, Regular, 20 oz.
BYB Lemonade, 20 oz.250
BYB Dr. Pepper, Diet, 20 oz.
Mountain Dew, Regular, 20 oz.280
Ice Cream1502g8g
Waffle Fries, prepared, 6 oz., Regular8206g56g
Junior Cheddar Cheeseburger64033g36g
Chili Cheese Big Dog63025g44g
Bak-Pak Chicken Tender Meal111031g71g
2/3 lb. American Cheeseburger117060g79g
Chili Cheese Fries - Large (using seasoned fries)103018g76g
Unsweet Tea, Large, 32 oz.
BYB Back Yard Double Classic Cheddar Cheeseburger127074g89g
Shake, Chocolate75013g35g
Backyard Salad with Blackened Chicken45038g21g
Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich45032g11g
Panko Onion Rings, Prepared, 4 oz, Regular3405g13g
Veggie Burger42025g11g
Mug Root Beer, Regular, 20 oz.250
Chicken Tender Basket54024g36g
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Bundle102027g61g
Cherry Cobbler A La Mode5005g20g
BYB Apple Cobbler3603g14g
1/3 lb. American Cheeseburger73039g44g
Sobe Lifewater, Yumberry, Kids, 12 oz.
Backyard Salad with Grilled Chicken35038g10g
BYB Classic Turkey Burger56031g38g
Chicken Tender Meal126039g79g
Turkey Burger60933g36g
BYB Ice Cream, A La Carte1502g8g
BYB Dr. Pepper, 20 oz.250
Strawberry Milkshake62011g28g
Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad66045g30g
1/3 lb. Hamburger68036g39g
Lemonade, Regular, 20 oz.350
BYB Backyard Salad with Blackened Chicken59042g38g
Pepsi, Large, 32 oz.400
Mountain Dew, Kids, 12 oz.170
Chocolate Milkshake64011g30g
BYB Black & Bleu Burger88041g63g
BYB Back Yard Classic Burger65033g40g
Waffle Fries, prepared, 4.5 oz. Kid's6204g42g
Baked Potato4107g10g
Blackened Chicken Sandwich54032g24g
Garlic Parmesan Fries - Large114010g77g
2/3 lb. Bleu Cheeseburger127075g86g
Blackberry Cobbler2903g8g
BYB Back Yard Dog32010g18g
Wild Turkey Burger75739g41g
Back Yard Big Dog50016g33g
Wild Cherry Pepsi, Regular, 20 oz.250
BYB Blackened Chicken Sandwich50029g25g
Unsweet Tea, Kids, 12 oz.
Sweet Tea, Large, 32 oz.330
Black Jack Burger78040g49g
Tropicana Twister, Orange, Regular, 20 oz.320
1/3 lb. Bleu Cheeseburger78042g47g
Wild Cherry Pepsi, Large, 32 oz.400
BYB Back Yard Classic Cheddar Cheeseburger76040g49g
Kids' Crispy Tenders36016g24g
Blackberry Cobbler A La Mode4405g15g
BYB Apple Cobbler A La Mode5105g21g
Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad with Chicken Tenderloins84028g51g
Pecan Cobbler7409g26g
Real Mayonnaise9010g
BYB Back Yard Double Classic Burger104060g70g
Shake, Strawberry74012g35g
Mug Root Beer, Kids, 12 oz.150
Seasoned Fries9608g68g
BYB Back Yard Double Classic Pepper Jack Cheeseburger122069g88g
Lemonade, Large, 32 oz.5601g
1/3 lb. Swiss Cheeseburger79044g48g
BYB Back Yard Classic Swiss Cheeseburger76041g49g
BYB Bacon Swiss Burger84045g56g
Strawberry Cobbler A La Mode5305g24g
Apple Cobbler A La Mode5105g21g
BYB Shake, Banana62011g28g
BYB Back Yard Double Classic Bleu Cheeseburger114067g78g
2/3 lb. Cheddar Cheeseburger129078g88g
Panko Onion Rings, Prepared, 5.5 oz Large4206g16g
Bacon Cheddar Burger85046g54g
Cherry Cobbler3503g12g
Chili Cheese Fries - Regular (using seasoned fries)79014g59g
Apple Cobbler3603g14g
Garden Veggie Burger40027g8g
BYB Blackberry Cobbler A La Mode4405g15g
Side Salad301g
Mushroom Swiss Burger79045g49g
Back Yard Double Classic Burger86062g46g
Sierra Mist, Regular, 20 oz.250
Hot Dog Bundle77016g52g
Mug Root Beer, Large, 32 oz.400
BYB Shake, Chocolate64011g30g
BYB Back Yard Classic American Cheeseburger75039g49g
Blackened Chicken Salad33027g15g
Sweet Potato Fries, prepared, 6 oz. Regular4502g29g
Junior Pepper Jack Cheeseburger59029g33g
BYB Back Yard Classic Pepper Jack Cheeseburger74038g49g
Sweet Potato Fries, prepared, 9 oz. Large6103g39g
2/3 lb. Hamburger107064g70g
Fried Chicken Salad41021g19g
Backyard Salad with Chicken Tenderloins53021g32g
Tropicana Twister, Fruit Punch, Large, 32 oz.290
Kids' Back Yard Dog33011g18g
Sierra Mist, Large, 32 oz.400
Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad with Blackened Chicken77045g41g
Garlic Parmesan Fries - Regular8608g59g
Bak-Pak Dog32010g18g
Junior Bleu Cheeseburger63032g35g
2/3 lb. Swiss Cheeseburger129080g88g
Strawberry Cobbler3803g16g
Grilled Chicken Sandwich35031g4.5g
BYB Pepsi, 20 oz.250
Shake, Chocolate Oreo85014g40g
Chili Cheese Fries - Regular (using waffle fries)58012g41g
Back Yard Classic Burger58035g28g
Shake, Vanilla74012g35g
Unsweetened Tea
Seasoned Fries, prepared, 6 oz. Large6405g47g
Kaiser Bun2006g3.5g
Seasoned Fries, prepared, 3.5 oz. Kid's3803g28g
BYB Seasoned Fries, prepared, 8 oz. Large6505g46g
BYB Black Jack Burger86038g64g
Strawberry Lemonade, Regular, 20 oz.370
Seasoned Fries, prepared, 4.5 oz. Regular4804g36g
BYB Backyard Salad with Grilled Chicken49042g26g

10 Amazing Reasons To Visit Back Yard Burgers

If you are looking for a place that will serve you the best burgers in town, then you should visit the Back Yard Burgers restaurant. If you want to know more about this restaurant, then read the post and we will share with you all the important information.

This restaurant is located in St. Louis, Missouri and this restaurant serves you the best burgers in town. They have various types of burgers that you can choose from, they have a wide range of menus and you can try their different options for any occasion.

There are a lot of burger places available in the market, but there are very few restaurants that are famous for their burgers. Back Yard Burgers is one of them. You can find their address on the map and once you visit the restaurant you will get to know the reason why it is the best burger place in town.

Here is the list of the top 10 reasons to visit Back Yard Burgers:

1. The best burger in town

We all know that the burger is the king of all food, so when it comes to the best burger, the name that comes to our mind is Back Yard Burgers. Their burgers are famous for their juicy and tender meat and they are also known for their quality ingredients.

2. Delicious menu

The menu of this restaurant is delicious and their burgers will be a pleasure to your taste buds. Their burgers are made with the best of ingredients and the combination of spices and the seasoning will make your mouth water.

3. The ambiance

The ambiance of the restaurant is amazing and if you are looking for a place where you can have fun with your friends, then this restaurant is the right choice for you. You will feel relaxed and enjoy the company of your friends.

4. Food delivery

If you are looking for a place that will serve you the best burgers in town, then you should definitely try Back Yard Burgers. They offer a food delivery service and if you want to try their burgers at home, then you can order food online.

5. Variety

They have a variety of burger options and you can order any of their burgers according to your preference. Whether you are looking for a classic burger or a vegetarian burger, they have everything to offer you.

6. Great service

This restaurant is famous for its friendly and polite staff. Their customer service is excellent and they will help you in every way possible. You can ask for anything from them and they will be happy to help you.

7. Great atmosphere

The atmosphere of the restaurant is amazing and you will love the place. They have a huge parking area and the restaurant is surrounded by a beautiful garden which is also a good reason for people to come to eat here.

8. Affordable price

The price of the burger is very reasonable and it will not break your pocket. If you are on a tight budget, then you can also enjoy their menu because it is very affordable.

9. Happy hour

At Back Yard Burgers restaurant they have a special happy hour for their customers. During happy hour you can enjoy their burgers at a discounted rate.

10. Free kids menu

Back Yard Burgers is famous for its kid’s menu. So, if you want to enjoy the best burgers in town with your family, then this is the place that you should visit.


Back Yard Burgers is one of the best burger places in town and their burgers will satisfy your taste buds. You will get to know the reasons to visit Back Yard Burgers through this post and I am sure you will love their burgers.